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Alliteration Winter Poems | Alliteration Poems About Winter

These Alliteration Winter poems are examples of Alliteration poems about Winter. These are the best examples of Alliteration Winter poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Like Ice --- THE WALTZ

"Black Ice"

Sorrow flows from the first sunrise 
Eyes deeper than winter and rainfall
A painful combination never felt before 
At core death awaits
   - laughing while she begs for clemency!
In her eyes, fault is found in every sunset
   - after coming down from cloud nine.
Impossible to move --- her body stiffen
That very moment, A precious Waltz - Expired!
Coldplay and winter mist set in 
Ruins of love clinch an endless echo 
  - taunting the very merry memory.
The auditory sensation of broken trust 
   - stride across the way.
Icing every thought in a sullen, cold rink. 
She fell - She crumbled 
  - In a world where hope once existed 

Today, she will sway alone without a lullaby
In a room with no warmth 
One time a sweet symphony, now a sour moon 
 At last, a different tune begins to fiddle
As she grooms the icicles in her room.
On every mid-moon, she stares and stares
  towards the old shriveled lipstick on his pillow 
Unseen coldness, unsatisfied, incomplete tears
She can feel the complete braille of hate 
--- cascade around the emptiness

Throughout her poise frostbite travels in
Midnight Summer dreams are near an end
Autumn bones covered by winter sleet 
A deadly force condemns all because of one 

Lost years crumbled like an avalanche 
Way deep down inside....... 
She paints the rain like no other heartache
Leaving winter residue behind every step
"Black Ice" sits close to the cold canvas on her pale

If you seek closely, she is there 
Immobilized in a waltz, in a waltz, in a waltz

Never to linger or trust 
The "HE" that spoke of love, then melted away


Copyright © Poet Destroyer A | Year Posted 2016

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The Forest

"What happens in the forest stays in the forest"

The trees are trimmed, 
The leaves on the ground 
Proposing passion, sweet mist
Naked with nothing to bare or wear
Nature's breath lightens the atmosphere
She breathes in, he breathes out
The auditory sensation of rain 
   - drums down and deepens
The course is near its end, 
Deep in this forest night
A Gentleman among the trees, 
Hibernating new seeds 

"On the other side of the forest"
He guides a path, with ebony eyes
A convincing vent, I accept
The fear is broken, I sleep in glee
The whispers disappear 
Drying in peace by the secret bayou 
Broad leaves lay under raw landscape
Lulled by the chills he quills
A quarter past midnight 
Mr Romantic
   - prepares the new sheets of Winter. 


Copyright © SKAT A | Year Posted 2015

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Wintry white wisps wondrously whirl Soft sparkling snowflakes silently swirl Coolly carpeting countrysides carefully Dazzling diamonds dancing delightfully Submitted Contest forms A contest Sponsored by Broken Wings 28th December 2014

Copyright © JAN ALLISON | Year Posted 2014

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shake salt slow so she see's slick snow

Copyright © Harley Green | Year Posted 2011

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Winter Wings

~FALLING, without winter wings~

My mind sometimes goes there, somewhere, nowhere,
amongst the shooting shining stars, floating like in a womb, yet not afraid,
free falling flakes, weightless – wondering why, where
from the highest branch I lost my grip gasping, grasping
and tumbling hopelessly DOWN AND DOWN DEEP… into the unknown

DOWN AND DOWN DEEP, I allowed myself to fall like a raindrop,
landing a little like winter, holding my breath, above the mountaintop,
a tremble brought about by the breeze, losing myself completely,
Wandering in welters of wasted words, into the fire of all my torrid tears,
I slip into despair into the cold, a chilling fall, after LETTING GO…

LETTING GO was the hard part, the horrid heartbreak, it always will be.
We had climbed so high, so high we had to come down
and as we stumbled we slipped we slid, slowly away from one another
because we had lost ourselves, our own identities.
My journey now must be to like -- LOVE MYSELF AGAIN.

LOVE MYSELF AGAIN, a never-ending task.
Holding on to what was and always will be a falling star.
Wishing, the wind would lift us up and put us back were we belong.
Sinking, dipping, dropping, and drowning with the sea,
A path I seek when I find myself losing grip of reality.

A Collaboration

Copyright © Poet Destroyer A | Year Posted 2013

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I held my breath to protest the gloom of winter's frosted sprawl.
There, the eloquence of nature was surveiled as it flourished.
It became more than just a vested visit camouflaged among 
The trees.

Spring had lastly met winter's boasting at the gates of ultimate 
Frosted glory. No more everlasting punishing winds freezing pains
And flagrant frozen flurries favored at the forefront of winter's 
Cool arrogant accusations.

Nature bought and brought the best of spring thirsty and bursting 
Onto the scene with peacock feathers and much fanfare.  There,
The awaited train.  The arrival caused heaven's screams.  It's
Survival meant more to dream.  Spring was everything.

The gates were thawed, the sprawl ignored all were invited to the 
Ball.  Finally, a grin as winter has set. It's WRATH has passed.
Spring bloomed and new was BEAU.  I exhaled

Copyright © VAL BROOKLYN Rogers BLK PANTHER | Year Posted 2015

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Sun beams like Hot Choclate on a blue day...

