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She drifts in radiance waking nightfall with palette's hues, tresses of amber flames drip of vibrant sensation… and so, in the glide of July nestling on grass and bouquets, she waltzes through moon’s notes with a luster of desire, bursting into sheer madness on my glossed skin… Oh how she flickers more dauntless than a blend of passion and ease , flitting like a gypsy whose spirit enters inside my pores... And Maiden of Summer thrusts her tanned arms fluid, raw, loving: then, to explode into an awakened prance which enhances love's sizzle through her open light gently reeling with my bold adventures; only to fade quickly in luscious splendour. Screwed XV by Rob Carmack Uploaded 10.16.2016

Copyright © nette onclaud | Year Posted 2016

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Oh summer what have you done to me
so many flirtatious winks  teasingly
undressing me  with every wisp of
a welcomed heat filled breath

Oh summer, oh how you melt me 
with those gazing sunrise eyes  blinking
and those sweet high noon kisses swimming
fogging up another afternoon aviator sky

Oh summer your warm touches caress
and I'm a mess  blushing into a golden
bronze affair  wondering when you're not there
if you will ever come back again

Oh summer your nights delight    with fire
and a backyard breeze harmony  underneath
a blanket of stars and a lemonade moon
hushed  I swoon knowing   I'm in love

Copyright © Tim Smith | Year Posted 2017

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He saunters in with a slow steady gait
gathering all of nature in his warm embrace.

The whimsical artist splashes colors to sky;
miniature airplanes and exotic shaped kites.

Vocal chords of moon beams strummed by crickets and toads;
a serenade through open windows of our humble abodes.

So light on his feet; ocean's glass dance floor;
leading sailboats to sea and lovers to shore.

His breath on your neck puts you under his spell;
caught up in his love, as romances swell.

His pulse beats hot through sun ray veins,
then he showers us with gifts of cool, fresh rain.

We lounge with him in fields and meadows,
and miss him as Fall nudges him deep in the shadows.

Copyright © Arlene Smith | Year Posted 2015

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Magic Beans

Summer returns, reigning in glory tempting my beanstalk to climb and tiny fairies to faithfully fly, laughing out loud all the while. With lush trees twirling in full skirts, and tulips trumpeting their joyful greetings, sunrays parade in triumphant procession of season’s enchanting magic. I planted seeds of magic beans in the garden and waited, restless through spring’s fateful days of warming soil and nurturing rain, blushing with excitement in thoughts of summer’s storybook adventures vividly coming to life, hoping to wake to the surprise of a beanstalk climbing miles high. Then, May turned to June, June to a steamy July, and I one morning dressed in the smiles of a carefree little girl who could charm the bees and listen closely to the melodies of songbirds, knowing somehow this would be the day to frolic free in the laughter of a forever sky and bathe in my rippling mirage above white, drifting clouds…where heavenly breezes would cool my body and soul. Summer magic created my climbing vine while I slept dreamily through a stormy night, cupping her hands to catch every drop of rain, and she grew with the beanstalk from a lazy day’s warm embrace to a magical kiss amongst the brightest sun and sparkling stars. My fairytale came to life until July turned to a feverish day in August, and I, burning from within, woke to the end of my storybook dream… Then, as quickly as she came, summer’s magic was gone with one strong gust of arctic air. By Rhonda Johnson-Saunders for PD's Magic Beans Contest, 1/5/15

Copyright © Rhonda Johnson-Saunders | Year Posted 2015

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A summer evening 1

A summer evening

The senile sun still
burned us with the foul intent 
Of its mid day  rage
But, lacking in bite, gave in
Quickly to the taunts of breeze.

It tottered about
In the beach, ran its weak hands
Over wheat fields and
Rested awhile atop the
Banyan’s crown and went to sleep.

