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Twenty years have passed by since you left this world
For the world you are officially gone
For me you are always around
The greatest teacher ,my biggest strength
My most wonderful grandfather.

I feel the protection and guidance of your's around
I remember and cherish those beautiful days together
I have learnt all the wonderful things that you've taught
I do feel you look down on me with all your love.

You never let me be away from you every single day
Sharing the  cup of tea together
Sharing the stories of your time with zest and passion 
Every morning watching over the mighty  kanchenjunga from our window
To Humming our favourite song together.

I miss you dearly my adorable Grandfather
You gave me so many wonderful memories for life
I remember your eyes always looking out for me whenever i wasn't around
Caressing me with  all your love  and blessings
I  miss those beautiful memories spent together

Today is the day i remember
You left me without a proper goodbye
The same morning making me swear i remain happy and strong forever
Showering me with all the love you could 
I am so fortunate my childhood was amazing journey with you.

Deep inside me i know you are in better  place above
I  love and miss you with all my heart
I wish i could see and have you here
In my heart you are always there
May your soul rest in peace
My Darling grandfather

Copyright © bandana basnett | Year Posted 2016

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Remembering Belle

She was a devoted ole gal always at her best
so many days I cried hanging off her chest     
down to the lake in the hot summertime
we would cool her off and swing on a vine

Every morning at five am here came Belle, now my friend
and again at six pm there Belle was ready to work again
years passed and Belle became a part of our family
we worked, we played, and we milked twice a day

Half my life she was one of my dear friends
I greeted her in summer with warm sun burnt skin
and in winter I spent my time warming them
when Belle died I can't say things were ever the same again

Belle had become more than a cow in a pen, who gave us milk
she became a babysitter, a circus act, part of the swim team, for the neighborhood
but most of all Belle had become a lonely teen's dear friend

Copyright © Danielle Wise Baxter | Year Posted 2012

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I Scream for Ice Cream

Robin Thicke's bedroom voice reminds me of you
And I realize there were good times
When you spoke to me in low tones
Deep low tones
And I must admit 
that every time
I hear Robin Thicke...
I smile and get tingly all over

You were a good lover.

People tell me that I don't know
because I have only had one
taste of freedom

But do I have to drink castor oil to know that ice cream sundaes
are good under the sun on Florida Sundays?
Do I have to wake up mourning
to know that I have a reason to be thankful in the morning?
Do I have to have a piece of pain
to know that I feel good when I am at peace.

Maybe their problem is that it took them twenty men 
to arrive there
and I only needed once.

Thank you for that moment
that has satisfied me for a life time.

Copyright © Tyshawn Knight | Year Posted 2015

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A LIVING LEGACY: The Berean Baptist Church 157th Anniversary

the land was valued at $240, where they built "the little church on the hill"
established by a group of abolitionists and free blacks for they knew that was God's will
they named it Berean Baptist and its congregation was integrated
but after only a short time the membership separated
the church continued to prosper for the members were godly inspired
they would not let anything keep them down not even those two fires
the congregation would continue to rebuild for their faith could not be pricked
they got smart and moved  two blocks over and erect a church made out of bricks
it was a little chapel yet membership would continue on the up swing
the church needed more room, so they then added on two wings
from  Dr. Brown to Drs. Matthews, Eldridge and the Rev. Dr. James
anointed men of God who helped Berean establish a good name
from Rev. Roman  and now  Dr. Griffith with their powerful evangelistic ministries
and after 157 years  Berean is a great church with a lasting and living legacy
and with the Lord's continued blessings, His mercy and His grace
The Historic Berean Baptist Church will always be the place
where anyone and everyone can come to get godly inspiration
for Berean is the church that will set on the path to salvation

Copyright © louise nelson | Year Posted 2007

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Time is a great cure 
For what I'm not sure
Time is only for this minute
If you live another a cure is in it!

Life is time and living it is the cure
Working is the blood of being secure
Money, money, money needs no friend around
Good health is times only sound!

So,  P.S. My friends have the Time of your life!

