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Violence Wife Poems | Violence Poems About Wife

These Violence Wife poems are examples of Violence poems about Wife. These are the best examples of Violence Wife poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Details | I do not know? |


Elegant creatures of nature
Roam around in the world
In search of pleasure and power
But found domination 
Under the shadow of their counter
And as ages pass by
They still remain a prisoner
Bound by the chains of
Family and younger souls

Copyright © anbes rawal | Year Posted 2015

Details | Light Poetry |

Confession, I Beat My Wife

I am ashamed
I know what I have done is a sin
I can only hope the gods will forgive me
She will never forgive my evil deeds
No need to plead
Time and time again, I have aggressively acted
I can only hold my head in shame
Yes I have beaten my wife
Over and over and over
Twenty times at last count
I have beaten her to the fridge
I was first to the ice cream, no matter the flavor
But justice was always served
She would tickle me
Until that luscious erotic bowl of ice cream
Fell into her lap
We both laughing at our naughty little sins

Ice cream kisses……………

Copyright © arthur vaso | Year Posted 2015

Details | Free verse |

Beat Your Wife, Cause is Right

Yes modernization is here
Islamic rules have made it clear
Pick up a small stick
And beat her to the wick

Make her understand
Obey your command
Pakistan is the modern land
Live like a man and beat at command

Only though because you care
To make her subservient and thus obey
She must follow your Islamic commands
And bend over for perverted desires in your satanic land

Now death to Israel
For they have committed the crime
Of being modern in un-modern times
As they saved the wounded of Syrians blood

They embrace humanity
Pakistan grabs a small stick
And strikes fear in the sexes
My god is there no common senses?

Notes: This is not to condone or condemn any Country. Merely to show how at times biases take things way out of context. At times the world decries one death, as in humane as next door hundreds of thousands take place under the silent ones of oppression. 

Secondly this is specifically about The Council of Islamic Ideology a powerful constitutional body that advises the Pakistani legislature whether laws are in line with the teachings of Islam. There interpretation is of course ludicrous and I am well aware true Muslim worshipers would never follow such violent and antiquated teachings.

This came about from the CNN article http://www.cnn.com/2016/05/28/asia/pakistan-women-light-beating/index.html on the topic. On weekends I often partake in discussions at a Middle Eastern coffee shop, people from all over the middle east, where we have lively discussions. So it’s of note that this poem was the summary and views of the Muslim mates are I was sharing tea with. 

Of note, many of them in their own countries could never voice any dissenting views without being tortured or killed.

Copyright © arthur vaso | Year Posted 2016

Details | Rhyme |

Husbands are in heaven whose wives scold not

So much emphasis is placed today on the role of the wife She is to be pure, pristine, just, hardworking She is to imbibe all who surround her with faith She needs to be able to know everything without ever asking She is to be the woman behind her husband The one who would make of him a gem To be a wife, is surely a complicated state Acted out badly, one can even be a contraband! But what of the duties of a man, Is he as important as the woman To be a husband requires one only to work and bring money To care not whether the home is, without him, in harmony Husbands are in heaven whose wives scold not Husbands have rights, rights to use words of spite Rights to beat, rights to abuse Rights even to cheat, to hurt and bruise When the woman speaks out, or scolds such a man She becomes something seen by some as a legend Seen by others as un-womanly Whatever, she knows how to protect herself through her duty What of those men whose wives scold not Should they be brought back to the pot To be cooked and simmered To be brought to the right path Feminists, equal rights, equal opportunities Women's places no more being in the kitchen Husbands, change your mentalities We, women, we are frail and easily broken!

