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Absurdities Poems

Absurdities Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of absurdities poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for absurdities.

New Poems

equal to jesus' missing years- poetically
upon waking not
resurrecting but
a spark made
me think

of the absurdities
of what man kind
thinks is really

but people
all you need
is what was
told to you but

the golden rule of
do unto others
as you would
have them

do unto you
seems mis
construed so
people taking 

from them 
means they...Read More
Categories: absurdities, muse,
Form: I do not know?

Building A Better Tree
Out there on a twist of fate, on razor backs, on oblivion's mistakes
Demons spin atomic particles like microscopic balls creating tables
Making them from something more than medieval trees
Lets call it demon wood or satanic particles for short
Atoms are too complicated...Read More
Categories: absurdities, philosophy, religion, science, tree,
Form: Free verse
'Rebel Poetry'
'Rebel Poetry'

Rebelliousness... or normal conformities;
individually, of course, have differences,
a person's definitions may bar absurdities,
yet, who'd truly ignore rebel utterances?

Amateur writings are rarely publicised, so
who'd determine what's acceptable for verse?
Rebels can not be disciplined... no can do...
should one keep quiet: accept...Read More
Categories: absurdities, absence, analogy, angst, appreciation, betrayal, conflict, independence
Form: Quatrain
Voltaire lived in the early 1700’s…he was born in Paris, France….
His words still have meaning today…if we’d give them half a chance.

If we had the opportunity…to talk to the famous Voltaire
I imagine the first word out of his mouth…would be...Read More
Categories: absurdities, wisdom,
Form: Verse
Fragile doors         in concrete floors

This be where the absurdities whisper
Curls become swirls
Tiny pigeons peck at your uncertainty
En masse ;

Things that defy description gather up rotten days
Grunt as the washing dries
As the kettle...Read More
Categories: absurdities, death, grief, life, loss, pain,
Form: Free verse

Premium Member reply from the nonexistent
please tell me ...

what happened?
what dire damage have i wrought?
what did i do to ruin it, that friendship, rare?
you once knew me better than most ...

my darkness didn't frighten you, didn't rattle,
you sighted those demons ... i think they danced...Read More
Categories: absurdities, friendship, loss, memory, missing, missing you, teenage,
Form: Dramatic Monologue
I screamed Injustice
I screamed absurdities -
life goes on
...Read More
Categories: absurdities, life,
Form: Senryu
The Smidget and Her Guru
The Puggily Smidgeburner and her Prettisome Guru
Huddled on the mountain searching for intensified solitude
Asking for answers on life's complicated absurdities
Which is near impossible in Galveston's low altitude

In the midst of a cerebral moment of blind groping
Puggily was unexplainably attracted to...Read More
Categories: absurdities, humorous,
Form: Rhyme
I Left a World
I left a world darkened by injustice and human absurdities
That caused in the hearts of so many so many uncertainties.
I heard “Never again” so many times, so much in vain.
Will we ever be able to cease fire and ease the...Read More
Categories: absurdities, death, destiny, faith, farewell, life, violence, world,
Form: Rhyme
The Small Hours
A devilish internal unknown truth,
unannounced, abruptly screamed
in or near my unprepared ear
may have been compelled
to cleave early morning's torpor
into two whimpering halves.
Sometimes it has been precisley that.
And sometimes it's only
an innocent cacophony of fighting cats.
Usually it's not even that.
More often...Read More
Categories: absurdities, morning,
Form: Free verse

Premium Member A Sense of Humor
To laugh at
Of life. Never take yourself seriously

Date written and posted: 06/27/2018...Read More
Categories: absurdities, humor, life, self, wisdom,
Form: Tetractys
Premium Member Pirates Without Ships
Beware of pirates without a ship
like rebels without a transportive WinWin cooperative cause,
like ego-politicians without sacred ecological-economic portfolios.

One of the ways we communicate cooperative values
and choose not to communicate disvalues
is by how and where and when
we show up
and disappear into...Read More
Categories: absurdities, addiction, anti bullying, courage, depression, green, health,
Form: Political Verse
Premium Member About Cat Burglaries
This is a mission statement
About some known absurdities 
I am calling for a placement
Of protection from cat burglaries!

This is not a victimless crime
As any cat owner will attest
Cat owners love their cats so much
When taken there should be an arrest!

