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I Can Only Wish

I buried my boys today
Thirteen wasn't bad enough
What a pain in my heart
It's mine now, gone from them
They suffer no more

More than a hundred years
Barely seen half of that
I can only wish
Brothers to the very end
I can only wish

Love to take my boys out
Take them out all day
Take them to the running field
Run the while away
I can only wish

Love to buy my boat back
Buy it back all day
Wish I had my old boat
Wish I’d fish today
If I could only fish

Copyright © Mike Martin | Year Posted 2015

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one race

The firmament above, beneath we exist,
This diversity in divine artistry
Same eyes divers sizes
Different skin same sin
Different color same honor
Same human same humor
Why try to sort out maize from corn? They are all same
Cus just one shot, your race wont spare you

Copyright © victor nwakanma | Year Posted 2015

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An Ode to E. A. Robinson

Whispers of talent are carried on New England breezes
Dickinson, Hawthorne, and the Irvings’ son Washington
Though I sense a special connection to all of these
None inspired more than Edwin Arlington Robinson

Three Pulitzer Prizes were displayed on his mantle place
His childhood in Maine he described as “stark and unhappy”
Though he went to Harvard, academics he’d not embrace
Arlington’s style was unique and his cadence snappy

“Miniver Cheevy,” displaced soul, longed for Medieval years
To Miniver I could relate, felt I was born too late
Wishing I’d ridden West with America’s pioneers
But at least my dreams alcohol will never desecrate

For his depressed brother Herman, “Richard Cory” he wrote
A handsome man who appeared to enjoy the perfect life
But the turmoil in his heart, his exterior did not denote
Richard shot himself in the head to put an end to strife

Edwin, your character studies touched something deep inside
Struggles you described of common men gripped me, made me cry
People whose dreams and accomplishments did not coincide
I, too, watch life’s play from backstage, feeling like a standby

Though I seek to display wit, tragedies pour from my pen
And much like my muse, my life seems filled with loneliness
As poets we reach out to touch lives of men and women
Hoping to find comfort as troubled feelings we express

* Written for Jared's "Ode" contest

Edwin Arlington Robinson (December 22, 1869 – April 6, 1935) was an American poet 
born in Maine who won three Pulitzer Prizes for his work. His brother Dr. Dean 
Robinson died of a drug overdose, perhaps inspiring Robinson to write of the 
alcoholic dreamer “Miniver Cheevy.”. It has been speculated that his poem "Richard 
Cory" was penned for his other brother, Herman. E.A. Robinson’s poems have a dark 
pessimism stemming from dreams gone awry.  The style and themes of many of my 
poems seem to emulate Robinson, who often wrote in rhyming quatrains.  “Richard 
Cory” can be found at http://www.poemhunter.com/poem/richard-cory/.
To read “Miniver Cheevy,” go to 

Copyright © Carolyn Devonshire | Year Posted 2010

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To Duke

I woke up from the cradles of slumber
My morning eyes opened slowly
My mind frolicked and sang with peace
Remembering your words 
So kind, so memorable were they!
So sweet, so genuine are you!
The mere thought of you takes away the assertive blue

It is a wonder I have come across your mind
It is a blessing like no other—a true, treasurable find!
And there are no words that can truly give you the honor you deserve
But take these, please!
And know there is so much more. . .
So much more that I wish to offer you

Your never-ending thoughtfulness and attention
Has filled me with unremitting appreciation
You really are a beautiful light to my world
Cheering my melancholy with joy
I have never found someone quite like you
And that is the beauty of it all
Finding the gold
The sunlight smiling for your marvelous shine
Finding truth
There is just no other like you!
I would never turn my eyes away
There is just no possible way

That is a blessing I count close to the heart
Finding you, such a rare piece!
Finding you in a churning world of excitement and chaos
Finding you with such delight and gratitude

Thank you so much, Duke!
Thank you for being you!

