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Violence Animal Poems | Violence Poems About Animal

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Details | Rhyme |

The Undyings' Curse

Deep in the earth, a crypt of rock
slumber guarded by casket locked
Lips grope silence ‘ever more
 rasping thought, remembers whispered lore
Outstretched palms the roots do clench
tranquility stilled by festered stench
And eyes, sleep caked, are propped ajar
ignites no life, but collapsed star

Burned blades sigh, Winds’ dying gasp
bones brittle snap within her clasp
A lonesome howl the moon does draw
vigil broken, it twists its maw 
Upon an arena of endless stone
the granite gates they’ve passed alone
And entered a world of burning eyes
eluded the judge of smoldering cries

A faultless gait, no stumbled draw
a reaping brought  by scythe and claw
Opal edge which shrouds a cause
aberrant blade shapes nature’s laws
Dictate a script, the stars can share
an open secret, a language bare
Steps continue, feet are drawn
across gray grass, undying pawn

Copyright © Avery Swarthout | Year Posted 2015

Details | Rhyme |

Why Do We Keep Killing Each Other

I have become the tree, perched on a limb,
Bow in hand, camouflaged grey, black, and brown.
Looking with my eyes, not moving my brim,
Detecting movement, the forest slows down.

Suddenly, a flicker of ear and tail,
Flashes in the sun entering my view.
Deer browsing, eyes darting, heads bob, ears flail,
Squirrel climbs near, my position askew.

Chattering loudly, bushy tail thrashing,
Alerting of danger for all to hear. 
Blue jay flies in and joins with jeers lashing,
Deer, with a flick of the flag, disappear.

Why can't humans communicate so well,
Spanning differences, on earth where we dwell?


Copyright © Michael Vacek | Year Posted 2017

Details | Rhyme |

The quick brown fox

The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog The hound takes no notice and sleeps like a log The quick dog jumps over the lazy brown fox The tod is dog-tired—had a fight with the ox.

Copyright © Ivo Cosentino | Year Posted 2014

Details | Epic |

Take Over

For weeks now the two young males had been watching,
waiting for their opportunity and now it was time.
They were now strong enough to take over the pride.
Signalling his intent to his brother Moto stood up
and started forward with Javier following behind.
As the reached the pride a battle royal ensued
The lionesses desperate to drive them off knowing
if they succeeded vast changes would occur.

Far in the distance Soto heard the roars and growls
as the take over ensued and rushed to protect them.
The fight was long and hard with some fatalities.
Soto received wounds that would take months to heal
as he was banished by the brothers, his life now as an outcast.
Luckily for him Zanidar joined him with her cubs of nearly a year old
She and they would  keep him fed as he slowly healed.

Back at the pride the brothers set about their gruesome task
all the cubs were hunted down and killed without mercy.
Now the lionesses would soon be ready to mate again 
and it would be their blood that the offspring would bear
perpetuating their line and increasing the size of the pride.

Life in the African Savannah was always cruel and hard
the brothers would face many challengers in their time.
Food always an issue once the migrating herds moved on.
Now a time of little the pride suffered and grew weaker.
The only saving grace was the buffalo not without their risks.
Valiant fighters who protected each other forming a ringed barrier
around the more vulnerable, ready to fight to the death.

With very young cubs the lionesses needed food to feed them
and desperation drove them on, finally they made a good kill
none would go hungry for a few days. In the distance the clouds
gathered rain falling far up country at last reaching them and
with the rain the vast herds once more returned and life teemed.

Now was a time of plenty and the pride recovered their health.
For seven years the brothers ruled supreme yet in the background
there were many waiting their own time. Two males in particular
Janto and Batso sons of Soto watched and waited eager to take over
until at last it was their time and turn to roust the pride males.
And so the never ending cycle started again until the next time.

Copyright © Shadow Hamilton | Year Posted 2014

Details | Rhyme |

Let There Be Peace

Let there be peace! the door to co-existence has not, so many keys and creating minorities is definitely conflict's niece. Let there be peace! Forgiveness and tolerance makes all live at ease. If discrimination is given a chance hatred, it will lease. Let there be peace! why do we allow unnecessary negativities put us under hot quiz and unfortunate repercussions, at us they laugh and tease? Let there be peace! If dwelling on differences does not cease everyone will pay the huge fees. Let there be peace! tasting the bitter fruit of war even if it is a piece takes away good conscience. The plenty suffering it gives our sense of humanity they seize. Let there be peace! Are we lower than the bees; that we can't fly and create together? Are we less matured than the geese; that we cannot sing and dance by the waters together? No, we aren't! Let's live in peace and act higher up the Animal Kingdom where we are, to live void of wars, please......