8th Dec 12.
Form: Personification in TANKA ( Sylls: 5-7-5-7-7)

By S.Jagathsimhan Nair
For: Giorgio's 'Impress me-3'
Motif: Nature

Copyright © S.Jagathsimhan Nair | Year Posted 2012

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As Lovers Go

When Summer starts her transitory reign, King Sun, her beau, has steadily ascended, brightening a sky that, for a time, shall be his lovely mistress’ domain. He reaches out his welcoming warm rays across the span of Summer’s first official day, lengthening them just as far as he is allowed so he may well receive his paramour, enveloping her in the fullest of his golden grand embraces. But when night descends, Sun’s power wanes. His wife, a goddess, the fair and steadfast Luna, arrives to spell her king, along with her attendants, a host of radiant stars. Meanwhile, Mistress Summer softly slumbers, faintly breathing out the warmth that Sun has wrapped her in. So even in the dark’s coolness, she prevails. In the dewy dawn, when she awakes, Summer sees the beauty of her lover’s light and eagerly, she spurs her King Sun on. No two were ever so well-matched as these, for both heat up the days with their consuming ardor till the time of the equinox when Summer is exiled for nine months, to have her rebirth in the following year. And year after year, for what could be eternity, Sun bides his time, for he has many lovers. . . But as lovers go, it’s Summer who’s most expert at inciting the passion in his soul. by andrea dietrich/ Motif is nature. Also romance For the Impress Me Contest III of Giorgio V.

Copyright © Andrea Dietrich | Year Posted 2012

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Sailing Away

Were I a sailboat traveling at sea 
All alone with no one but me 
My masts would creak , the decks rock gently beneath my feet 
The hiss of my bow slice thru the waves ,
the tang of the ocean spray as I watch the wake paving the way
 Billowing white sails puffed out in  the summer breeze
And onward I would go merrily out to sea
No use for the land , just wild and free

The dolphins would come and play
The seaweed hang out all day 
Overhead the sky prefers  blue , but sometimes grey 
nothing but me , the sun and the summer rain
The reflections play across the water
The waves lap gently on my bow
No use for the land , just me here and now

Copyright © jim joyce | Year Posted 2013

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SUMMER FALLS April heralds Summers March as she leaves behind her warm glow in blazing trail of red and orange hues pursued by winds she trips and Falls chastened to submit to colder paths stormy clouds-- thunderous showers shedding garments of leaves and color exposes herself baring dark squall bruises behind fragmented damp misty wisp SUMMER FALLS AS WINTER CALLS © Kim van Breda—April 2014 (The start of another winter here in Cape Town)

Copyright © Kim van Breda | Year Posted 2014

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Underneath me the water                                                                                                                    Churns in anticipation                                                                                                                                      I wait for the wave             
That will push me forward.     
The spray of the water          
 Keeps me moist     
 I surge forward
Balanced on the wall of water
Exhilaration floods through me
I am racing towards the sandy beach
Then your feet stumble
I feel your weight disappear
I am thrown into the ocean
Tossed about mercilessly
Keeping a grip on your leg
I bob to the surface
Discouraged, you paddle
Heading for the shore
You lift me up
And carry me away
Now I am waiting
In the dark, in the dust
When you try again
Try to tame the waves
I will be ready
I am always ready
I long for the thrill
Of riding the foam
Hurry up, I plead
Hurry up and try again

Copyright © Mary White | Year Posted 2014

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Morning Sun

Morning sun glistens on the horizon
bringing in  a new born day
 glorious rays gently spread
cuddling the earths core
Its sunny disposition 
lights up the world
Smiling as it spreads warmth
Down on mother earth.


Copyright © Phyllis Babcock | Year Posted 2016

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A short letter to a hot summer day

A short letter to this Hot Summer Day, 
I get it, you’re a furnace from the sky.
And you want to play chef, to bake and to stew, 
Both my feet you simmer and fry

You battered and basted and blanched and broiled 
As I roasted all day in the sun.
And to help this heat wave, you turned the kiln up,
And cooked me along to well done.

Even the swim in the pool was a ruse, trap and hoax, 
As my skin copped a blistering scorch.
I’d like you to stop these pretty rays of light
This pretty hot scalding blowtorch.

To end this short letter to my friendly hot day, 
Here’s a phone number of a guy who mends warm.
Give him a call, invite him straight over, 
His name’s Cloudy Wet Soaking Rainstorm.

Hi, this was written in January during Australia's hot summer, but has never been put in any contests. I thought it might fit your contest. It was during the 45 degree C days where it was so mega hot. Cheers.