The Silver Scribe

Copyright © R.Barry Love | Year Posted 2015

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Will A Divided House Stand In any Land

@one must have lived
on both' sides of
justice to be fully

There are so many
There are oh! So
many plans'
But, in this day of
Can it really
Their are those who
live in the shadow
There are those who
are on top!
Many have faith in
the interest of
I say some-times' it
is merely just a
   ----- Now think
about that ----
Do you live in a
state of justice
Or in a state of
Where your strife is
And pales' beyond
Can you go out at
   ? ...night!
With-out subscribing
of your plight
Hence:  the fear of
going out at night
This reflects' the
type of judgement
That which you

A issue shrouded
in black and white
A deadly combination
of the many social
wrongs' or
         Where the
truth comes' to the
As a human body lay
riddled in the heat
and stench
of the night....
If you are stopped
in a store to-day
Do you expect to
make it home?
Are you subjected
to the night?
Where justice is
swift a constant
     - Only...
To end up at the
business end of

To the end of
contrary to
your life.... 

 Only to be pondered
upon as a
creature in that
laboratory of
Where you your-self
have just payed
The supreme price
from a flash of
That threatens' to
end your life...
Where some-one else
in his unique 
......since of
justice amend to
take your life
(Some-call it a snap
decision only... it
such a snap to take
another life) later
to be call a mishap
in the name of
protecting life
I still say' maybe
we are
acting on a little
bad advice
justifiable murder
In the name of our
Needless too say,
Is this the best

Who's constitution
dare I choose?

Your life
filled full of
With a truth slowly
only God knows'
just exactly
What has just
     .... And the
reason why so many
should die....
Who's brand of
justice would you
survive...  In that
vain' instance
Just to stay
 which do you
care.... to defend?

Would it be
attributed to the
feat of justice 
Or will it be just

Or to the
determination of the
life of just another
Young innocent
man..... Or that
breath of justice
From which he did
truly depend...

To abide and to
trust in....

The accomplishment
of man... Awh! Yes,

The truth depends'
on the end of the
That which is in
your hand..... With
the meter
of justice that we
willing to

That brand of
justice that which
you may call upon
for the sake of your
fellow man!

Gary Fields
Censored in Contrast

Copyright © Gary Fields | Year Posted 2014

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Give A Little Obama Love


Note: Giving good orderly direction.... " Give A little Obama Love "

To-day is a New Day
Time  for people to Pray
If their were No Unity
Where would we be to-day?
Why is it..
That all of 'GOD' People
       Are so...!
War Torn Today..
With nothing going on
With nothing to speak of..
So little to say!
So, looking back on Reflection
In a more Democratic Way
Let's give the Future back
     To the Children
             - And - 
Let Jesus lead the way
So, Why not give them Love
Show them another way
Remember that Obama Care
Is a Health Care which is
           Oh! so very rare..
It could really save the Day?
Do you know a better way?
It is meant for people with
         No Insurance... 
Not for those...
Who just don't care!
For it is just an annoyance
Who really need Insurance?
So, if you have Insurance
And that is all that really
       Matter to you...
Remember that their are
Men, Women and Children
Who needs' a plan too...?
For the Obama Plan is high
           In Demand
And Gods' People are too...


Note: Remember that if you need a Health Plan
          then we need one too... 

Copyright © Gary Fields | Year Posted 2012

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From A WomanTo My Man

I have myself, the simple zinnia on your vase
I asked for nothing, but you gave me sunshine
The smile, the hug, the cuddle, the warmth
I am happy to the little things I have
You give me light to complete my being
I am truly deeply thankful for your unconditional love
You are my life the life of life
You are the dream I dreamt and dreaming
To love, to cherish, to treasure
Until I know how to give up all, even my life

