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The Strange Marriage of Love and Pain

Love and Pain
Decided to get married
I know it seems strange
For you would have expected
Love and affection to want to tie the knot
After all…they were similar
They socialized in the same set of word families
The artistonyms
Love and passion also wanted
To be forever joined
That everyone condoned and blessed

But, oh, how everyone laughed
At the strange request
Of Love and Pain 	
To be wed
“What’s wrong with your head?
You two are from different worlds
From antonym slums
You can’t unite
And become one!”

Love held on to Pain
And would not let her go….
He smiled a knowing smile
“There has never been
One of us without the other
We belong…
For only when you truly encounter Love
Will you experience Pain.”

Pain shed a tear
And yet she smiled
“Where Love exists
I hover near…
Have no fear
Our union will produce
Beautiful babies
Love sires Joy
A darling child
Love fathers Peace
And Tranquility, in turn
These are the children we will bear
But do beware
Love can’t survive, without Me
For how would He know
How would He be certain
That he is alive….and well
Were it not for ME!

And so Love and Pain
Were wed
Amongst great fanfare
It was a match made in heaven
For never did they depart
One from another

Love and Pain?
Not so insane
Everyone did testify
That one did not come
Without the other
They were tied together
Nothing could come between them
Except their little babies
The most beautiful mixed babies
That eye shall ever see!
Sweet harmony
Of Love and Pain
Who lived.......companionably ever after!

Eileen Manassian Ghali

Copyright © Eileen Manassian | Year Posted 2013

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My Beautiful You - A Poem for Valentine's Day

Like the fragrance of honeysuckle clinging to the vine,
Like sea spirit salt rides the inshore breeze,
Like the sun dappled fields of summer, please...
Be mine... my beautiful you... be mine.

Like the flowers I bring you every so often,
Like the ones I should bring you every day,
Be wild and pure and wait there for me,
To see and to take you, my beautiful you.

Like the curves of your body, bending
Behind the glisten of the glass shower stall,
Like sweet nicknames floating down the hall...
Be my mystery ever unfolding, my beautiful you.

All the holidays, like yesterday, I still remember, 
Wrapped up with you around the tree…
Leaves falling round us in a crisp September,
As we walk through our seasons, you and me.

And now the twilight's chimney smoke calls us,
Back to the hearth and home we've made,
With little ones who look like you and me,
Our love's perfect union, our soul's sweet serenade.

Through all the days of our days, I'll need you,
So be the breath I cannot live without, 
The April morning's rain - mist for my midsummer's drought…
All the holiday's I remember...
Leaves falling round us in a crisp September.

The fragrance of you floating through the hall,
Into my soul's senses, please, be all...
Worth recalling, worth living and dying for...
My beautiful you, my beautiful you...

Be Mine.

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Copyright © Kenneth Kirkpatrick | Year Posted 2014

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When two person's get together,
with vision of a wonderful world,
some children and a family,
and a dog with tail curled.

Off to a fresh start,
adapting new life and routine,
for the dream to become real,
without any motive or being mean.

One is a boy, another is a girl,
raising them with a twist and twirl,
impossible to forget the first walk,
or the first word or their little talk.

Months and years pass by,
memories began to fade,
with no personal touch,
or an effort being made.

Then comes the anger,
with stress compressed inside,
and happiness dissolving,
whom not either one can hide.

Love once boulder,
breaks easily into pieces,
with emotions running high,
connection completely ceases.

Now is the time,
to part ways from this life,
and live like a sophomore,
not husband and wife.

No care about the young one's,
who are too naive to understand,
about the complications of life,
what they find simply so grand.

One legal paper seals off,
the fate of a happy family,
with a stroke of sign starts,
this long lasting tragedy.

Back to where it was,
heart still feels like a change,
the reminiscence of marriage,
and the events of enrage.

Seperate lives once again,
the dream is a now nightmare,
filled with hatred and pain,
Nothing left except to glare.

A past unforgettable,
a future that could have been,
and present so unbearable,
like a film with an ending scene.

How can a simple word,
destroy so many fantasies,
keeping sentiments intact,
with nothing but worries.

A journey full of moments,
stuck together in a beautiful verse,
mentally and physically hurting,
divorce is a majestic curse.

Copyright © Suraj Grover | Year Posted 2016