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Cat And Mouse

Cat you are a glorious beast, but I nor any other need tell you that. So content within your given domain. For the most part you are a genial ruler. Tolerating the occasional intrusion of your space by the ones who brought you to this place, the bringers of food, and who gave you your purpose. Softly swishing your tail from side to side, patiently waiting for the sounds. Then you hear it, a soft knock within the wall, another and then another. It is mouse, your reason, your purpose. A handful at least scurrying within your walls. The mice seem oblivious to the fact that they are not welcome as they engineer their micro world. As far as Cat was concerned the mice are invaders to his kingdom. Cats whole body surged with excitement as the patterned knocks moved closer to the gap between the floor and the wall. A single beam of golden light illuminated the very spot. Cat was as calm as he was tense, his entire being focused on the task. Cautiously out crept mouse. An obvious kink in his tail from previous encounters with Cat. Without hesitation Cat attacked. Mouse was caught. Mouse emits a scream that Cat found to be rather irritable. "such a cowardly group of creatures", Cat thought, "Always stealing, hiding in shadows, and leaving behind trails of filth." This mouse was young. Usually youth is the advantage in life. Giving naive bravery where there should be fear. For this mouse lack of fear proved to be its' most costly mistake. Mouse fought hard to free its self from under Cats paw, not seeming to have an iota of understanding that soon it would all be over. One bite and it was done. Mouse no longer moved and Cat looked down into the one visible eye of his catch. Seeing the dilated pupil and blood shot iris of mouse cat knew as well that it for certain was over. Cat won't eat mouse the very thought was absurd as far as Cat was concerned. Instead Cat carried his prized catch and left it at the door for his people. Cat knew they would appreciate the generous gift. Satisfied Cat meticulously groomed his brilliant Orange coat. Cat lived an admirable life by a cats standards. It's not always a kindly affair, but it is what was expected. SO forever in Cats' Kingdom would be the order of things.

Copyright © Ashley Dibble | Year Posted 2016

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What suffering has been abated?
The cat still toys with her pray
Watching like a mother protecting her young
A grin carved with malintent

Order, a court of greater ills
Ladders with no rungs, smooth pillars
What sins does this kingdom commit
When there is no capacity for reason?

No ships sunk from remorse
A cargo never considered

What generous heart is weaved in roots and vines?

Copyright © Justin Benassi | Year Posted 2015

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Cat Captivated

            Cat Captivated

Crowds gather at a distance stunned
By the beauty, the pacing creature’s wilds
A roar that chills the jungle calm
They draw closer but not inside
Thick iron bars prevent that action
Being captured has its draw backs
With wild colors of the beast
Jailed for being pretty and pretty mean
Black with red-orange stripes can signal danger
He is not there to entertain or sooth the mortal soul
Tiger reaches, leaps beyond itself at you
Sharp claws and teeth extended
Wants more than your attention
Not interested in making friends outside the cage

Copyright © Earl Schumacker | Year Posted 2015

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Ban Zoos and Be Good to Your Pets

The dog watches
From the basket
As you drunkenly dance
To the music videos
Late on a Friday night
And the girls you screw
Think he recognizes their voices
And faces
As they call his name
And blow him kisses
From Skype
“He’s so cute!”
But the fact is
He is a killer
A wild animal
Thinking about
Killing the cats
Who invade and piss
In his garden
His territory
Every night
But when the door shuts
Make sure he feels
Safe and secure
Happy to be there
Never fearful
And trapped
By humanity

Copyright © Robert Black | Year Posted 2016