Copyright © Funom Makama | Year Posted 2014

Details | Haiku |

Deadly Mistake

trip and splash
teeth take advantage and sink
flock must flee

Copyright © Laura Breidenthal | Year Posted 2013

Details | Free verse |

Watching The Matador

The roaring bull
enters the arena;
clouds of dust raise.
Then the slender matador
in tight attire arrives;
he has no knowledge
of who is watching.
The prettiest girl
in traditional dress
has set eyes on him;
her posture is elegant.
A red flower in her dark hair
suggests an inflamed passion.
It's a scorching day
in Madrid; the fan she holds
does little or nothing
to keep her cool.
Thoughts in their minds
contradict; she's the admirer
from the balcony.
He is the fighter in the arena.
He must kill that bull
to win her; fierce are his looks
while his hands keep on fanning
the red cloth to gain control.
He can't lose this fight;
he must win at any cost.
It's a battle of strength and pride;
man against animal.
Ah, the bull succumbs to injury...
maestro grabs his horns and claims victory!
" O Matador, my matador...
you are the bravest one in all Spain! "
Stretching her arms.


Copyright © Andrew Crisci | Year Posted 2016

Details | Rhyme |

Last Deer Hunt

It comes back to me in solemnity,
And I wistfully wish it wouldn't.
A willful case of killing it was—
A hunter doing what he shouldn't.

Father had taken me deer hunting,
Thinking to make a man of a boy.
I prayed we wouldn't see a deer.
And we didn't—not one—such joy!

Daylight was dimming to dusk
When he said our hunt had ended.
We started down the rocky trail,
And at a turn—we froze, suspended.

A hunter was positioned to shoot,
Crouched, rifle cradled with skill.
Target?  A shiny-eyed rabbit
Happily nibbling a leafy meal.

"Oh, don't," I felt to cry out,
But then a c-r-a-c-k cricked the air.
The place where the rabbit had been
Was as if nothing were ever there.

"He missed," my glad heart sang;
"The rabbit's alive and is all right."
But the hunter's face was fulsome,
Albeit bleared by an odious blight.

As we came by the spot, I retched;
The brush was garnished with gore.
Father's silence tracked the truth;
We wouldn't go hunting any more.

How to conceive of such blood thirst—
Wanton killing as an act of pleasure.
I trust, however, for those so cursed
Deity will answer in certain measure.

Copyright © Paul Schneiter | Year Posted 2014

Details | Rhyme |

A message from helpless animals

Yes, we are just five senses creature by birth,
But realize that we are here to lead a life on the earth,
Just like any other living being, we wish to be loved,   
With all of our survival and hunger issues solved,                             

We stupids, don't understand your need for deforestation,            
All we know is, it makes our siblings die out of starvation,
We all have a caring family like you homosapiens have,      
Our chances of survival depends on how you behave..

A few cruel men, pelt stones at us for the sake of fun,                               
Some heartless people hunt us with a gun,
We beg you not to kill us for your food,        
It is not that only mankind is made up of blood..

We were created only to have a short life span,       
Show us mercy and let us live as long as we can,       
Our sufferings drag us to hell which we can't withstand, 
Maybe, we cry in a language that humans don't understand...

Copyright © Madhivanan Ganesan | Year Posted 2016

Details | Free verse |

To all sociopaths

We are not
Your victim 
This is 
sheer peace
No more
and verbally
down trodden
We wanted
you to
But how
could you
you only
We are
You hate
the other 
Your abuse
is manipulative
and demeaning
You choose
as your
abused since
To reopen
sexual degradation 
physical beatings
and verbal
you are
proud of
your legacy
you tired
of always
in a
verbal aggression 
Doesn't that
get old?
We don't
make you
do anything
You make
your own
to be
a Raging
It never
ends with
The other 
is an object
to you
To be 
shaped into 
whatever suits
never ending
This is our
That we
are on
to you
But you
won't  hear
our voice
It's foreign
to you
You only
hear the