-Dedicated to a very fine poet named Duke Beaufort-

Copyright © Laura Breidenthal | Year Posted 2013

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For Ben

Hey there, brother
this one is for you
for all the times you’ve blamed me 
for the things I didn’t do
hey there, brother
this one is for you

hey there, brother
it’s been awhile
I’d give you a great big hug
but we both know that’s not your style
hey there, brother
it’s been awhile

hey there, brother 
how have you been 
you haven’t invited me to hang with you lately
just give me a call and tell me when
hey there, brother
how have you been

hey there, brother
you’re the best I’ll ever know
you’ve showed me unconditional love
and you’ve taught me how to grow
hey there, brother
you’re the best I’ll ever know

hey there, brother
this one is for you
I love watching you move through life
and can’t wait to see all the things you’ll do
hey there, brother 
this one is for you

Copyright © Rachel Wyngarden | Year Posted 2015

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Mario and Luigi

Whether it's a shellcreeper or it's a freezie,
fret not, mes amis! you have Mario and Luigi,
"mama mia!","Let's go!" when you hear them say,
those plumbers in red & green are off to save the day!

Luigi is the slower one - but his jumps are far and wide,
whilst Mario, with his scarlet cap, runs faster than the tides,
always together, vanquishing ruthless enemies,
partners in time and adventure - for all of eternity!
Browser, the unscrupulous enemy, always kidnaps Princess Peach,
The brothers to the rescue! They sail across the seven seas!,
the boiling deserts, tiresome grasslands and the Koopa enemies,
they beat 'em all, with their fireballs and attain eternal glory.

the damsel is rescued, she hugs her noble men,
they escort her back to the Mushroom Kingdom, Yoshi too joins them,
Toad is there to welcome the weary, exhausted lot,
and bestow them with laurels for the demons they had fought.

And hence this way another tiring adventure is put to rest,
Mario and Luigi retire to their homes, waiting another test,
next morning, they hear the news "Princess peach was Kidnapped again!"
"Let's go!", "Mama Mia!" and another adventure begins!

-Manek Kohli
(For Heather Ober's 'Famous Couples/Duos Free Poetry Contest')

Copyright © manek kohli | Year Posted 2013

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The Storm

The storm comes less often now,
Come it does.
Cyclical… Circular… predictable in its pattern.
It’s been a while dear friend.
            The sun so bright-
                        Harder to find you these days
Memories slow my step suddenly.
Seizing my mind as our past flashes upon a wall.
Compelled… Consumed… by these morsels of time.
Times when immortality we feigned.
               This is the calm –
                        The beginning of the storm
Clouds gather upon the horizon.
The earthy smell of its coming is heavy… heavy upon a familiar breeze.
Ah yes… the breeze that seems cooler than it should.
I draw deeply on this… this sweeping scent of eternity’s veil.
            The clouds grow –
                        Shadows and sunlight struggle before me
All warmth escapes my aura.
I am immersed.
Frantically… Languidly… into the coming of the storm.
Welcome is this diversion… shade from the invading sun.
            My mind surrenders –
                       Souls grasping across time for the other
Peculiar is the searing peace which accompanies the pall.
Only here in the shadows do I… Can I…
Betray… Embrace… the extent of my pain.
Mundane detail is lost in the altered light.
            The storm is upon me –
                        Within me
It arrives with intensity. The winds rage…
Between us.
Deafening… Silent… reprieve from the tainted melody.
The almost honest lyrics of my daily stage.
                Thunder claps –
                        This encore overdue
 In the windows of my soul. The salty rain…
Begins to fall.
Welling… Streaming… down the valleys of my contorted mask
I welcome the pain… for in it is your smile.
            It lasts until –
                     Its over
It is in the storm that I find you. Little brother…
Leading me forward.
Laughing… Reaching… You bring forever to my eye.
I gleefully let you go again. One eye upon the horizon of always.
            I see you little brother –
                     Receding within me
 The shadows persist. The winds no longer rage…
Warm is the breeze.
Comforting… Teasing… as the soul-glow rushes not to leave.
The violent outpour but a misty drizzle.
The storm comes –
            Less often now
 I miss you most as you leave. Pain becomes peace…
In the wake.
Squinting… Basking… I welcome the glare of the sun.
It seems brighter each time… your shadow grows longer.
            Until the next storm –
                        We live

