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Accelerate Poems

Accelerate Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of accelerate poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for accelerate.

New Poems


The new name of the horror
portrays the demon "COVID-19".
Entrapping the mankind with its enigma,
terrorizing the rush of blood
it comes with its half-scarred faces, 
all in blood and blemish.
Every little thing is screwed up
from the very midnight it has shown up.
Ruination...Read More
Categories: accelerate, anxiety, conflict, emotions, environment, hate,
Form: Free verse

Premium Member They Won't Tell You

•	Warning:  This is a brutal truth and if you don’t want to hear about what is happening lately regarding things you may not have heard or do not want to believe, than please ignore and please do not leave...Read More
Categories: accelerate, america, angst, health, political,
Form: Narrative
Premium Member Focus
Today's focus will be on the environment,
Particularly the usage of plastic,
Which is seriously to its detriment.
The situation is becoming drastic:
Plastic now dumped at an alarming rate,
Which can be expected to accelerate,
If our heads remain buried in the sand,
Leaving future generations...Read More
Categories: accelerate, anger, anxiety, earth, environment, fate, nature,
Form: Chant Royal
Premium Member A Phenomenon

As shifting shadows sully silver skies
lightning fingers comb tangled locks of rain.
And thunder's faint rumble intensifies
echoing over and over again.

A ghostly yodel haunts a dimpled lake
pummeled by rain a loon calls for its mate.
And treetops tremble when weak branches break
as...Read More
Categories: accelerate, 10th grade, 9th grade, anxiety, imagery, nature,
Form: Quatrain
Premium Member He's The One - The Whitney Style

~ He's  The  One  ~ 
( Whitney ) 


Call the Lord 
He will be there 
For me to 
Give me  Love, Hope 
Strength,  always 
He's the One, who 
Holds my hand, won't let me go....Read More
Categories: accelerate, christian, faith, hope, love,
Form: Free verse

Take it to the next level, 
Letting your voyage advance; 
Accelerate the vessel
That sails the sea's long distance.

Take it to the next degree, 
Intensify your vigor; 
Just aim for the victory
By applying your ardor.

Take it to the next ranking, 
Chase...Read More
Categories: accelerate, poems,
Form: Quatrain
Premium Member Carry Out
Skip a planet down the line
Where the Martians play within our mind
For carry-outs just call ahead a month or two
However, rest assured that none would answer you

Earth she pulls us close, our living Mater
Not to fly away at once (a...Read More
Categories: accelerate, pride,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Quantum Worlds
worlds collide in space-
particles accelerate

genetic code
altered by unknowns-
star seeds

populated planet
in the God’s Eye Nebula-
new species

...Read More
Categories: accelerate, planet, poems, poetry, space, star, stars,
Form: Haiku
If only you would vote for me

                 When election time comes round, On my door they will pound.
      ...Read More
Categories: accelerate, america, freedom, philosophy, political,
Form: Rhyme
Roguish reincarnated ribbing raconteur
Roguish reincarnated ribbing raconteur...

Ruminating, while rustling, and roping
regular riff raff galore
with deliberate intent tomb ache
mummy dearest laugh
till she falls down Mariana Trench
deep down on zee sea floor,

where tears trickle thence pour
down her cheeks
causing flash floods that did roar
back in the...Read More
Categories: accelerate, 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade, america,
Form: Political Verse

Premium Member classy chassis Metaphor Of Love
I dream of you coming close to me making my motor
accelerate, you see, it fuels the fire that lingers.

Using your sexy sensual fingers, you slide your key
to unlock my sweet door, opening knocking you of your feet.
Captivated by my classy...Read More
Categories: accelerate, car,
Form: Personification
Risk the cars
Long way down the road
Neon lights marking our path
I'm all the way out this far
There's no turning back
Smart phones in hand
Lyrics pulled out on our screens
Windows rolled down
Inviting all raindrops inside
Our retro rusty red
Racing down the road
We were staying in...Read More
Categories: accelerate, car, dark, life, lost, race, rain, red,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Together We Stand
Building things together is the best way to make changes,
Having partners every step of the way makes things possible,
Working together we can help transform,
Make thorough dramatic changes,
Where changes are needed,
We can accelerate, move more quickly,
Correcting unfairness,
Better understanding build-time,
And creates a...Read More
Categories: accelerate, bible, confidence, courage, deep, jesus, prayer, thanksgiving,
Form: Name
Premium Member I Don't Feel Like A Pirate
I don't feel like a pirate
As I travel along carefree.
My husband navigates
Us through the channels, as boats, ships, and
Tankers, accelerate and decelerate.
He is definitely the captain on this journey.
I don't feel like a pirate
I celebrate
All I see.
My husband navigates
As he...Read More
Categories: accelerate, adventure, appreciation, beauty, change, dream, education, journey,
Form: Villanelle
Tired of feeling sleepy today August 17th 2019
Tired of feeling sleepy today - August 17th, 2019

Lashed with fatigue,
eye cannot fend off lethargy
hazy, hot, humid weather zaps
mental physical, and spiritual energy
even men of cloth
various and sundry clergy.