Soft silky and smooth on your skin...



Butterflies softly floating like falling feathers in the wind...

Gently gliding gracefully over the bright green grass...



Eyelashes brush against your cheek like soft snowflakes on your face...

Fingertips flit freely across your arm...



Together playfully prancing like horses running wild...

Spinning tops twiling tenderly....



Wishes whispered wimsically like pixies playing hopscotch...

Softly calling quietly,

I love you!

Copyright © Desvin Umberger | Year Posted 2013

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the night

slowly suddenly and then without warning it crosses us and blankets our world it turns the stunning orb into a hollow sphere dull and dead and nothing is seen just bleak dark black its there its lasting the silence never to end

the day slows to a standstill and goes backward
the noises about come to a close
the shades begin to venture
the bleak blacks cross the clouds
the sky is blanketed and choked out
the sun has fled
the day has left
the night is here
the silence is everywhere

Copyright © Jayce Collazo | Year Posted 2013

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 In this, the death prone winter of our discontent,
the world lay languishing from mitotic chaos
and malignant uncertainty---spreading a pandemic
cancer of destruction over the body of our moral humanity.

Infected rebirth cells of ancient crusade history
scatter world wide---blown like dry leaves
in chilling winds of cold war seasons.

Here, in the frozen season of time, Armageddon
stalks democracy in the chilled midnight hour;
while in the twilight of the eve of destruction,
world watchers waddle the time away: constructively
engaged in spotlight moments of warming scenes.

With a bloody but unbowed head, let not our world wallow wearily
in the mirage of winter’s defeat; nor allow her frigid blast
to shatter the bruised reed of hope or out the burning wick of love.

Let us stare adversity in the eye, rekindling the spirit of unity;
let us refashion the crumbled, rejected stones of our moral society;
we building a new and better world where we hold it to be self evident:
peace---perfect peace, is the dominant ethos of our recaptured humanity.

Copyright © millard lowe | Year Posted 2015

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The Icy Remembrance Of The Northern Hills

I’m still in the memories of the frost of twelve
I always think how amazing your ideas are
With your wonderful smile 
you can heal all my scars
You are my angle with angle eyes 
and those angle lips I love to kiss
I’ve never seen a liaison like this
A girl like me and a guy like you
The night of cold winter when you 
hugged me in the blanket so tight
It felt so complete and so right
I felt the warmth of your body 
and this beautiful relation
I wish to give you the same 
warmth the same affection
I looked at the hills intently 
from the balcony of our hotel room
I was seeing the plants and the shrubs bloom
That frizzy morning I got up early
 scanning your face all over
Don’t ask me why? I have no answer
Baby, do you remember the night 
we walked through the dark place
I was holding your hand 
and in the dim moonlight I could see your face
Now the wintry memories will
always stay with me at any pace

Copyright © Kiran Bisht | Year Posted 2014

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How dainty and shy is she
She is even ever so, she warms the soul.
If you do handle her, handle with carefulness.
If she is approachable at all.

Sweet and delicate a flower 
With a winter strength of gold 
So I suppose she knows her

This rose is so admired and LONELY
On winters dance floor.
For none other grows at the frigid
Cusp of this season except this rose

Watch her in the  most  frosted  temperatures,
She hoards  the empathy of passing strangers
On their way to festive affairs.
What a dizzying fanciful dessert 

Any and every heart would dote deliriously
One of life's priorities, this golden rose
Rosy, rosier, rosiest
Every other rose knows 

Fancies her, most fanciest, she's fancier
With her white snowflake dress 
The most  alluring. The golden quiet
Queen knowing her pose and poise

With silent rejoice.

Copyright © VAL BROOKLYN Rogers BLK PANTHER | Year Posted 2017

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Silver sender winter's GLAZE.
Sun style fun shine, gentle rays.
Bit of light.
Snowman built on top THE hill.
Happily snowy blowing craze

Lofty softy covering  Of  winter's white.
So Sun satuated  a sleek Saturday's 
Soothing sight.
Cold and gleeful LAUGHS 
First part of winter  fun 
With sled and winter TOYS sliding  gliding
With cold and golden frozen SUN.

Fluff  and huff and BLOWING stuff.
PILGRIMAGES made for the fun of it 
Snowflakes and  FROZEN  faces soaked in
Cold sport and PLAY.  