Copyright © Mickey Brady | Year Posted 2014

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Waking you tell me in a voice I no longer hear.
He came.
Opening the second bag you say.
My brother is sick.
You tell me its my birthday.
April !st.
Waiting by the front door and crying. 
He never comes.
Hugging me tightly and telling me you love me.
I leave.
Sleeping peacefully the lid is closed.
I cry.

My Brother took a bag trick or treating for me when I was sick. He was found dead in 1985

Copyright © Patrick Cornwall | Year Posted 2011

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Copyright © cynthia scales | Year Posted 2012

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My Brother's Toe

God gave him 10. Attached to all he was. Some small, some large, some in between. Seems a big one got sick. Dr. tried to cure it. Some big toes arent very cooperative. This toe had other ideas. Dreams of being a bolo tie or keychain fob it had. They parted ways one day. My advice...dream big.

Copyright © Dave Reynolds | Year Posted 2012

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An Ode To Seven Prophets

When I was younger, stronger, faster, phatter!
I saw Bayard Rustin, ascending and descending on bell hooks’ reveries,
And I screamed, from artistic insights,
Of plights and rights, citing Mumia Abu the Baptist,
“MOVING” SOULS to awakening, writing like Melchidezek in a Birmingham Jail,
Christ in Communist imagery,
Mohammed quoting Amos and speaking Barack into the “real”,
The World unknown to slaves of Matrix Madness,
Sad yet Strident,
Che and Jesus, encased in Chrystal prisms,
Of John the Baptist’s prison, 
Different shades of the same spirit,
Freeing seekers from Oppressed Pedagogy,
But the sounds of naked children,
Screaming from the shattered images of Native Prophets denied their right to subdue the earth,
Enraptured my brain, and the thousands slain by South African Nazis,
Brought me to the brink of new beginnings,
Wherein, I war from the inside out,
Watching the sunrise of lies exposed, and young prophets forging emergent imagery,
“Christian”, teaching on the front lines of minds that can breathe anew,
“Dr. T”, slayin’ nightmares of myopic minions clouding the light of the almighty,
“Eli”, the young Jedi, facin’ Dark Forces with a saber tooth intellect,
“Melissa”, demandin’ respect for the forgotten and makin’ miracles for the downtrodden,
“Hugo”, the only begotten of Chi-town expression, taggin spiritual secrets on the backs of
abandoned day dreams,
“Viv”, teachin’ lessons of stress silenced by the strident freedom of angels bustin’ forth
from cocoons of plastic consciousness,
“Leber”, the dreama, of new market creation, in the image of acts, where none know lack, 
And the facts, smack, cracks, in the faces of fat cats who feed on the blindness of hatred,
 These are the prophets of my generation,
And as I weave my seeds of transformation, from a tower of sanctuary,
I look to them on the streets, reaping the harvest renaissance,
And know joy!

Copyright © Woodrow Lucas | Year Posted 2008

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An Ode to my Christian Brethren

On the backs of giants I walk,
Most of them cursed me right to my face and imposed correction unnecessary,
Most of them as Judas to Joseph, fell to the sting of jealousy, and slew my very soul with the 
Cain like bitterness of accusation.
But still on the backs of giants I walk.
For from the beginning to the end,
When they had the choice to deny the destiny that God had for me, or to embrace it,
They all, everyone, chose to believe.

Copyright © Woodrow Lucas | Year Posted 2010

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Captain Harvey The King of School

Captain Harvey the King of School

Captain Harvey still goes to school
He doesn’t like it, but he is no fool
He goes each and every day
Because he knows he will learn that way.