© Caroline Nazareno a.k.a. Ceri Naz 2015

Copyright © Ceri Naz | Year Posted 2015

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Trap In A Choice -

You have stained stars in your eyes tonight,
a gold glitter asunder as vast as any Past
stuck fast on this moon light sight,
give me softly the sultry sigh of a woman's strong age,
I am not passing the page until the dire of dawn ushers me to the cage,
twinkles and sprinkles make for the tingles between you & I my Lady,
sparkles finite glow warm,
a silent swarm in thick air for our remote melody,
starvations lead to ovations from humbled hearts
searching blind for succulent cures
for a mad malady,
a kiss, calm as crystal and firm
like a promise pronounced proud
by a dreamy lover drives me happy,
My love, where are your  f---ing fangs & whispy wings,
clever you are,like fire on ice,
playing nice but in disguise
choosing random nights,
a fickle nightingale setting sail to numerous posts and ports,
swift as thunder with brief endearings,
vanishing like a whisk whisper
and laughing lovingly,sparingly spry,
the companionship provided is priceless
with a somber cost,
a Providential promiscuity true & dry,
your absence and unpredictability 
feeling cold as Aphrodite's icon
rough & rocky,
would Venus die, cry, or lie 
if asked ardently why
She consumes the blood of my heart,
pitfalls for passions, enticements for indictments of innocence,
woman this carnival shocks me silly,
never the less, the beauty of you is boundless,
consequence forever in a lingering fragrence,
like a confused comet
I volunteered my vitality for your invitation
to a sheltered rampart,
deny me what you will, charge me as much you can,
for I am enthralled
by this romance and Virtuoso's dance -

J.A.B.  2003

Copyright © Justin Bordner | Year Posted 2012

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An Under Shepherd: Tribute to Pastor Arlee Griffin Jr.

Pastor, you're an under shepherd who has been entrusted to do God's work
you're never overbearing nor quick tempered nor do you have any quirks
you hold firmly to the trustworthy message that the Son of Man did convey
you're a spirit-filled righteous man, a disciple and teacher of God's ways

you teach and preach the sound doctrine that is the Holy Lord's 
you're temperate and respectful with a Christ-like love for all in accord
you're self-assured and humble and your sermons are from the heart
you've given us insightful examples of how to live spiritually smart

you've told us it might be our attitudes and we probably need a makeover
you've been to us a living example in how to let God take over
you're an under shepherd, one of the Lord's earthly rep
you're an under shepherd, a follower in His Son's steps
you're an under shepherd, an agent of the living Christ
you're our under shepherd, Pastor Griffin 
and we are blessed to have you in our lives

Copyright © louise nelson | Year Posted 2007

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My Memories of JFK

John Jack Kennedy
was as brilliant as could be
A studied Harvard graduate
A navy hero of the sea

He was from Massachusetts
A lover of the dunes
and used to walk beside them
on summer afternoons

He was a much loved President
His spoken word was magic
I never did understand why
his ending was so tragic

I can remember him so clear
but time flies quickly by
I remember Jackie's pill box hat
John-John and Caroline

It is a shame that violence
brought his colorful life to end
the Kennedys' profiles in courage
were an absolute Godsend

There is so much happiness
around JFK's short term
His fun sense of humor
A smart, well read bookworm

We all will never forget him
Those of us who loved him so
The articulate, animated speeches
The radiant look he'd always showr

Copyright © Jeanne Fiedler | Year Posted 2014

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21st Pastoral Celebration

on Tuesday May 18th Mount Lebanon's Rev. Shaun Lee read from the book of Psalms
and then inquired of us "Who Do You Think Needs God?"

on Wednesday May 19th the Rev. Dr. Green of Universal talked about "The Love Of God"
which he referred to from the books of Luke and John

on Thursday May 20th Rev. Stanislaus of the church of St. John did convey
about "What Are The Odds?" when the Lord God leads your way

on Tuesday June 1st Rev. Miller of Brown Memorial used the book of Genesis
to tell us about "A Victory For A Visionist"

on Wednesday June 2nd with a word from 1st Peter New Jerusalem's Rev. Dr. Rice
told us how to paint "A Portrait Of A Pastor" whom for the Lord gives his life

on Thursday June 3rd we celebrated and honored our 1st Lady Mrs. Angela Farr-Griffin
and between our Youth and Christ's Fellowship's Rev. Dr. Kelly 
we now know how to "Deal With Unanswered Prayers" in our daily living

It's been six nights of praise and worship and all the Choirs were on point
celebrating and honoring the Pastor and his wife whom the Lord God did anoint

on Sunday June 6th we concluded the celebration 
and Pastor Griffin himself gave the Proclaimation

to the Rev. Dr. Arlee Griffin and Dr. Angela Farr-Griffin his devoted wife
we love you, we thank you, we appreciate you both for being faithful servant of Christ