(The sociopaths song "The Unholy" by Slash)

Copyright © Holly Bohto | Year Posted 2016

Details | I do not know? |

Cat And Mouse

Cat you are a glorious beast, but I nor any other need tell you that. So content within your given domain. For the most part you are a genial ruler. Tolerating the occasional intrusion of your space by the ones who brought you to this place, the bringers of food, and who gave you your purpose. Softly swishing your tail from side to side, patiently waiting for the sounds. Then you hear it, a soft knock within the wall, another and then another. It is mouse, your reason, your purpose. A handful at least scurrying within your walls. The mice seem oblivious to the fact that they are not welcome as they engineer their micro world. As far as Cat was concerned the mice are invaders to his kingdom. Cats whole body surged with excitement as the patterned knocks moved closer to the gap between the floor and the wall. A single beam of golden light illuminated the very spot. Cat was as calm as he was tense, his entire being focused on the task. Cautiously out crept mouse. An obvious kink in his tail from previous encounters with Cat. Without hesitation Cat attacked. Mouse was caught. Mouse emits a scream that Cat found to be rather irritable. "such a cowardly group of creatures", Cat thought, "Always stealing, hiding in shadows, and leaving behind trails of filth." This mouse was young. Usually youth is the advantage in life. Giving naive bravery where there should be fear. For this mouse lack of fear proved to be its' most costly mistake. Mouse fought hard to free its self from under Cats paw, not seeming to have an iota of understanding that soon it would all be over. One bite and it was done. Mouse no longer moved and Cat looked down into the one visible eye of his catch. Seeing the dilated pupil and blood shot iris of mouse cat knew as well that it for certain was over. Cat won't eat mouse the very thought was absurd as far as Cat was concerned. Instead Cat carried his prized catch and left it at the door for his people. Cat knew they would appreciate the generous gift. Satisfied Cat meticulously groomed his brilliant Orange coat. Cat lived an admirable life by a cats standards. It's not always a kindly affair, but it is what was expected. SO forever in Cats' Kingdom would be the order of things.

Copyright © Ashley Dibble | Year Posted 2016

Details | Rhyme |

A Beast

A beast with dark red eyes,
to give out fire burning lies,
a beast with such a hunting nose,
terrible stench where ever it goes.

A beast with teeth like jagged knives,
its mouth of saws taking lives,
a beast with horns like powerful steel,
when there is pain, it will not feel.

A beast with sharp and bloody claws,
its body of scales against all laws,
a beast with a swinging tail of spikes,
to stab through anything it likes.

A beast with wings to slice through air,
to fly and kill without a care,
a beast with death in its mind and heart,
from somewhere far and worlds apart.

Copyright © Caitlin Rimmer | Year Posted 2013

Details | I do not know? |

Who killed who

The Tiger and the Bear.
Tooth and claw, tearing
flesh as death draws near.

Primitive killer instincts and
lack of fear

Sheer brute strength with a
blood thirst to quench.

The Bear, a tower of strength
with a razor sharp Bear hug to

The Tiger, a ferocious attack upon
your back. Blends in like the wind
itself, moves with stripes of deadly

The Tiger and the Bear.
Tooth and claw, tearing
flesh as death draws near

Copyright © Andy Craig | Year Posted 2013

Details | Villanelle |

Villanelle: The Dilemma of the Non-Violent - 19

Villanelle: The Dilemma of the Non-Violent – 19

Eat no life you cut open first to let blood flow
Bird on wing fish that swim crawls slithers all on fours
Dare you stare down the dilemma watch trees sole grow

Must you resist to save your life from luckless blow
Watch your wife and children beg for life on all fours
Eat no life you cut open first to let blood flow

The green dress our earth dons pump all lungs to glow
The milk that babies suck flows from grass-fed udders
Dare you stare down the dilemma watch trees sole grow

Even trees do ooze with sap pretend not to know
Oblivious the falling tree on insect throes
Eat no life you cut open first to let blood flow

All that stirs all that stands still must pain undergo
Astral bodies all keep moving on first set course
Dare you stare down the dilemma watch trees sole grow

No Jain who tramples on acariens* must rue
The day he was born on this earth rife with woes
Eat no life you cut open first to let blood flow
Dare you stare down the dilemma watch trees sole grow