What the teachers don’t seem to know
That Captain Harvey needn’t go
Because Captain Harvey is the King of School
He just uses it as a necessary tool	
He knows that sometimes it’s not really cool 
If others think you are a fool

He doesn’t wear his underpants on the top of his clothes
Nobody can see them there so everybody knows
Like other Captains he’s read about who wear them on the top
He wears them where they should be when he bought them from the shop. 

Captain Harvey runs real fast
None can catch him, he is a blast
He pretends to fail some of the time 
But everyone knows that’s not a crime
Harvey the Captain, the King of school
Has a little brother and he’s kind not cruel
Captain Harvey is paving the way 
For when brother Max starts school one day

Captain Harvey and his brother
They will be a good strong team
The King will have a partner; they will be the real cream
The boy Max will need a title that won’t make the others wince
It will be Harvey the King of School and introducing his little prince.

Written for my G nephews Harvey and  Max to encourage Harvey who hates school .

Copyright © Mandy Tams The Golden Girl | Year Posted 2012

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Going Through Photographs of Yesteryear

Going through photographs of yesteryear,
makes me wonder what made you a murderer?
To the brother, who you claimed to be brother from another mother.

Going through photographs of yesteryear,
reminds me of the growing years when we (me & father) were your nurturers.
We told you to be her protector to your sister,
Not a murderer but a shoulder to her tears.

Have you not seen the color of your sister’s face when the brother of yours
and lover of hers arrived at our place everytime?
Have you not been prouder when she spoke of your bromance 
endearingly in front of the so called mediocre crowd?

Going through photographs of yesteryear,
makes me wonder why we told you to be a protector to your sister,
not a murderer but a shoulder to her tears.
Why had I told her that after me and father, brother will take care of her?
Why had I not taught her to be independent than make her bend
in front of the brother who at the end shall listen to the society?
Going through photographs of yesteryear…..

Copyright © Rashmi Deshpande | Year Posted 2017

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You are so dear 11

Calm, comforting, cool as a hairy mountain 
prominent for all to see
A mysterious mix of character, simplicity 
and yet complex is he
Easy going brillance not forced as its 
enhanced smoothly as can be
Friendly to the old and young a beacon so 
Surprising in his manner especially in jokes 
Comforting a presence an artist so 
A force sorrow, sadness and sillyness 
Even in name likened to honey
Friend and brother Oyin

Copyright © Oluwatomisin Oyegoke | Year Posted 2012

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The Good Times

love spirals passionately,
soars across sky's of assure,
warm summer nights,
cool breeze and excitement electric,
red wine by candle light,
good conversation
and an affectionate Labrador,

birds chirp,
the sun goes down,
conversation slows adhering to natures pace,
environment and company become one,
one beautiful sunset,
finally I am home,

in conversation enraptured,
filled with belonging and self worth,
filled with brotherly love,
no greater feeling, 
than to feel both love for others 
and feel loved back in turn,
loose shirt bellows,
we soar high on conversation and adoring looks,
without anxiety or doubt.

My beautiful, gorgeous tribe,
my home,
my family,
my love.

Copyright © Oliver Gould | Year Posted 2015

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The Emptiness Inside

Gone he is, this brother of mine 

    Left is an empty hole

  Visions remain of his misery

 As death came to claim his soul

 Weak and frail was this hand I held

    And his breath dark as night

 I knew too well the end was coming

    But, could not leave the sight

    Stay I did , and watch the last

       Breath, echo the end

  The visions remain and torment me

   The loss of my brother, my friend

  There’s an empty space inside of me

    That ‘s hollow and can’t be filled
   A vacancy that no-one can see

       A  part of me was killed

  Dear, dear brother I miss you so

    You are always on my mind

 People will come and people will go

But,  you my dear were one of a Kind !

Copyright © Martha Reeves | Year Posted 2008

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I'm Just A Brother

I am Willy, and I am a brother of all,
With Love for all and malice to none;
The high and low, who rise or fall.
I'm just a brother, and I am done.

Be a white, or were born black,
(And I am a native of that dark hue)
I believe we all can think and work,
With many a like and differences few. 

