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My very nice poem

Linky is really cool
He teaches at a school

Linky has swag
but he does not brag

Linky is the best
So we do well on the test

Copyright © jsalkefn sgsgsrg | Year Posted 2013

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Solitude: To Yoda, An Ode

Green bark a prism creates,
Feel the pull of earth, you must.

Rotates, a slime of endless hates,
Can hold me not, this world’s crust.

Friendship’s ties, isolation Deflates,
Succumbs, my spaceship, to bitter rust.

Mist, my soul forever permeates,
Lift-off, booms the rocket’s thrust.

My spirit when light returns, elates,
Swamps swell, swallowed hope’s swirling dust.

Trapped, I am, until student from fate
Arrives to learn; Cloud City or bust.

Copyright © Dan Keir | Year Posted 2013

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Ode to a Terrific Teacher

He opens learners’ hearts with the key of kindness;
passionately plant in them the seeds of success
and watch them grow in the garden of greatness.
Talk about a terrific teacher.

He wields words from the wellspring of wisdom
to water worm-wheat in the field of freedom...
and shield them from the throne of thralldom;
Talk about a terrific teacher.

He tells his students the lore of love and life,
and the right use of rocket, rifle and knife 
to save them from baseless storms and strife;
Talk about a terrific teacher.

He wakes up each day with this golden goal:
To tenderly touch each pupil's spirit and soul,
and make their broken bones worthy and whole.
Talk about a terrific teacher.

He prays for each pupil to have an honourable heart,
out of which will flow the beauty of eternal art
so they can be sincere, sensible and smart.
Talk about a terrific teacher.

He is a mentor with a matchless mission,
practicing what he preaches with pure passion;
his friends are spurred to have a vibrant vision.
Talk about a terrific teacher.

When winter’s wool and whirlwind betide,
and the streams of life roar in stormy tide;
he gives warm words to guard and guide...
Talk about a terrific teacher.

Examination is not just a test of intelligence;
it is also a test of creativity and confidence...
his students enjoy inspiring independence.
Talk about a terrific teacher.

In poor pupils, he see a pool of great possibilities,
he teaches them to tap from the oasis of opportunities
springing in their desert of difficulties...
Talk about a terrific teacher.

Some folks are only interested in high income;
he looks out for inspiring inputs and learning outcome...
his job is to make the future bright and awesome.
Talk about a terrific teacher.

Copyright © Adeleke Adeite | Year Posted 2016

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What Makes a Teacher Special

A special teacher does NOT....
        care about financial gain
        play the glorified sitter
        teach some, yet let others wane
        ever really seem bitter

A special teacher DOES....
        sometimes use their own accounts
        to get kids what they need.
        Not caring about amounts
        preparing to plant the seed.

They don't....
        give up on "unteachables"
        hand out notes and walk away
        care that much for timetables
        dismiss what a child might say

They do.....
        use every single facet
        to aid children's connecting. 
        try hard to help ALL get it
        have great ears for listening

All their tots are respected
no matter their race or size
They comfort those dejected
to the top, they help them rise.

Our world needs more of their kind
caring souls, oversized hearts
Passion for sculpting a mind
deep within them, where it starts

I know of one such teacher
though it has not been for long
Feel she's a children reacher
molding them to become strong

That's not what brings pen to pad
the thought has my heart sinking
What does could have been so sad
if not for her quick thinking

She saved a young life that day
NO ONE dare say otherwise!
Such calmness within the fray
one's instincts, how they arise

What was done, creditable
a debt I can not repay
Earned her place at His table
Forget Nicole            NE'ER A DAY!

Copyright © keith osborne | Year Posted 2016

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An Ode to LIFE Part 1

An Ode To LIFE

As I lay my head down and start to fall asleep I see myself being carried off to a place and time the place of our Lords birth in Bethlehem of Judea

As in the Bible tells the story of His life and how he lived and died in that human seance and rose on the day He told of

I do not remember being here but I remember the story I was taught so many years ago

As I walk through the streets of Bethlehem I see each scene  and hear  every word as I am learning the story they telling is true

The writer writes of a jealous King  and his way of dealing with his people and of Mary and Joseph who came to Bethlehem to have a child

The story tells of the three wise men  who saw a star in the north and heard of a child  who was born to be the King of the Jews  and come to see and bring Him gifts 

An  angel from the Heavens above came to Mary and Joseph in a dream and told them they had to leave Bethlehem or King Herod would have their son killed 

So they left Bethlehem and went to Egypt and there they lived until King Herod no longer ruled

As I follow along in my dream I see each scene  and hear  every word as I am puzzled by the fact I understand each

I don’t understand why I’m going through this time but I know I must continue on this journey 

As I am pulling through a time where I reach the place of Jesus’ in  Nazareth of Galilee

As I watched Him grow and work in His father's shop I could see the thing in Him that were with me

As I walk along the streets and look around I hear the people talk of a child that speaks of wondrous love that’s all forgiving and of a Father in Heaven that’s loving and true.

By Rev. Samuel Mack, OMS
Copyright 2013

                                                            Inspired by God 


Copyright © Rev. Dr. Samuel Mack OMS DD | Year Posted 2013

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Thank You Mr. S.

I wanted to be a writer
When I was just a young teen
But I was so incredibly shy
And kids can be so mean.

Then a new teacher came along.
He had such a different view.
I no longer felt embarrassed
By the writing that I'd do.

He made me feel I had a gift
And that it should be shared.
To him I admitted my hopes
And I felt that he really cared.

Mr. Sowden encouraged extra work,
To write about whatever we wanted.
So I wrote and wrote and wrote some more.
The words just flew, undaunted.

My grade ten English teacher
Read my work out loud
And winked when the class applauded,
For the first time I felt proud.

I never signed my real name.
The class didn't know it was me
But my work garnered admiration, 
On display for all to see.

That was the year I learned that
What I wrote was pretty good.
I just needed time for confidence to grow
And that, Mr. Sowden, understood.

He made us see the written word
In a way that made us aware.
So I would like to thank him,
The English teacher who really did care.

Copyright © Francine Roberts | Year Posted 2010

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I'll sellotape your mouth shut,
you noisy little child,
I am the teacher - and I'm 
known to be wild.
How dare you rule my class-
room, you horrible little git - 
Now where's my sellotape - 
to seal your mouth, you horrible
little twit?

Oh, isn't it cruel? The headmaster
doesn't approve?
Well sod the lot of them - I'm
feeling in the groove!
We mustn't touch the little
sods, that isn't the school 
But I dare you step in my class - 
you horrible little fools!

If you speak out of line - or
naughty in any way,
I'll make you wish you weren't
here, I will make your day!
When I tell you to be quiet, 
that is what do you,
Or you little punks - it's the 
sellotape, too true!

So I've been suspended, I
really don't give a toss,
To hell with all them do-gooders,
and the bloody boss!
Those little punks, called;
"children" - are sometime's a
real pain,
But when I get my sellotape 
out - I'll do it all again!


Copyright © Darryl Ashton | Year Posted 2014