Copyright © Anoucheka Gangabissoon | Year Posted 2014

Details | Rhyme |

My Soul Has Been Damned

I put my hands around my wife's throat and I squeezed.
What disturbs me is that when she died, I was pleased.
When it came to having morals, I used to believe that I had some.
But every time I look in the mirror, I'm horrified to see what I've become.
My wife was so mean and she loved to provoke.
Life became intolerable every time she spoke.
She told me over and over how ugly and stupid that I am.
I snapped and killed her and now my soul has been damned.
I want to go to the Cops but they would lock me up for life, I would never again be free.
But that's only if I would get lucky, it's more likely that I would receive the death penalty.
When it came to my problems, she was the source.
If I hadn't snapped, I might have considered divorce.
As each day passed, that witch became even colder.
I'll spend the rest of my days looking over my shoulder.
She was a horrible Human Being and she loved to annoy me.
I'll never stop fearing that the Cops are closing in and that will eventually destroy me. 

(This is a fictional poem)

Copyright © randy johnson | Year Posted 2014

Details | Rhyme |

My Wife's Car Is In The Lake

I forgot to set the parking brake.
So now my wife's car is in the lake.
You're looking at a man who can never catch a break.
My wife kicked my ass just because I made a mistake.
She broke my left leg and I'm having to use a crutch.
I don't blame her for being mad but coming at me with a chainsaw is a bit too much.

(This is a fictional poem)

Copyright © randy johnson | Year Posted 2015

Details | Verse |

Green Eyed Monster- A Love Story

            Green Eyed Monster - A Love Story

So, I headed home to me flat from a hard day’s night
Working in the coal mines for a quid or two
“Just outside Londondary”, me says, when some busy body inquires
I goes right home to find me bed
Right quick and fast since I’m exhausted 
I finds me ugly gal Sal with some guy there
Doing some unkind deeds upon me pillow
That I can’t rightly explain right here and now
Being a gentlemanly kinda fellow that I am and seeing red
I says to Sal, “Watcha doing deary?!” “What’s that in me bed?”
She says, “Nuffin love.”  “I just finished the wash and found this bloke in here
And I’m all flustered, and as surprised as you.”
As a rule me complexion is as white as these sheets once were
I becomes hysterical, flushed and weird and fumbles for me gun
“Where’s me bullets deary!” I query of the misses.
But she’s as quiet as a mouse.
Now I’m in a frenzy and frothing at the mouth
“Don’t let me get me belt out or a knife!” I yells out to the wife
“Let’s keep it nice and easy!”
I finds the bullets, fills the chambers, shoots in their direction
I missed them both
But halted the copulation or repopulation
Which ever comes first

Created on 11/25/14 for “The Green Eyed Monster” – Poetry Contest

Copyright © Earl Schumacker | Year Posted 2014

Details | Dramatic Verse |


I forgave you once, for your behavior
I forgave you twice, for your actions
all the while you're stabbing my heart with a butcher knife
      with Every Strike!
I take a bow
Lord, let me live somehow!
I promise, I'll leave him tomorrow!
I beg and I plead for my life
    As my nose bleeds blood onto the floor
You strike me again and call me a whore!
I can't take it, I gasp for breath as you try to 
    Choke me to death
Something breaks the trance, a knock at the door
"Stay here you evil witch" you whisper as you fling my head to the side
I moan, and I cry, wonder~how could I end up with this type of guy
I shudder when I hear the door slam shut
cuz I know you'll only be nice for a while,
you'll walk around with that pretty smile,
You'll give me hugs, kisses, cuddles and great sex
You'll cook for me, clean the house, take me out
Everyday you're ripping my stitches out
 because I forgive you time and time again
  And your actions Never Change
       You're not a nice man.
And you don't deserve me at my best or at my worst.
You don't deserve my forgiveness;
   so you're getting my curse
2-18-15 for Forgiveness Poetry Contest.

Copyright © Butterfly Mantra | Year Posted 2015

Details | Rhyme |

Wives with Knives

Through and through though more to do-
A thousand thoughts to misconstrue!
Too long I've waited, too sad and sedated
To live a lie I declare is true...
And so it seems that in my dreams
I bathe myself in Moonlight beams
That light the night, turn black to white
And will slit my throat at any means!