You are Muslim and I am Christian,
Between our beings stands no fence;
We together can live in peace and earn,
For I am a brother now, and hence and hence.

I am Kenyan born, I am Kenyan man,
And wish to tour abroad some day;
For I am a brother of all, and too a fan,
Borders across and oceans away.

North and South, East and west,
I am a brother of all, wheresoever under sun;
And the world is home my best,
A planet that stands as one.

So I will work with seekers of peace,
Who humanity's cause of dignity further;
And by rule bring the bad to justice,
Because I'm just a brother.

Like I am to you may you be so to me,
By common-sense we live, by no faiths silly,
Understand our being and yearn to be free,
For brothers we are; and again, I am Willy.

Copyright © Willy Munyoki | Year Posted 2012

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54th birthday 4 Shari Todd Harris

from birth until this moment with your family as supporting team
the journey within your space/ time continuum stream
found trials and tribulations comprising the spool o yar existential ream

some incidents assessed in retrospect might now appear
as particularly significant undertakings – getting you grounded with clear
insight into what future dreams may become manifest with yar dear
beloved husband – I aver to when ye will endure empty nest fair
lee soon, whereby yar life will constitute andy and his anatomical gear

whose cupidity, fidelity, integrity, levity, opportunity, runneth tranquil
tiding up for gatherings or packing with his efficient globe trotting skill
bubbling with energy, harmony, synergy through his  confluence he rill
lee doth possess – in my humble opinion, though less to take quill

to paper, him this brother in law applauds how he accepted any bitter pill
i.e. figuratively when the fickle finger of fate seemed to obscenely mill
a tate a contrary outcome than he desire, a fighting esprit de corps did fill
his entire being – putting forces of destruction re: no longer threat of evil

which waywardness with this poetic intent to type a birthday cheer
sans thy lovely sister activated thoughts pertaining to positive people dear
as senescence shuttles thine youngest harris heiress who everywhere
she goes affects a blessedly diplomatic, friendly holistic imprimatur
and thus tis probably apropos to attempt to communicate with mere

crude symbols i.e. the 26 letters of the alphabet to formulate the near
wrist approximating her significance in me xy z lived life  a prayer
and many a broken wing, but tis necessary 4 me 2 expunge – though rear
the positive presence (most often invisible) whence shari did tear
out from the birth canal even at that early infantile stage did wear

autonomy to evince can do spirit whereby she irresistibly insinuated an air
that inexplicably captivated family, friends, romans….with no blare
ring burst, but she exhibited a magnetic trait – I now heartily cheer
cuz many stepping stones to mine current ah fair
rooted tuber remembered per the unsolicited advice aye did hear
when oft times shuttered in this man cave, hell lair
re: us lee chuckling at online jokes, which laugh tier
medicine for this bot deed father, a pro motor still sputtering each year.

Copyright © matthew harris | Year Posted 2015

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Little Siblings

Ah how I love being the eldest of the bunch at home.
The power I bestow upon the ones much littler than I.
Oh how I can manipulate the ones that were unlucky to be born after me.
I never have to get up off the couch.
Food is brought to me on a silver platter.
Always in charge when the parents of our household are out.
I hardly ever have to lift a finger.
Too bad I have an older sister (in college).

Copyright © Dante Asci | Year Posted 2017

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77 words for Gift

When the world will set off yet again
  To live life on the same planet
  In the equivalent field of magnet
Running the same race all over again

To part where I'd say"give me your bag". 
         Bonding of brotherhood
         The nous of livelihood
Like birds in the sky _ like confidence in our bag

let the weather weather us _ apparently
         Standing tall for both
         Watching out for both
Where the moon is silent _ apparently

Copyright © Emenaha Godwin Holiday | Year Posted 2015

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You are so dear 1

A prominent feature since I could 
retain events in my memory
Protector even when the danger is 
from my own family 
Bringing forth balance enhancing life, 
wild imagination
Teacher to me and others to influence 
the nation
Brilliance in every form I wonder how 
to come by it too
Often a sniffle or a sneeze the stress 
of it all being you, a flu
Fun no doubt, unexpected humour 
The ladies falling for all your splendor
I see you alot in my future
Because since possible you are not 
just a friend
Also in everyway a brother
For you in truth Omoloro.

