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Bled Out

More things can happen or could have happened,
From a cold metal,
Sharpened in fine fettle,
Making skin nettled,
Damaging the mettles,
To keep minds unsettled,
Provoking to ask, if this is or if this was real or mental?

Blade on arms,
Skin might be harmed;
Skin was gashed,
Blade grinding and gnashed,
Red colors coming in a flash...

Blade on gut,
Feeling a sudden jut,
Provoked as a rut,
But, this was a guff...

Blade on neck,
Thinking about a sudden sweep,
Discord trying to overcome conviction and peace,
Even though, the blade failed again,
Failing to provoke the red gushes and streams...

Blade on heart,
Might be the last battle so far,
Trying to not give in, being so hard,
Though in the past, there could have been to many cuts,
And more deadly slashes,
Creating red splashes and plashes,
As I slowly might have fought, winning or losing,
Against the sleeping and life flashing feeling,
As I bleeded out..

Copyright © Ruben A. Hernandez Diaz | Year Posted 2013

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I want to write

I want to write
This time of that cold night
when I heard my mother cry
When I saw her lie
Flat on her belly
Her back bare and scaly
Her eyes swollen
Her right stolen
By one she called husband.

I saw the tears
I saw her fears
she sobbed between the whips
she tightly bit her lips
And tightened her hips
to swallow the pain
just for her stay.

I want to write
this time of that night
that night without stars
when I saw the scars
On her back
the scars stuck
made a permanent mark
on her back.

I want to write
I want to write
This time of my mother
write her as a victim
tortured by male chauvinism.
write her as a strong woman
Who challenged the stress of a man
Mama who raised us
built us
Made us.

so rise mama and shine
All will be fine
Mama rise and shine
All will be fine
All will be fine.

Copyright © Griffins Ndhine | Year Posted 2015

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Voice of Nothing

Here we are
a title of a song, a transitional statement with no meaning
does it really serve a purpose
delaying the inevitable train-wreck these words will incur
I concur
words are meaningless, disastrous
If they were of any help 
citizens would clean every bit of earwax building in their ears
to make waves in lines to city halls
for the hammer of justice to...
I have no manner of speaking for this
my chest can be ripped bare with insufferable pain
to describe all the things I wish to say
but with my voice and lack of utter talent
I can only whisper blanks for modesty betrays me
Believe me I want to scream
scream at men and women in blue
who swear by the law and citizens to keep us safe from harm
do right by society
scream how they are the stars of their own TV show
scream how we've glorified these acts without really realizing it
scream at the government for making "getting away with murder"
a nationwide trend
I want to scream
but my voice would be deafened by the millions of others
out in the streets, protesting, standing for something
my voice would be deafened, put in handcuffs, silenced for all to see
I want to scream
but there's enough people doing that for me
I want to bolster myself up like a bear
stand tall above all
to scream, to shout in defiance of people praising murder upon families
to scream, to shout in defiance of people praising revenge
praising physical retaliation like it ever solved anything
We have enough wars to fight, we have enough everyday worries
this avoidable conflict doesn't need to continue to escalate so rapidly
so tragically
but I'm just a muted voice behind a desk
attempting to fill a quota for a day
to just not be seen as lazy today
I'm just a muted voice, listening to Volbeat
pretending like I'm shouting this rhetoric in front of a crowd
but that very crowd would just pull out their smart phones
run my name through the ground
and I will be trending worldwide as one more person 
shoved under the rug as non important
Why am I even still typing I've said nothing, am nothing
I'm alone 
and with the world so quick to rip itself apart
I can't tell if that's a good thing anymore

Copyright © Russell Banks | Year Posted 2016