Copyright © Lewis Raynes | Year Posted 2017

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To Summer

Passing the grains of rivers
mothered by the your sun,
tossed copper wind and shores rail
inch by inch--
meter by meter--
they drift along of a violet dayfall.
And glittering borealis slopes 
on emblazoned hem;
until land, sea, air and dazed fire,
wrap the colors of your grasses;
as a hundred villages await
the first notes
of  your  opening sonata;
a tingle from a raw desire
circling a bonfire of wildflowers,
in heat like a maiden, restless!

Open Poetry Contest
Charlotte Jade Puddifoot

Copyright © Leon Datu | Year Posted 2015

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Monday Morning

The sun is out,
On this nice spring morning.
Sometimes it's not.
It's like a game.
I like games.
I also like sleep.
I like to dream
About cheesecake and bubble baths.
Then I wake up 
And the illuminate is ruling the world.

Copyright © Marcie Ames | Year Posted 2016

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To Summer I Plead

Shed on that certain kind of warmth
You give the waters that washed away our footsteps

Illumine the dark leaves of our past
Blown away by the indifferent breeze.

Desiccate the grass that invited conversations
But leave the roots unscorched. 

I prayed to Autumn to blow away my pains
But Winter entertained me instead.

I won’t let Spring visit me
Until you burn down her cold heart, Summer.

Copyright © Glenn Sentes | Year Posted 2012

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Songs and dances of June
roses, pink and heavenly yellow
sun splashed water, floating cloud boats
that drift through summer skies, blown
by jasmine breezes...
fields of waving grasses, and scented sage
evening orchid sunsets, that lie their heads
down on pillows of billowed white
and bid adieu to passing day...

Copyright © valerie bellefleur | Year Posted 2010

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Indian Summer

Indian Summer

The poppy said "No",
The nasturtiums said "Wait"
The seedlings were jumping at the gate;

"We have to get through Winter first,"
The old oak spoke, and everyone burst.
The pansies nodded in assent,
With a great deal of sentiment.

He looked down sadly at his girth,
Smiling wryly with perfect mirth;
"Ten more years is all I am worth".

He glanced at the herbs tenderly wilting
And spoke as though his heart were melting
"We have to be patient and wait for Spring,
And there's the catch, it's a learning thing".

"I won't make promises I can't keep
And we all know Winter will put us to sleep".

Summer will rise again, in all it's glory,
And that for now, is the end of my story.

Copyright © Judith Palmer | Year Posted 2010

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Summer wraps her soft arms about me,
like the caress of a silken shawl
with the sweetest breath,
she blows the rose petals at my feet,
and sends the yellow and white butterflies
to dance before my eyes..

She fills my senses with fresh mown hay,
and beckons the scent of honeysuckle
in teasing breezes that play in my hair..
she brings forth the sunflower maids,
who bob in the hot winds of an August afternoon..

She paints the sky in perpetual blue, and
dresses the evening clouds in gowns of
crimson and giddy pinks,
while turning down the lavendar quilt of sunset,
she bids a sleepy sun goodnight...

Copyright © valerie bellefleur | Year Posted 2009

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Warm is her embrace
Nectar is her sweet kiss
A cool breeze is her breath,
Bright green was her face
Since birth, taking remiss
Being born of sister's death.

A universal play reforming
Down through the ages
Finds every soul an actor,
In this play she's performing
Act two on the annual stages
That find linear time a factor.

It's a tale of great strife
Of great love and great loss
A tale of passion and woe,
The never ending story of life
That found climax on a cross
But still has a good way to go.

In this play she will perish
But her death shall give way
To life for others down line,
A repeating theme to cherish
Death begets life, shows the way
Of the authors divine design.

She will sacrifice her life
That her sister might live
Who'll do likewise the same,
But for now play the fife
To the performance she gives
For, Summer is her name.

                      Timothy I. Brumley

Copyright © Timothy Brumley | Year Posted 2010

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I  stood  watching  the first snowflake’s  battle action : 
First of a horde – a  first-flake  trumpeter  announcing 
The immense white horde’s  cold intention 
Of riding roughshod  and merciless over everything,

Last  week  my friendly  leaves burned gold,
But their cold heat was an illusion,
No warm defence ‘gainst the winter cold.
Theirs  was no  flame of defensive passion

It  was  a  mere seeming  fire-moat, 
But  a dying fire, not burning - just the yellow 
Of coward leaves running and turning coat   
At  the  hint of a  white army  certain to follow.