Copyright © louise nelson | Year Posted 2010

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54th birthday 4 Shari Todd Harris

from birth until this moment with your family as supporting team
the journey within your space/ time continuum stream
found trials and tribulations comprising the spool o yar existential ream

some incidents assessed in retrospect might now appear
as particularly significant undertakings – getting you grounded with clear
insight into what future dreams may become manifest with yar dear
beloved husband – I aver to when ye will endure empty nest fair
lee soon, whereby yar life will constitute andy and his anatomical gear

whose cupidity, fidelity, integrity, levity, opportunity, runneth tranquil
tiding up for gatherings or packing with his efficient globe trotting skill
bubbling with energy, harmony, synergy through his  confluence he rill
lee doth possess – in my humble opinion, though less to take quill

to paper, him this brother in law applauds how he accepted any bitter pill
i.e. figuratively when the fickle finger of fate seemed to obscenely mill
a tate a contrary outcome than he desire, a fighting esprit de corps did fill
his entire being – putting forces of destruction re: no longer threat of evil

which waywardness with this poetic intent to type a birthday cheer
sans thy lovely sister activated thoughts pertaining to positive people dear
as senescence shuttles thine youngest harris heiress who everywhere
she goes affects a blessedly diplomatic, friendly holistic imprimatur
and thus tis probably apropos to attempt to communicate with mere

crude symbols i.e. the 26 letters of the alphabet to formulate the near
wrist approximating her significance in me xy z lived life  a prayer
and many a broken wing, but tis necessary 4 me 2 expunge – though rear
the positive presence (most often invisible) whence shari did tear
out from the birth canal even at that early infantile stage did wear

autonomy to evince can do spirit whereby she irresistibly insinuated an air
that inexplicably captivated family, friends, romans….with no blare
ring burst, but she exhibited a magnetic trait – I now heartily cheer
cuz many stepping stones to mine current ah fair
rooted tuber remembered per the unsolicited advice aye did hear
when oft times shuttered in this man cave, hell lair
re: us lee chuckling at online jokes, which laugh tier
medicine for this bot deed father, a pro motor still sputtering each year.

Copyright © matthew harris | Year Posted 2015

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Ode To Sony

Eighteen years of sorrow and abandonment.
Eighteen years of drowning in my own tears and the pity of the pathetic bystanders.
Eighteen years, and it finally comes to me in a sweet epiphany:
MY life starts here.
And what a better way to begin a life than to share it with another?
With a woman no words can describe, no matter how beautiful and exotic
(it would be an insult to say I could,
 for she is anything but definable).
I have an eternity to look forward to with this woman who I pale,
in comparison.
The woman with the dazzling eyes and perfect smile.
I can forget about regression
and progress to achieve everything I never believed existed in the world.
At least, 
not anymore.
I hear in her voice the sincerity I have craved my entire life.
It's a wondrous thing when you can admit,
that you can literally hear love bubbling up inside the crevices of someone's soul.
She has opened my eyes and ears,
spirit and heart,
when I needed a rescuing no one but her could have offered
with words unrelatable to a past that's eaten holes into my heart.

And she calls herself lucky...

Copyright © Miranda Bell | Year Posted 2009

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I have got to write,lines of poesy that sing.
I have got to write,because I owe you this:
I have got to write,because I just cannot:
Even if I wanted to,I would not stop:
I have to write, because I cannot stop:
I have got to write, simply because,
I want to...

Copyright © Messoh Vincent | Year Posted 2016

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the buzzards are probably circling but with you God's not done

it's another year and you've gotten a little older
and your faith in the Lord God has gotten a little bolder
you might have a little bit more of a middle age spread
you might even have a few more gray hairs on your head
but don't sweat the small stuff Pastor it's going to be okay
for you have made it through to another birthday
the buzzards are probably circling but with you God's not done
just stay in the game of life until the victory has been won

you've preached from many a pulpit for over 30 years
you've always say that God is real and in your heart you hold Him dear
you've given us the word and have moved us in a good way
and that's why we're gathered here in love to celebrate your birthday
yet the buzzards are probably circling but with you God's not done
so here's to you Pastor Griffin on your fifty-first one

you raised two good daughters, one's in college and the other is about to wed
you might feel like you're losing a child but you're gaining a son-in-law instead
you've been married to a beautiful woman of God for more than half your life
and for that accomplishment alone you should give all the glory to the Lord Christ
yet those buzzards are probably circling Pastor but with you God's not done
and may you continue to preach the gospel of God for another fifty-one

