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Faith Cat Poems | Faith Poems About Cat

These Faith Cat poems are examples of Faith poems about Cat. These are the best examples of Faith Cat poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Details | Rhyme |

Leap of Faith

Not long after The Beginning,
There were Animals and there was Man.
A great chasm lay between, that legend said
Only a Leap of Faith could span.
Animals seemed happy on their side;
For, after all, such a leap could not be done
“Make the best it,” they all said;
All, that is, but one.
There stood Dog, alone upon the brink,
The distant Man’s reflection shining in his eyes;
Something was robbing Dog of peace;
Something was urging him to try.
Compelled, he stood and stared,
Nothing could distract his gaze.
Now and then, Horse would come;
Each time, the same old words to say.
“I understand.  I really do.
I admit it.  I’ve thought about it too;
But it’s too far for me to jump,
It’s certainly too far for you”.
One day, as Horse spoke his words,
Cat rudely interrupted with a sneer.
“Go ahead and try.  You’ll break your silly neck.
You can’t go there.  Your place is here”.
More resolute now, his vigil became duty;
Still, he often wondered, “Why?”
But something deep inside kept saying,
“You must.  You must.  It’s do…or die”. 
Then, one day, he turned and walked away.
Oh, yes, he’d need a running start.
He knew now, he had the Will;
But only a Leap of Faith could prove his Heart.

Just before he made his Leap of Faith,
Dog saw the loneliness in Man’s eyes.
“He needs a friend, someone to help 
And always stand right by”.
With those unselfish thoughts,
Dog had reason, he felt whole.
And well he should, for at that very moment,
God granted Dog a Soul!
But Souls don’t come so easy,
And his leap was short that day.
If Dog was to make a Leap of Faith,
Man would have the final say.
Dog’s faith was truly tested, front paws upon the edge.
He hoped  Man’s eyes hadn’t lied. 
Then Man’s Heart swelled and touched his Soul.
He helped Dog up and placed him proudly at his side.
Oh, so jealous was Cat I’m told;
His eyes turned green that day.
“Oh, you are an heroic mutt; 
A friend of Man, you say?
I’ll make that leap by myself.
You can bet, I’ll find a way”.
So, Dog had made the Leap of Faith.
He and Man became Best Friends.
So it shall be, for all eternity;
That is to say, until the Very End.

Copyright © Robert Candler | Year Posted 2014

Details | Rondeau Redouble |

Friendly Freeformmmm

'Baby, you taste like chocolate,
You and me we'd make a great rhyming couplet.
A.K.A a grinding couplet.'
'You can get on top of me like enjambment.'
'I can show you some wild imagery,
Me on you, you on me.'
'Metaphor stands for meet-at-four,
We'll get it on till the break of dawn.'
'Damn, could you BE anymore sexual?' -an example of a rhetorical question you could include...
'S-s-s-s-s-SEX!'- an example of sibilance you could use (and probably will).
'Annotate me honey, and together we can achieve a deeper meaning.'

Copyright © Poetry Aircraft Carrier B | Year Posted 2013

Details | Free verse |

Return Of Your King

Reflections of imperfections have shown me a way that I can move mountains through my power of faith even though I can't see him I know he is real through the power of prayer and a Love that I feel It's growing inside me like a flower in bloom shall I reveal my powers or is it too soon I am reading the signs through my darkness I find a reason for belief in the light of mankind that I know shall overcome the greatest of odds the Love I seek amazes me especially through the flaws because now I am inspired through the hero's that bring my throne through the darkness on which I return on as your King.

Copyright © Bj Fard | Year Posted 2013

Details | Free verse |

Black Jungle Cat

Several women were in the breezeway
Going from the sanctuary to the Fellowship Hall.
On either side of the French doors,
They gazed out the large windows in fear.
As I walked up to them, one of them asked
In hopeless desperation, "Who will go outside
And get the supplies for us."  They looked at each other.
She said this because the enemy was on our shores,
Patrolling every city, great and small.  I saw the armies.
People were afraid to venture outside their houses.
There were no soldiers in the street at this time.
It was a clear day.  I said to them, "I will go."
I opened and closed one French door and felt it...
FEAR was thick.  It crouched like a black jungle cat,
Panther or jaquar, lurking in the brush for prey.
My eyes were wide open as I walked the distance
Of the Staff's parking area.  There was a chamber 
Underground set aside for certain supplies.  
The enemy's presence was strong as I looked around.
I think I had to unlock its door before I opened it.
I took what was needed and walked through Fear.
I never saw him, but the enemy's threat to pounce
Was felt with each step until I quickly reached the porch
And entered back inside the church in front of the office.

(This is a dream I had the year after 9/11.)