Undoubtedly summoning Parson Brown
currently out of season,
though stratospheric demand
for his person now
unprecedented...Read More
Categories: accelerate, 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade, drink,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Paradise's Cost
Long commutes, traffic jams
Accelerate, then on the brakes slam
The drive to work takes its toll
   Nagging questions nibble at the soul

Then it's stride into work with a confident air
Lowered heads signal you'd better beware
The mood all-too-often stressed-out despair
...Read More
Categories: accelerate, home, stress, work,
Form: Rhyme
oscine affinities for summer summit
Up for grabs are looming sapidities of a summer summit.
Prompt as forecasting device, keen as cropland mice, 
trying to surpass oscine elves turns out no dice. 
Wondering how these yummy yodelers telepathize herself earliest, 
the estival essence, no longer bashful...Read More
Categories: accelerate, bird, cheer up, summer,
Form: Free verse
July 25th, 1996 tied the Gordian knot
July 25th, 1996 tied the Gordian knot,...
(I spent noose cents)
begot deux daughters, the major events
both since flew cuckoo's nest,
the eldest angry at papa for offense

sieve behavior fatherly bond
forever sundered permanent rents
unforgiving progeny vents
bile, explosive vitriol whence...

Aye yen for bachelorhood every
now...Read More
Categories: accelerate, 12th grade, anniversary, celebration, humorous, judgement, july,
Form: Dramatic Verse
Suspended Transcendental Meditative State
Suspended Transcendental Meditative State...

Temporarily relieves, loosens,
and detaches worldly weight,
albeit bearing heavily straight
away upon well balanced,
awk credited miniature oblate
spheroid, sans cranial

dome to help alleviate
this principled capital one citizen banker,
whose penurious plight
seeks to make lightweight
oppressive burden clawing
(with razor sharp talons) 

tete a...Read More
Categories: accelerate, allusion, body, deep, father, happiness, heaven, imagery,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member A Prayer Of Visitation
A Prayer Of Visitation
By: Tom Wright

As visitation begins this day,
as Spring has filled the air.
Guide me, Lord, upon my way,
to show others that I care.

Accelerate my steps, o Lord,
pray, hear my humble plea.
That as I share your word,
my thoughts remain...Read More
Categories: accelerate, prayer,
Form: Lyric
Wearing emerald crown, you can form a forest; 
You better know, unity is our strength;
With a signal of green you stand very strong,
You preach all theory to rectify our wrong,
Positive attitude enhances our breadth.

You can harvest life from the burning...Read More
Categories: accelerate, environment, nature, tree,
Form: Narrative
Premium Member Mixed Blessings
Those of us
who have had guilty pleasures
of owning valuable real property,
like a car
and rental property
and office equipment

Office buildings,
solar inverters,
and nuclear holocaust delivery systems
but not privately owned MBA degrees
or merely intellectual property
or more intimately owned emotional properties,

Those of us
who know the...Read More
Categories: accelerate, earth day, health, humor, integrity, international, passion,
Form: Political Verse
Surrender Into Obliviousness level uno
Gray matter subjected to accumulate
incessant overall slack heavily larded
earlier in marriage, viz Zison clan
evicted Harris family,
whose hardship unemployment did exacerbate,
neither me nor birth mother worked

both this sir, and mum mate
afflicted with psychological disability
where physiological torture did subjugate
our respective physical beings...Read More
Categories: accelerate, adventure, bereavement, conflict, grief, journey, longing, suicide,
Form: Personification
Premium Member believe
                                       ...Read More
Categories: accelerate, inspirational,
Form: Free verse
Piece De Resistance Lauded
Pièce De Résistance Lauded...

Ninety years April 9th 1929
after maiden USA début
hoop fully more than a few
remain, a filial connection
I can cultivate and hew

cuz, the ghost o' me late
mother, would be Jew
(red eye with swollen tears),
bull lent beef hoar, aye rue
permanent...Read More
Categories: accelerate, age, birthday, father son, giving, introspection, old,
Form: Enclosed Rhyme