Copyright © Oluwatomisin Oyegoke | Year Posted 2012

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Ode to BBC Sherlock

Sherlock is at home bored.				
Quick  John, hide the gun or he’ll shoot the wall		
’cause if you don’t….the wall’s got it coming.			

I am Sherlock-Bloody-Holmes
And I am sometimes bored.
I only take on exciting cases
In the fridge experiments are stored.
My big brother Mycroft
I sometimes call “the queen”
Is the British Government
And hardly ever seen

I had to fake my death
To save all I know
I present myself to Watson
The whole restaurant got a show
He ends up punching me three times
Which wasn’t fun
Uh-oh, Moriarty’s here
Bloody heck! I’ve got no gun

My parents are ordinary
It’s a cross I have to bear
When Watson drops his jaw
I give him a good glare
Sometimes I don’t talk for hours on end
People don’t like me 
that’s ok, I’ve one good friend
I also play the violin
and Dr. Watson's my best friend!

Copyright © Margaret Bonnette | Year Posted 2014

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We were linked to each other for nine month's feat
With a wiry nerve in womb of our struggling mother.
We shared each breath together and each heartbeat.
You cared for me more than just an earthly brother.

You let me take all nourishments, denying yourself
And your such kindness made you so weak, weak.
Perceiving my existence you offered me your help.
The existence that strived hard being deathly sick.

Brother! We were born together in this misty earth
But you were too,too weak to adapt and to survive.
Weakening yourself, you made me strong by birth.
Dying, you left this earthly pyre in day number Five.

But you have not died my martyr brother, my twin
For every atom in my blood, breath resembles you.
Once I lived with you, for you and now you live in
My whole being and my dual existence ever-new.

(In memory of my twin brother who died on his infancy of 5th day)

Copyright © Osman Gani | Year Posted 2011

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There Is No Light

There is no light that shines as bright
as my autistic brother’s smile-
makes the hard times seem worthwhile,
makes our crazy world seem right.

There is no touch that means as much
as my dear baby brother’s cuddle-
everything’s less of a muddle,
everything’s in that tight clutch.

There is no word that’s better heard
than one from my little brother’s lips,
when he makes sense among the blips,
when we make sense of the absurd.

There is no day that seems okay
without a laugh from my kid brother-
I’d take him over another,
I’d take him though he’s this way.

That’s all I’ve got to say.

Copyright © Jenny Smith | Year Posted 2011

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My Big Brother

I saw you once,
Too long ago
A grin so wide spread across your face.
Your eyes shone bright,
And gave you light,
Giving life a sweeter taste.

You held me once,
You came so close,
You took me in your arms and then.
You promised me,
An endless care,
My family as well as friend.

I felt you once,
Flow through my veins,
I felt our hearts beat as one in time.
I walked with you,
I held your hand,
Comparing your footsteps with mine.

You lead me once,
You helped me through,
Discomfort and uncertainty,
We smiled as one,
And moved as one,
And graced each other's company.

We quarreled once,
I hardly know,
When it came reality,
But don't you know,
We both let go,
Our friendship met fatality.

I lose you once,
We stretched and strained,
Attempting to clasp hands again
We broke the bond,
Untied the knot
And then our efforts had to end.

We dissolved once,
Melting quickly,
Into disappointment we,
Fought and struggled
To revive it
But it will never really be.

You loved me once,
Bid it farewell,
Though there will never be another.
I'll dry my eyes
And smile for you.
I'll love you always; My big brother.

Copyright © Krystal Turton | Year Posted 2008

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Ode to Anine

The angels smiled the day you were born ,
To your mother Janne and your father Shawn.
Everyone's dreams came true
And that Anine was because of you.