Copyright © Leon Stacey | Year Posted 2007

Details | Quatrain |

Sandy Hook

Today, it just doesn't seem fair
That we are still able to breathe.
They have given us their air-
Our duty to lead the life they leave.

Copyright © Kevin C. Martin | Year Posted 2012

Details | Rhyme |

Two Kittens'

Two kittens need their box cleaned, need food for their trays.
When awoke, this is how we start our day.
As kittens they are naturally curious.
So looking at the living room when first awakened, I get furious.

Only for a split second, because playing is their way.
"Curiousity killed the cat."  At night they are busy at play.
Torn up tissues, pill bottles, empty water bottles on the floor to be rolled.
Talking to them I'd say, " You two need to be scoled."

Loving them is the thing to do, you realize they so much depend on you.
So in a second after the falsh of being angry you realize you love these two.
Then they tire of me and look to the bedroom. 
They know mom will awake soon.

Playing constantly running around the house is what they normally do.
Except when I move to make coffee and get my day started at my feet I'd find these two.
Just like children they have to be taught the rules.
Stay of counters, tables, computers stay out of the TV wires, really not cool.

They run around this way, that way, watch them go.
No to this, no to that' all day long spent in teaching them NO'
It's a loving battle watching them wrestling with each other.
They'll be raised right, after all the Lord put them in our lives, a loving pair a sister and brother.

Copyright © Robert Ball | Year Posted 2014

Details | Rhyme |

On Their Own All Alone

When a love one passes away, along with the loved ones, pets are affected.
If a family member doesn’t adopt them they are put in shelters, alone and 
Dogs and cats “pets” grieve for their masters, and the love they had dies also.
They are impounded hoping to be adopted, may they have love for others, we 
don’t know.

A personal friend died six weeks ago, the pets he left behind were taken to the 
It was sad they lost their Dad “staring” looking at the door; their hurt was 
Watching, observing them made me sad as we, the Wife and I could not take 
them in.
We have three kittens of our own, so just thinking of what they were going 
through, adoption for them pretty slim.

The caretaker didn’t want the animals, without thought he had the oldest put 
His attitude, animals didn’t fit his style, he didn’t want them at all or around.
Sadly the death of our friend, in a way was a death sentence for them.
Wishing we could do something, we watch them go to the shelter hopefully 
they’ll be taken in.

It is sad some people don’t take the animals feelings into account.
They don’t act the same when the master doesn’t come home; their feelings 
to some don’t count.
We, the Wife and I, feel so bad but we have a family of three,
So we pray a family will adopt them, to love and care for them make a part of 
their family.

Our friend is gone and how he loved them all!
He cared, played, love them, watching as they had a ball.
Now you can see sadness in these felines they are so lost,
A family I’m sure will adopt them, and care for them no matter the cost.

Remember animals in a sense are family too.
They have feelings like me, like you.
So when you adopt, love is all they need.
God has blessed them; hopefully a family will save them in life as they proceed.

Copyright © Robert Ball | Year Posted 2014

Details | Free verse |

Conversations with the Cat

Two questions to start.

Why do you call yourself, enlightened? And who enlightened you?


What if the Bible were a bit misleading? I mean it is already pretty vague in many areas, notions etc.


This is somewhat related. Everything is somewhat related. We call this God.

Did you know that the lion and the snake both represent Satan, and Jesus?


I ask the opening questions again.



It matters, translation. It affords errors which beget more, errors.


Lion Snake

Lion Snake


Son of Man? Or Son of God?

It matters.

The bronze serpent on a pole.

One must be very careful who one has faith in.


I am not the Messiah.

I think the Bible has been misinterpreted.

Lion Snake matters.

I call God father.

Jesus was a lamb.


Between a Jew and a Christian I am.

One group won't let me in basically and the other I am not sure of this messiah.

I follow God. God is my rock. That is what most Jews do too.

I ain't a Jew though.

I don't really want to be a Jew. I thought I did once. I don't.

Christians, I get them sometimes.

Jesus, he really did die for our sins. I mean he really died.

People are still trying to kill him.

Cat, that is crazy.

Copyright © Gun Poet | Year Posted 2014

Details | Rhyme |

Curiosity Killed the Cat

Unable to think
My lungs seemed to shrink
The pressure of this news 
Could have been avoided if I followed the clues 
The way people stared at my eyes 
Like I was evil in disguise 
Goodbye to the good Christian I was
Chased away by the devils applause 
Another innocent soul  
Now under his control 
I can feel the evil growing inside 
As I become my powers unknowing bride 
How can I be good 
Apparently misunderstood
When I had been raised to believe in the devil's tricks 
My feelings are becoming intermixed
A grey area is created 
Hopefully these thoughts can be translated 
What was the saying my mother spat
Oh yes curiosity killed the cat

Copyright © Danielle Stoops | Year Posted 2016

Details | Free verse |


In the little space in closet
Slightly enclosed
A cat have birth musn't she give up

Kittens alive all climbing their way to find a milked nipple 
4 healthy kittens , but one not 

Only hours alive 
Tossing and turning in pain in utter , helplessness. 
Meowing loudly in blindness 
Loosing heat with every twirl.
Red liquid in the lip..
Still trying to move ...vigorously 
"If you must suffer to such extent  , than please maybe it's  better for you to pass away ..." 
My tears sinking in the fur

Beautiful beige girl 
As big  as a heart to fit in your palm.