What's...Read More
Categories: absurdities, cat, confusion, humor, proposal,
Form: Rhyme

Sporting a colourful chemise
A camera and a valise
Temptations so easily tease
Roaming as free as honeybees
Tourists hear beckonings as pleas
And capture beauty with much ease
Tiny things no bigger than peas
Or vast expanse of deep blue seas
Weeping willows sway in the breeze
Nice...Read More
Categories: absurdities, beauty, creation, fantasy, imagery, imagination, passion, perspective,
Form: Rhyme
Trump Polygamous
Trump Polygamous

Horrible Trump prefers to be polygamous,
Resulting in him becoming some sourpuss;
Likes to handle;
Even mandible,
And when he has gone we will never miss.

Jim Horn

Why do people like putting up with
all of Trump's absurdities anyway?
...Read More
Categories: absurdities, allegory, analogy,
Form: Limerick
In Old California 12
Patron's now kind words flooded foreman's brain -
such praise from Mayor High, much grandiose!

" I'm sorry, Senor Huerra, you couldn't attend
the party I gave her last week in her honor.
Margarita's been home three weeks."
" I was in Santa Barbara, Alcalde,...Read More
Categories: absurdities,
Form: Free verse
A one-handed man carrying a basket full of water,
A blind-y-dumb coward in the soldier quarters.
A dwarf cannonic giant climbing the mountain,
A-day littlun fetching from the fountain.
A faithful politician leading by examples,
A notorious terrorist erasing his samples.
A faithful pope bethrot'd to...Read More
Categories: absurdities, allusion,
Form: Sonnet
Once the dream was to make America the shining light of the world 
a caring and compassionate country with opportunities for all
but after the fake election America has become the corrupt, the ugly,
the distrusted, the fallen dream of millions.

A neophyte...Read More
Categories: absurdities, america, integrity, loss, political,
Form: Prose Poetry
New Words To Old Nursery Rhymes 3
Rub A Dub Dub
"Entrepreneurs in vat scat."

Humpty Dumpty
"One jovial oval toppled over."

Jack And Jill
"Up a Tell there is a well that once gave rise to laughter. Till down the Tell a laddie fell whose head needs alabaster."

Old King Cole
"Merry monarch...Read More
Categories: absurdities, humor,
Form: Rhyme
Books A Resource V
Books are resource for them who deplore
Idiocy, silliness, folly. Where absurdities encore
There books no place get and can’t decor
Them into ideal from idle I am cocksure.
Saraswati lives in them to downpour
Knowledge, Gen and Expertise’s store.
Foolish loath them, wiser lavish more.
Now...Read More
Categories: absurdities, books,
Form: Monorhyme
Premium Member Clanging Echoes

When I’ve gone
to the place
where my fathers’
have gone before me 
and the last tribute
has been paid to my memory,
may my singing words
crack the silence with clanging echoes.

May the clanging echoes
excite starving eyes
and taut wrinkled eardrums—
both to awareness—
guiding them
to actions of...Read More
Categories: absurdities, allegory, analogy, death, hope, hyperbole, imagery, poets,
Form: Prose Poetry
Tattooed Pedigree
"You do these things to shock me"
One of many absurdities
That mouth has hurled at me
While mine its lip is bit
Bred to holdfast like a pitbull....Read More
Categories: absurdities, mother,
Form: I do not know?
Premium Member A Theatre of the Absurd
Theatre of the Absurd

Like an actor in a theatre of the absurd,
there stepped onto the stage a horrid clown,
an ego-maniac who makes his own staff clap for him
and who fast is bringing a nation down.

With just one month in office...Read More
Categories: absurdities, horror,
Form: Quatrain
Theatre of the absurd - fusion
Godot has arrived
Rosencrantz and Guildenstern
Alive and well thanks!

...said the haiku poster
Crudely pasted to the fence
Who was too busy selling stolen goods
To notice he was a notice
Announcing a brand new play
A fusion of two classics

Waiting for Godot
A play about a man...Read More
Categories: absurdities, funny, humor, humorous, nonsense, silly,
Form: Free verse
The streak of grey hairs,
  a tell tale sign,
A reminder of many
Come and gone.
A signpost of phases and

The voice, an alter ego;
Pubic hairs and mammary
A signpost of the changes of
  many moons
...Read More
Categories: absurdities, appreciation, education, feelings, growth, meaningful, youth,
Form: Free verse