Copyright © VAL BROOKLYN Rogers BLK PANTHER | Year Posted 2016

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Beings, not known to outsiders,,, Average life

*smiling slightly sad Colibri said:   'are you happy today, my dear? '   'average…  i am… just average'
answered her combustive Lizard   the wizard from white blizzard     airily framed by invisible flames.
'i thought u like life in extreme!'   told obviously surprised Squirrel,  flocculent parallel world beauty
in sorrel colored winter apparel.   'indeed, i needed that before!!      i have been on the sunny ridge
and then in cold wet dark ditch.    i have been crossing sky freely,     other times – just like partridge
injured by a merciless cartridge    i tasted my own blood willingly:    because pain seemed pleasure.
burned enough but not to pitch.   abridged but still not a smidge.      average… i am just… average!
peaceful  like a tortoise who is     not making unnecessary noise.      happy with calm daily routines
proceeding speed of rising Sun     and determination of a Sprout.      i will not shout i won’t use gun: 
all is well– simply as it is… now!'  Queen colibri, Wizard of lizards     & tender Goddess of squirrels:
beings, not known to outsiders    they were sharing same cup full     of abundant life mysteries with
each other at present moment–   with eye to eye circumspection,    mind to mind interconnections,
direct heart to heart reflections   resounding in supportive chords.   we will not know how much we
changed each other, how much    we will…   when time will tell us    we’ll walk separated path again*
Lizard, Colibri and Squirrel… all with unique ails but common fairy tails

Feb. 2016

Copyright © salamandra Gabija | Year Posted 2016

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Winter Woe

Whispering winds of winter woe,
icy branches bend and bow,
catfish cradled in the mud,
winter waters slow their blood.

Scampering squirrels, fat & fluffed,
chasing, leaping, playing rough,
the birds are bent on staying warm,
surround the suet in a swarm.

Babs and Buster, canine friends,
stalk the squirrels who torture them,
they snort and sniff at gopher holes,
tormented by these mining moles.

In the western window, warm,
the felines flourish through the storm,
soon the sunshine's streaming in,
thus the cooking of cats begin.

Cloaked and covered, in cozy coats,
we wait for Spring with hallowed hopes,
to lay upon the dock again
and feel the sunshine bake our skin.

Copyright © Danielle White | Year Posted 2009

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Winter Sight

White blur,
White thoughts,
Whispers to her,
The warm rots.
Beauty of art,
Falls onto the window,
In all shape; touching the heart,
Flying down in a flow.
With hats on all,
The cities bright,
Thick coats in the hall,
No people in sight.
For it's winter time,
The MidWest is cold,
Making love music rhyme,
Keeping loved ones close;hold.
Streets are a fluff,
Driving slow in caution for all,
Children play rough,
Down the hills they fly so tall.
Snowflakes make snowmen,
Snomen make friends,
As the birds fly by towards the wren,
The weather lends.
But hold each moment close,
For seasons come and go,
Imagine a place of prose,
Now sit back and enjoy the snow.

Copyright © Stacey Behal | Year Posted 2012

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Definitely dealing delicately in dense danger.
Peculiarly perplexing poking pioneers of pride.
And catching coding cautions
When windy weather was wasted warming 

Worries with a whistle when we were 
Watching winter whizzing by.
Then there's the spring of things when it comes.
Every floral pattern that exist you're thinking 

Pastels, every lavender laughs hilariously 
After me
Every yellow yelling yes, yippi!!  That's the 
Thought. Twist thrice, then twice.  Toward
Thursday thirsting for more.  
Be at ease.   Winter's  worries  warning 
Wound  and  wounded  ready to be astounded.
You have found it.  
My wounded heart made of art.
The cause is in store,  instead forge ahead.

Copyright © VAL BROOKLYN Rogers BLK PANTHER | Year Posted 2017

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Warm Winter Holidays

Waves wash up ,
Palms paper the sky ;
Indulging impossible bliss ,
Shopping,Savoring sunshine

Flakes fall freely 
White Window displays wishing ,
grass greener on that side,
likewise, the flip side applies

Not natural? No never!
Wicked grins, warm weather;
I give up gloves gleefully ,
Scarves ,snow, seasonal

Wouldn't want it any other way;
Better ,basking , baking,
Sunglasses, slightly sun-kissed
Warm Winter Holidays

Copyright © Melani Udaeta | Year Posted 2011

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Snickering Snow

Snowbound snowflakes sneakily snip and snick the snowy snickering air.

Copyright © Aaron Fletcher | Year Posted 2016

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Winter Writer II

Winters' wandering within
wicked waves of worsening weather.
Wildly whipping winds
whistling through windchimes
tinkling tenderly.

Women wrapped in wreaths
of wool or, if rich,
cashmere coated against
the avalanche of chill
around corners marching,
counting with a
pink pedometer
to ensure a regimen
regardless of winters' waft.

Snow softly swirling
through the thermal drafts
not ready to land yet.
Not really stuck ...

Copyright © Sue Mason | Year Posted 2007

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Winter Bids Autumn Adieu

    ~Winter Bids Autumn Adieu~
Russet, orange and harvest gold
Autumn is the season when colors unfold.
The trees in celebration
dancing to the wind
preparing for the watery
wayward winds to rescind.
Lovers stroll hand in hand in the park
while people throw frisbees
to their dogs that bark.
Children play jumping
in the colorful leaves.
Sweaters, shirts and jackets
all with long sleeves.
Soon the ground will
be covered with pearly snow.
The night sky all lit up
with Christmas lights sparkling
and faces of innocence aglow. 

Copyright © CHRISSTIANA DOWLING | Year Posted 2017