What to do now? Is the kitten  dying... how helpless could a human be towards natures pranks? 


Quick a jar filled with boiling water 
For Tiny  body to arise heat warm her 
 Interupted air way , tummy lifiting in slowmotion , take a powdered milk syringe leak , please do not wrick ..
 Meowing has quieten the kitten felt more comfy 
 Big cat refused to raise her. 
 The cat thought she would die

She still climbed out of the shirt she'd stay in .. strength from no where

 I must try 
 Give her to the white recover potion 
 If she drinks she might better function 
 Held her close to the source 
 Let's see what the fate chose.. 
 I begun to pray
 May you  kitten live a happy cats life .. now or later , may you stay my kitty forever. 


Then she grasped the breast lightly 
Weakness over her 
Then I had I had to somehow make  it go further 
Her instinct indicated her to suck . 
As the other's wanted to pull her away
I kept her there for as long as I can 
Tossed and turned the mother  did 
Licked her on the sleek
Finnaly  accepted her as her child.
Than the kitten fell asleep 
Than another attempt of milk.

Her face lines became pink. 
The skin under became pink
The restless motion became normal function motion
Sounding very cute
Pushes away her siblings as she keeps drinking  milk. .. 

Life  is a gift , 
All lives are equal. 
 Beauty in strength,  of an creature that has a yet unacknowledged world's stay.  

Yet life finds a way. 
Yet we must believe 
Maybe the life is yours but you must fight for it to hatch it's expiry date 
I hope you kitten will live. 
That's  why I named her Pia Hope 

In this  world giveth
Fate reaches 
Fate doesn't weigh 
Maybe it's for us to pass away , 
Maybe  it's for us to fight for stay. 

Always hope but never expect .

Copyright © Rozalia Polnik | Year Posted 2015

Details | Ballade |

The burrow

My heart lays within the burrow. 

In the stillness of this place there is beauty, its envelopes the terrain. 

Softness is embodied in the rich colors of both shade and hue. 

Lush emerald herbage, grass swaying within the current that embraces you. 

Twilight, a glistening blanket ensnared within the ebony backdrop. 

There is an abundance of life, it thrives in the meadow. 

To the wolves who bay. 

To the coyotes that cackle. 

There is life within the burrow. 

May you play in the evergreen for an eternity, your mind privy to time. 

Chase the swiftness of the jack rabbit, paw at passing fireflies. 

Nestle yourself among the comforts of the vegetation, embrace both warmth and wonder. 

Incarnate is this place. 

For my heart lays within the burrow and as do you, as do you

Copyright © Whitney Hart | Year Posted 2016

Details | Quintain (English) |

A Cat to A Bird

 Age, You come to me as a cat to bird
Belly to ground with no sound heard.
Fangs so sharp claws kept keen.
You creep up slowly, yet unseen.
How poorly you treat me, evil and mean.

You weaken my sight; make it hard to read.
You are so selfish and full of greed,
You conspire with my mirror to lie to me.
Gone, my youthful face to see,
Gone the man I used to be.

Hair falls from my head, grows on my back.
My mind wander as thought I lack.
No place to hide, no way to win,
Surprise in my eyes is that of all men
Same look on the bird that the cat drags in!

Copyright © Mike Samford | Year Posted 2007

Details | Verse |


A little Bird,
Moved for living,
He had chosen a tree,
When he saw his native man.

He didn’t frightened,
He welcomed him and sang a song,
Tried to fragrant his love,
And danced on the branches.

One day a guest came,
And parked his car under the tree,
When he saw the bird droppings
He stared into the man’s eyes.

He felt insult,
He had decided to cut down the tree,
He didn’t notice,
Baby birds are growing in the nest,

Tree fell down on his mouth,
They cut the branches in pieces,
When a cat saw the little birds,
They were hiding for their life.

A Man was standing in front,
He didn’t stop them,
He provoked her,
Innocents were her taste.

A bird was crying above the shade,
He noticed, a dog, cat and man,
Everyone was dumb and deaf,
No bird came back to sing them a song.

Copyright © Daljit Khankhana | Year Posted 2006