 * French for house dust mites

© T. Wignesan – Paris,  2015

Copyright © T Wignesan | Year Posted 2015

Details | Free verse |

Cat Captivated

            Cat Captivated

Crowds gather at a distance stunned
By the beauty, the pacing creature’s wilds
A roar that chills the jungle calm
They draw closer but not inside
Thick iron bars prevent that action
Being captured has its draw backs
With wild colors of the beast
Jailed for being pretty and pretty mean
Black with red-orange stripes can signal danger
He is not there to entertain or sooth the mortal soul
Tiger reaches, leaps beyond itself at you
Sharp claws and teeth extended
Wants more than your attention
Not interested in making friends outside the cage

Copyright © Earl Schumacker | Year Posted 2015

Details | Prose Poetry |

Thief thy name is human

I met a hand with eyes but no vision
He touched me but only to fill his hunger
And I with a heart floated with anger
I wish I were a human 
But not of this hand
I just asked one day but only within

The muscular hand was no less than a muddle head
In life it was panting for death
And I In death panting for the former
He knew he could free me
But his knowledge is destined ignorance
Alas! His heart pumps only blood, no care.
To my one day

I croaked to his deaf ears for years 
But for one day
Neither a day is left nor a drop of hope 
My heart pounced on request 
And his on the lust to have me
I swam in his desire not in his concern
To my one day

I croak now to the world
Enchained in all this ego
Is there a hero out to rescue me
Oh I know the world is all a dark mirror of life
I know this just in one day 
That my day has come

Copyright © Rakesh Arava | Year Posted 2014

Details | Acrostic |

The Mystic Aardvark

Alan the mystic
Rejected wrath and
Violence and ire
Alan said
Result in endless

by Gail


Copyright © Gail Foster | Year Posted 2015

Details | Couplet |



Sharks darting under the sea
Do you swallow your prey with glee?
Snake squirming up the pile
I heard you ate a crocodile
Eagle swooping free and loose
I see you’re ready to catch a goose
TV viewer and nature lover
You are the one to discover
We are hunters straight from birth
In a dog eat dog, vicious earth

Copyright © Andrew Battaglino | Year Posted 2016

Details | Light Poetry |

The Pack

The scent of game
A trail is plain
With moon on high to guide us

The chase is short
It’s never sport
And food devoured revives us

Through fields and streams
Wolf calls warm breeze
We’ll run on till morning shall find us

Copyright © Douglas Dicketts | Year Posted 2014

Details | Rhyme |

It Is the Chicken Skin Wounds

It is the chicken skin wounds
by the nets every day 
for a bird in a cage
hey, someone's gotta pay

It is the situation expectation 
brokers seeing red
so whip it out, mete it 
out on some calf's head 

It is the agonizing shrieks
of a mother for a son
missing milk of human kindness
sold out for a different one

It is the height of the bench 
and the weight of the bent 
twisted corpse of the sow
dropping on the cement 

It is the dark, cramped cell
where they're fed till they're freight
ready flesh so the bones 
cannot lift their own weight

It is the gun from the wall
see the rounds be replaced
from the vice for the head
till the shot in the face

It is the heart about to burst
pounding terror in the eyes
watching next in line in front of her 
another cries and dies

It is the good tail grip
to help her move down the track
that will shine brown and bruised 
when the skin is torn back

It is the stain on our hands
from the marking of the beast
wasn't there a verse on 
how you did it to the least?

Copyright © lawrence strauss | Year Posted 2016

Details | Free verse |

pecking snail



Pecking Snail
The pecking snail will kill you. He's a rare creature. Prone to acts of war and violence. This includes eating people he doesn't like. If you smell badly, you'll be his next meal. Sweat drives the pecking snail mad. Like blood drives a psychopath mental. Unlike the psycho, the pecking snail needs no weapons. Even if he wanted to, he can't hold a mini-gun, he's got no hands. His weapons are his pecking snail teeth. A million pecks a second reducing you to mush. He laps this up and basks in the sun, full. If you see the pecking snail, run like hell. He will eat you if he catches you.