On the 23rd. of October you entered the world,
A momentous ocassion more priceless than gold.
Your ruby red cheeks , that cute little mouth,
That is really what life is about.

Those almond shaped eyes that cute button nose,
A combination of both parents I suppose.
You're truly a treasure and mummy's pearl
You're also daddy's adorable baby girl.
Big brother Henrik will protect you from harm
When he holds you tenderly in his arms.

Two loving hearts coming together
You really are birds of a feather.
You are the proof that true love reigns supreme,
By the timely arrival of this tiny human being.

Copyright © Althea Pierre Lee Look | Year Posted 2007

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Hannah Rain

Lowering him down upon his curved back,
On silky blue sheets, all pleated and tacked,
A pillow they stuffed beneath his cold head,
And combed his gray hair, that once was bright red.

Then buttoning his tweed, colored dark blue,
They crossed his thin arms and tied his black shoe.
His leg they stretched out, his eyes they sealed shut.
He’s thin as a pole, where once bulged his gut.

Completing his pose, they closed the lid tight,
Thus shutting him into perpetual night.
While sealing him in, they shook and they sighed;
Tears for their buddy could never run dry.

And grasping the rails, six men then lifted,
Heaving and hefting, as their feet shifted,
Tucking a shoulder 'neath a sharp edge,
The men now a square bore their friend’s bed.

Then slowly they marched, to breach in the earth,
And lowering him in, respected his worth.
Standing they pondered their suffering in war;
He’d been dismembered, and never restored.

The lemon trees close by, dropped sun colored tears,
Reminding the men how bitter the years
Would be without him, whose one legged jokes
Provoked them to laugh, but irked the grim folks.

Shoveling his bed o’er, with grayish brown dirt,
Despite clunks and thuds, not one of them shirked.
‘Cause each man did know, deep down in his heart,
Their brother did sleep, did briefly depart.

They knew they'd see him, once Christ opens the sky,
When graves open up, and they will arise;
For hearing God’s voice, His heavenly call,
They’ll bolt awake and meet Him one, all.#

Copyright © Hannah Rain | Year Posted 2017

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Ode to Thy Brother

Sitting near will o' the wisp, I stare through you.
When day breaks, the fog rises above the dew.

I do wonder about you. You were my brother.
It was your birthday the other day and I wondered
How you were in heaven. Oh heaven, you are here
With me always. Always you caress my thoughts.

I bought a new hat and wondered how you'd like it.
Caps on our heads, racing down slopes on sleds.

It's said, life goes on forever and forever it's
You in my sometimes lonely life. I'm grown now,
A family of my own. Once you were my only family.

Copyright © June Ellen Smith | Year Posted 2010

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An Ode to the Banterers of Scotland

A land where chilly hills wallow over their boundaries,
Creating an essence of warmth and amity. 
A land with toothsome pies and and leaf encrusted foundries. 
Resembling the image of a foreign filled fantasy. 

A land full of happiness and love
For all who come
With shining crossed heavens above
Till the day is done. 

An island with such admiration and lure, 
Must have had a similar past
But What if I told you, that the historic stories are so very poor,
That for many years, a clouded gloom was forever cast. 

Hills as bare as a bony shattered back
Fragments of ebullient mud and moist
Still Beaten by dear talents they lack
Yet their opinions are forever voiced. 

We trotted the damp and dirty shores
With English shackles on our hearts.
Despair and whiskey pervading our pores. 
Division and woe, but never truly apart. 

Decades later and through the brim,
We see a chance we cannot deny.
"Take to the polls", but the outcome still seems grim,
The stakes and divisions have never been so high. 

"You won't survive, you're weak, you can't" 
"I am strong enough I can!" - 
- I shan't!

The Scottish people have spoken

Screams, and shouts from old Big Ben,
"Scotland dearest, we still own ya!" 
May she not make the same mistake again
For we must all protect and cherish our Caledonia

Copyright © Jessica Amerley Larsen | Year Posted 2017