Copyright © louise nelson | Year Posted 2008

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My Husband Twenty-five Years 8th edition

He pushes me towards my goals,
He encourages me to chase my dreams,
He champions my poetry,
He makes me laugh, 'til I burst my seams.
He builds me up,
He picks me up when I fall,
He teaches me to appreciate life,
He make mes feel ten feet tall.
He tells me I can be, all I want to be,
He gives me so much hope,
He stands by my side,
He helps me when I can't cope.
He makes fun of me,
He puts up with my aches and pains,
He listens to my troubles,
He laughs when I'm being insane.
He makes me feel proud,
He brews an awesome cup of tea,
He lets me warm my feet on him,
He is the only man for me.

Copyright © Kay Roberts | Year Posted 2016

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Twenty Five Years 1st edition

He's shared my hopes and dreams with me,
He's shown me they can come true,
He's taught me how to have faith in myself,
In everything I do.
He's stood by me through hardships,
He's wiped away my tears,
He's held my hand and been my rock,
I've stood by him through many years.
He's been there for me and our boys,
He's nursed me back to health,
He's bought me many MacDonalds breakfasts,
I don't need immense wealth.
He's given me so much happiness,
He's shown me a love that's true,
He's provided and cared for me,
I will always love him too.

Copyright © Kay Roberts | Year Posted 2016

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Twenty Five Years 2nd edition

He's seen me at my worst,
He's seen me at my best,
He's grinned and beared it,
When I've put him to the test.
He's mopped my brow,
He's held me over the loo,
He's cleaned up after me,
That's just what he's supposed to do.
He's told me when I'm wrong,
He's put me in my place,
He's only done it when I deserved it,
Especially if I screamed in his face.
He's made me laugh out loud,
He's seen drinks come down my nose,
He's made me feel beautiful,
From my head down to my toes.
He's shown me what love is,
He's been patient and strong,
He's given me a place to be,
That's right where I belong.

Copyright © Kay Roberts | Year Posted 2016

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Twenty Five Years 7th edition

As I saw you standing at the altar,
In your morning suit,
You looked so nervous,
It really was quite cute.
As I approached your side,
On the arm of my Dad,
You mouthed, "you look beautiful",
You made my heart feel glad.
As we said our vows,
You fluffed your words a bit,
When we exchanged our wedding rings,
Yours didn't quite fit.
As we had our photos done,
Once the photographer arrived,
I was so emotionally happy,
Oh my! I could have cried.
As we celebrated with family and friends,
My heart sure did sing,
Twenty Five years on from then,
I still wear your wedding ring.

Copyright © Kay Roberts | Year Posted 2016

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Ode to Audrey

Glamorous, fun and full of life
Always an interesting and loyal wife
Around the village she is known
For living life in her own particular tone

For her family she does prepare
Many a feast beyond compare
For the animals so oft alone
She has given much love, shelter and even her home

Come Christmas time the house is all a glitter
As Audrey runs around doing the annual jitter
Smiling from within is this special being
Generous, giving and all seeing
Her energy would seem to overflow
Never one to leave others low
This is my grandmother The Great Grandy
Whose life runs circles around those less than 80!

To my life you have brought
Something which can never be taught
You gave yourself, you made me smile
As I saw you go the extra mile
Within my thoughts I hold you dear
And in that way you are always near
I close my eyes and picture your face
And know that time cannot displace
The essence of the inner you
That in my life now follows through

Thank you for always being such a dear
Your effect on my life is more than clear

Copyright © Catherine Bull | Year Posted 2005

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An Ode to 911

Each Twin Tower encased in steel bower
Billowing masts did to horizon crest, as the fibrous 
Wrought to withstand the shearing winds and the 
mightiest shower
A symbol of America's limitless capital and economic 
Perched on the precipice of greatness until 911's 
sentient hour
In a prescient moment, steel caissons did the steel 
girders scour
Mighty sentinels of the skyline succumbed to a roaring 
In the dust-swept corridors, the shell-shocked 
remnants did cower
Anon, as residual to the surface imploded; exploded a 
national fervor
As free enterprises' symbols crumbled in New York's 
A wave of national pride rumbling across the fruited 
plains did succor
With steeled nerves and stealthy acumen did lab our
Our tarnished symbols of freedom to defend with 
unblemished might, valor
In faraway lands, in shielded hovels, bastions; tracked 
enemy with vigor
With soaring wings and pounding hooves, girded with 
invincible armor
Did fleece the brigand cowards restoring the nation's 

Copyright © Stephen Parker | Year Posted 2012

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The Beginning - Chronicles of a Lifetime

You look like a poem,
Your eyes are metaphors,
Speaking of the eternity,
A lifetime I envision when I fall into them...