Cold golden souls trembled as wind bit their shape,  
And to the air they  wildly took, fleeing,  trying to escape –
Tumbling in panic for a while, rising slowly  to drop  like tears.
Above the wood  for another mile  then  fell to rest with  craven peers.

Widely then under the  boughs of laden yellow leaf 
Spread a  sorry carpet  of brave summer come to  grief.
They  were  blown to the river - not to flame ,
But with dampened ardour   to run  ungainly, with shame,

And  float ignominiously,  and collect their coward fellows
In unranked masses  at the slack  black shallows.
Among the faded reeds and river weeds
Hiding  their terror  and their coward’s deeds

Where brave summer had reigned in wood and  river
Now only poltroons  were  seen to shiver.
They fled  on the run  out of the wood -
Fair weather friends abandoning me  as I stood.

Copyright © Sidney Beck | Year Posted 2010

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From nature's mural, she drifts lusciously waking nightfall with bolder hues and toasted flames kindling warm passion… like so, in the snapshot of breezes which etches tinted oak, roses, and sand --- her prints mark fiery tones with evening heat's desire, bursting into sheer madness on earth's layout… How she flickers more daring than a blend of innocence and rawness, glittering through a ruby camisole as Summer unfurls her exotic angle-- tanned arms fluid, raw, inviting: then, to explode into a moondance rousing the framed stencils of open light-- her gentle way that cuddles all lovers 'dream; until in romance's capricious whirlwind , this season's image slips in luscious radiance. ~ For Broken Wing's Form P Contest Theme: picture 5/29/2017

Copyright © nette onclaud | Year Posted 2017

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August like a sullen glance
You’re having too much fun
Do continue bear in mind
While summer comes undone

August brang the summers eve
So subtle yet decided
Cleaved as were a maiden fair
The middle year divided 

A wind of change how hot and dry
A new way taking hold
Of packing up and putting down
And turning out the old

A breath of new life here there
Scant amid the falling
Tumbling death across the plain
The songbird never calling

August wakes the sky at dusk
Streamers all amiss
A hunter on the east horizon
Seeks the dawning bliss

                                       Copyright © Mike Martin 2015

Copyright © Mike Martin | Year Posted 2015

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The great Oak

During winter you are broody, quite moody,
though you radiate pleasure, natures treasure,
inhaling your scent, love is what you represent,
your melodic song indicates winter is not wrong,

life returns in Spring, so much joy it doth bring
time for you to give birth, create, excite mirth,
you dress in Lincoln green, picturesque scene ,
warmth from our sun you greet, spring so sweet,

knowing wonderful summer, you're no newcomer,
showing your splendour, natures beauty contender,
you provide food and shelter for flying dwellers,
cooled by gentle breeze, you'll never displease,

autumnal winds you hear call, be prepared for fall
as your leaves change from green to aubergine,
now time to hibernate, time to rest regenerate,
your magnificent, adored by folk, the great oak.

Composed 18/09/2017.

Copyright © Roy Pett | Year Posted 2017

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Summer Drought

Summer sun became hot
she burned and blistered
the flora and fauna below
the heads of the wheat
cried for they were empty
the harvest was none
the leaves turned brown
and the water turned green
blue algae was found
now lakes begged for rain
but the drought continued on
the lawns became dry
and flowers began to cry
yet sun continued to shine
hot and heavy each day
chasing the rain clouds away
drought was here to stay.

Copyright © Phyllis Babcock | Year Posted 2017

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Summer Wheat

Summers wheat

Do come and climb upon my tractor seat
And I will tell of skies that weep
Weeping so, across the brows of summer heat 
Do come and climb upon my tractor seat 
And I will tell of darkened forms
Forms that quickly bring and take almighty storms
Do come and climb upon my tractor seat
And I will tell of summer seed
Seed’s planted deep in likened rows
Rows that one day will give to gentle sweep
Do come and climb upon my tractor seat 
And may your vision in memories seen,
The lives of men,
Who once did grow the summer’s wheat


Copyright © Jolene Tackman | Year Posted 2017