Copyright © Just That Archaic Poet | Year Posted 2013

Details | Epitaph |

Love Me Mercilessly

Hot, like a brand against my skin.
Agonizing, as it permanently leaves its mark for all to see.
I want you; I want your love to burn me to the core.
Your gaze pierces me like a knife as I beg for more.
Fill my lungs, let me breathe you in, gasping, drowning, euphoric.
Bring me to the brink of death, with the tips of your fingers.
My tortured heart beats as if its only mission is to escape its cell.
Lips like cyanide; seeped through my veins, left lifeless, encompassed, lost in your kiss.
I gave you my life, and you loved me mercilessly.
Take me, destroy me, envelope me, we soon become one.
Your Eulogy promises to be mine ‘till death do us part.’
Bury me, leave me where I cannot be found. I’ll never leave you.
Let my epitaph read “Here lies the man who lost himself, when he found you.”

Copyright © Mike Beard | Year Posted 2017

Details | ABC |


Today he said he loved me
He hasn't said it for a while
He uses his shirt sleeve
To dry tears from his eyes
He said that he forgives me
For all the things I did
Even if it was nothing 
In his eyes it was something. 

Today he said I looked beautiful
I wore the red dress that I loved
So many reminders of hurt
That fabric held inside it
To sexy,  to slutty , go on fix it
I paired it with gold heels
Yes , the ones he bought me
They make me feel special. 

Today he said my makeup looks good
Little does he know , it hides the bruises
The ones he left when he smacked me about
Oh what good was it to scream and shout
He pulled my hair, and slammed my head
So many times I wished I were dead 
But,  today someone took special care
Did my makeup and did my hair. 

Today he brought me flowers 
The white Lillie's I like
The pain built up inside me
It cut like a dull knife
Slowly , but surely it hurt alright
He couldn't see , it couldn't be
He was taking my life. 

Today he kissed my forehead
He has not done that it years
He puts on a show in front of our peers
He cried and bawled,  held his hair tight
Played the role of a husband all through the night
I watched from above as the man I loved
played the scene to a capital T
I watched them lay into the ground
My still,  white  decaying body. 

Stop domestic abuse #itsnotalright

Copyright © Makayla Gilchrist | Year Posted 2016

Details | Rhyme |

I Took The Bullet

I've been shot and my life is about to end.
I took a bullet to save my wife from her ex-boyfriend.
He regards her as a piece of his property.
What he intended to happen to her, happened to me.
The cops just arrested him and took him away.
He's a violent and crazy man and now he will pay.
I love my wife more than life itself and without her, I wouldn't have wanted to go on.
I don't regret taking the bullet for her even though I'll soon be gone.
She's holding my hand and she's crying.
It's tearing her apart because I'm dying.
Everything is getting dark and I feel so cold, I can hear the angels calling on me.
I regret that I'm going to lose the love of my life but one day she and I will be together for eternity.

Copyright © randy johnson | Year Posted 2016

Details | Pantoum |


Lissome, silhouette shadow
Gliding the long winding stairs
Iridescent gown changing glows
Flowing, silky bright black hair

Breezy, damp cold but warms
Fresh, sweet fragrant perfumes
Lingering aura full of charms
Scent of a flower in bloom

Head with jeweled, ornate crown
Standing firmly in a dreary hall
Failures stubbornly shut down
No one heard her pleading call

Endless, lonely morning walks
With a love that struck her blind
Inane, unromantic shallow talks
A hollow life, a fixed knot that binds

Eyes closed on conscious mind
Beating heart bleeding copiously
Options she chose to leave behind 
A love slave enchained by destiny

In truth, a tiara pricked with thorns
Messy hair, rent from too many pulls 
Black and blue, her dress is torn
Every night she’s beaten by the bull

She’s like a wind that circles a room
Doubting an escape from a little hole
She chooses to stay despite the doom
Ignore the abuse, her clan must be whole!

Copyright © Meadow Morada | Year Posted 2016