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January 1, 2007

My list is long today.
But the voice says sleep --
Don't engage,
Don't create,
Don't make the bed --


Begone sunshine.

My mind falls to empty thought --
Is this dementia?
Will my mind curl up
     and sleep to death?

Will I follow my mother into the depths
     of lost thought and fabricated reality?

Will I know my husband
     when I see him again?

Will I even find him?


The depression lulls me back into myself
     dulling the memory of lost tomorrows,
          begun today,
               nine years ago.

Copyright © Judith Angell Meyer | Year Posted 2007

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Me and Eeyore, On the Year of My Birth

Just          my mother tryin for 
anothur          moment of agonised , blisful but
nevurending          hapiness, sharin with no one hur 
uninterupting          joy until my overly large but othurwise
average          head appears and the docter says, "anothur
regular          ordinary baby, happy new 
year          I'm sory, what did you say his name was"


Copyright © James Inman | Year Posted 2015

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Forgotten Promises

Another Christmas is coming
A new year will begin
I am looking through the window
Watching people under the snow

Some are with family, cooking and eating
Some are in the street, walking and shopping
Some are at home cleaning and decorating
Some are with friends packing and traveling

Everything seems fine
but when I look again …

Some are hungry, looking for food
Some are homeless, shivering in the cold
Some are lonely, sitting with sadness
Some are in pain, mourning for a loss

Another Christmas is coming
A new year will begin
I am thinking to myself
Is this the world we promised to build?

What happened to our world?
What happened to us?
What is going on?
Did we forget our promises?

We promised to NOTICE
We promised to ADJUST
We promised to PROTECT
Then why so much RAVAGE?

We promised to CARE
We promised to CARESS
We promised to FEED
Then why so much HUNGER?

We promised to RECEIVE
We promised to RELIEVE
We promised to FORGIVE
Then why so much REVENGE?

We promised to RESPECT
We promised to APPRECIATE
We promised to LOVE
Then why so much HATRED?

We promised to COMMUNICATE
We promised to COMPREHEND
We promised to CONNECT
Then why so much DISUNITY?

Another Christmas is coming
A new year will begin
How is it going to end?
What to promise again?

Copyright © Rixa White | Year Posted 2013

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January 28th

I sit here in the darkness of my own personal hell, 
Unable to chase away the black cloud that consumes me, 
Hurting everyone around me who cares about me, 
Hurting myself to try to get through the pain and be strong
The darkness controls me as my body struggles to be free as well as my mind,
But my heart controls my body and mind
And my heart is ruled by the black cloud, 
My vision is impaired by the darkness surrounding me, 
My mind is racing with a million evil thoughts, 
And my body has lost all strength to go on, 
My mind plots ways to end it all, 
My body feels the self-inflicted harm, 
But my heart won't let me go, 
The black cloud won't let me go, 
It wishes to keep me in the darkness of my own personal hell forever!

Copyright © Amity Rodney | Year Posted 2005

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Copyright © Annabelle Jane | Year Posted 2011

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I am hearing it
winter’s freeze
the tightening of air 
water light
a noisy gang of clouds
Snowflakes are feathered stones 

In this field 
the day builds its frozen bones
A beautiful disaster forms

Submerged in it
I listen for birds  
There is nothing

A moment’s wind
brittles my breath
numbs my ears
I listen for a note 
There is nothing

A hush of sleep
tucks into January’s bed
Even the dogs stay inside
to refuse the ice jabs 
into their paws

The cold cracks the skin
of my hands
sharpens its blade
slices deeper 

At the edge of the field
I stand in stillness
an ice-covered statue
waiting for the company of pigeons


from my sixth book-length manuscript

©dah / dahlusion 2014
all rights reserved

"January" was first published in
'The Canon's Mouth' (U.K.)

Copyright © Dah Helmer | Year Posted 2016

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January Evening

End of a celebrating season
Winter not yet half gone, with mornings dark
                                                      and evenings bleak
Mom still clearing piles of debris from crowds
                 that trolloped through the house, in buzz of December activity.
   In the kitchen, she cooks...
                       not with the same fervor and joy, but with the necessity
                                                                           of a chore needing done.
She can't blame the onions for her eyes.
                 Aloneness was not loneliness in December.

Copyright © Carrie Richards | Year Posted 2009

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January 10, 2015

Sometimes I feel like
A caged animal longing to be free
Knowing if I flee
That he'll come after me.

My thoughts are not mine.
I belong to him
My ways I can't have,
He won't allow them.

One day I'll break free
From this misery
One day I'll be me
And totally free.

Someday I'll be back
To my former self.
Until then, she'll
Sit on a shelf.

Copyright © Jennifer Gibson | Year Posted 2016