Copyright © nick armbrister jimmy boom semtex | Year Posted 2015

Details | Free verse |

Ban Zoos and Be Good to Your Pets

The dog watches
From the basket
As you drunkenly dance
To the music videos
Late on a Friday night
And the girls you screw
Think he recognizes their voices
And faces
As they call his name
And blow him kisses
From Skype
“He’s so cute!”
But the fact is
He is a killer
A wild animal
Thinking about
Killing the cats
Who invade and piss
In his garden
His territory
Every night
But when the door shuts
Make sure he feels
Safe and secure
Happy to be there
Never fearful
And trapped
By humanity

Copyright © Robert Black | Year Posted 2016

Details | Haiku |


a steel sword beheads an unsuspecting beaver glinting undergrowth

Copyright © Julia Ward | Year Posted 2017

Details | Sonnet |

I gotta pee

You know your culture is in decline, when the new Broadway show,  "I gotta pee" is a smash-hit, or your friends encourage you to write the poem.

And just now, outside Mcdonalds ( Wifi - havin a smoke ), I named my ass-bag; 

"Second Wind". 

Smelleth thou thy fruity decay?

Copyright © Robert Warlov | Year Posted 2017

Details | Prose |

Wall Street And The Serengeti

                                                                                                                                                                                                                             On the one hand, there is a remarkable beauty                                                                                      in watching one entity blend into the environment
of a different entity.  On the other hand, there is less                                                                                                     
to be appreciated about assimilation if it results in the                                                                                   
destruction, disappearance,  or utter annihilation of that entity.

In the world of nature, on one hand, one considers that, of necessity, the sheer                                              
essence  of 'survival'  is largely at play. On the other hand, in the sociological world of mankind, the blending or assimilation becomes not an 'instinct to survive tool', but rather  a remarkable 'melting pot' for advancement in human development.

Whether wall street or boxing ring, we compete and fight to the finish; but we never eat each other; (Well, except for the Holyfield-Tyson fight). On the one hand, there is exhilarating satisfaction to be found when we observe camouflaging in the rain forest or in the kingdom of the wild.  But on the other hand, except for the camouflaged soldiers at war,  in communities of the civilized, we take exception  to those choosing to wear masks or appear to be something they are not.  

There is a distinctly different expectation  and purpose that require the maintenance and maturity of character.  On the one hand, in a civilized society, when such expectancy fails, the lines of demarcation are drawn and defended. On the other hand, in The Serengeti of Tanzania and Kenya, 
no one is expected to protect the wildebeests and Zebras from the alligators  and crocodiles. There, it is the natural state of things; lines are not drawn and neither required nor desired.
08062017TGPSContest, Late Summer Standard, Brian Strand

Copyright © curtis johnson | Year Posted 2017

Details | Free verse |


i want you to rot
like a fox’s body
before it drifts off
into dreamland
at the edge of the pond
where the rottweilers from the neighborhood
had gone to drink more water
before a savage got in their way

the angel in you left
when you were delivered gently to the ground
there was no heaven before you were born
so you either came from a drunken hell
or your spirituality is only a violent strive
for the continuation of your own blood
and the damning of others’

you’re going the speed limit
on the road
to the metal city on the hill
fighting off birds
that you see are smaller than you
because why should they be flying higher than you
above the clouds
when you’ve already destroyed them?
this juxtaposition frightens you
no savage should have a better instinct
so the beautiful must rot
in order for you to seem powerful
the beautiful must rot
in order for you to reproduce

but did you know
that you’re already rotting?
you’ve killed yourself
and your kind
now set fire to your home
and lie down in the dirt with the worms
you were meant to feed the Earth
it wasn’t meant
to feed you

Copyright © Ashlea Senft | Year Posted 2017

Details | Free verse |


Speechlees they are,
Emotionless they seem,
Sense the feared,
Humanity a bad dream.

Stuffed in sheds,
On rough grounds they lie,
Witness they deaths,
In their innocent eyes.

In the lap of horror,
They see themselves slaughtered,
Brutality conquers,
Their species are shattered.

Stabbed mercilessly,
Thrown on the floors,
They writ in pain,
In the red pour.

Crammed in hell,
They live in fear,
They excruciate in pain,
Awaiting death to be near.

Agonious end,
Roasted on pan,
Sprinkled by spices,
Devoured by man.
                - Kedar K

Copyright © Kedar kate | Year Posted 2017