Your voice, 
Like that edible scent of freshly baked soil when it begins to rain,
Lingers softly,
Like stanzas of a life I couldn't help but want to be a part of...

With passion,
I conceived, 
Birthed and delivered this words,
Because I want you to know that I'll let parts of me bleed for you...

And when the suns set and moons rise,
I will be your sky,
A constant,
The backdrop of your existence...

When the waters roar,
Making it impossible to exist on solid ground,
I will sacrifice my spine, 
To build bridges of stability...

Upon me you can look,
For light,
For love,

Copyright © Snalo Mbombo | Year Posted 2017

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Two eyes that shines so bright
Two lips that kiss goodnight
Two arms that holds me tight
That adonis of mine

No one could ever know how much
your coming has meant
Because i love you so
you are something heaven sent 

You are the world to me
You climb upon my knees
To me, you will always be
That adonis of mine

Copyright © ESMERALDA TALBOT | Year Posted 2017

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Ode to a Brother's Wedding

The white clouds 

stand as mountains

bright in the sun,

they drift,

and wait
for an answer.

A hand was offered

and taken

in the chaos of nature,

that which stands
as the madrone
in the mist,

or thrives in fungal

bliss beneath sodden

leaves and that

which burns a hellish
swath through all
that grows and breathes.

We've known
the human comedy,

what flimsy structures

grew with a driven nail,

what rabbit trails

vanished in the dusty
voids of betrayal.
The clouds drift
slowly in stately peace,

the gates of heaven,

where all is truth,

the river flows,

a constant monument,

a soft roar,

rapids to eddy.

We see the majesty

of all things.

Hand in hand,

we say,

we're ready. 

Copyright © Peter Kautsky | Year Posted 2017

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For another day

Regreting over the past 
when the black ink 
will never wipe out

Be happy here where we are
in this circle of onest lies

When we will look forward to tomorrow 

Live without illusions
that will be better  for others           roofless

Maybe is all faulth 
of the time which 
only our  fire can save

Copyright © Jakov Asl | Year Posted 2017

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Tempus Fugit - Part two

   speaking severe nasal sounds, 
   when exhalation boyhood memory draws
obvious twang – another ace in the hole for bullies – 
   gnashing identityguard where gauze
superfluous, and those hurtful ingrates lobbed words, 

   when they may as well swang fists at me upper and lower jaws,
though decades in the past, the imprimatur indeibly etched, 
   yet stinging rebukes from maws
and faux paws trigger remembrance of things past 
   (analogous to Post Traumatic Stress Disorder -

in my case countless acromonious, denigrating, execrable names
contributed to Schizoid Personality Disorder – 
though predisposition for sundry mental illness 
most likely incsribed within mom and pop sic cull genes), 
now greater  enlightenment reacting/responding to stress 

comprehending my biology, chronology, ecology, geneaolgy 
(fyi – Amelie paid consultant at 23andme.com for blueprint 
denoting fabric housing jumbled, linkedin, nested past – 
results surprisingly showed 1% Neanderthal 
   comprise inherited) psychology, 
thus explaining insatiable hunger for bananas, 
and intermittant urge to swing from tree to tree,

whereby I willingly accept arboreal, corporeal, 
   generallly less than ideal traits
which pro active overtures arrest 
   (without a warrant), contest, assent everest
(albeit metaphorically) satisfactorily 
   extending virtual olive branch (pitted)
recognize immutable imposibility to confront 
   excrutciating bygone feelings, 
this endeavor, a quest to test mine kempf zone, and endure 

current flow of uneasiness (clammy 
   and sweaty hands fostered by andiety),
yet exorcizing mailer demons critical 
   to experience mindfullness, and requisite 
to fast tract expeditious deliverence, 
   whereat ye ought not be deprived 

   (on account of dentures) DIDST OFTEN BESPEAK!

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