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Simon Says

"You Wanna Play!!!"

Deep into the forest
I found a wooden doll 
Porcelain eyes, creeping from behind 
Like TV, the music haunted every step 
Falling into a paralyzed state 
The moonlight darkened before my eyes
Bitter taste of sulfur covered the scene 
 My heart pumped itself to sleep 
 Pure evil waltzes around the frigid floor 

My body of stone Claimed by a sudden voice 
"Get Up! Get Up, before I devour your soul" 
The same wooden doll, dark porcelain eyes 
Now speaks, his claws bracket around my neck 
"Get up, Simon wants to play with you!" 
In a sick demonic way, I woke with my lips sewn shut, 
Silent, but alive! 
Simon sang a song 
"Simon wants to play, Simon wants to play! " 
"Simon Says, do as I ask or else endure pure evil" 
I wanted to jump to my feet
But, I felt frail and powerless
"Simon Says, beg for Life" 
I kneel, pleading with my hands
For he knows I'm mute
"Simon Says, yell a little louder." 
He can't hear my screams 
Simon bites right into my mind 
My eyes began to brim with tears 
He dances pushing tangible fear 

Simon then speaks,
"Simon Says, to stand on one foot." 
Blood slowly slips as I stood on one foot
"Simon Says, get on the floor, slither like a snake 
I slithered for a few seconds, then I stopped!
"Simon did not say to stop!" he mumbled 
Snatching what remains of my heartbeat 
Simon laughs, while my screams, 
 loosen the thread around my lips. 
Simon then pulls a dagger from his little vest
A slash at my ankle - I fell
"Simon then says, get up!" 
By this time, my adrenaline kicks in 
This wooden doll, dark porcelain eyes
No longer scares, I slam Simon against the tree 
"But, Simon Didn't Say." 
Finally, I broke free from the insanity of imagination.
Taking control of Simon's game
Simon looked at me with a sad face "Saying"
"Simon doesn't want to play with you no more."


Copyright © Poet Destroyer A | Year Posted 2015

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I've Got Fire In My Soul

I know what it means 
To go to bed without food
To go to school without shoes
To yearn for Eqaul Education 
to free your mind
Just to be told you just can't handle 
White education
Here's Bantu education for you
I know what Poverty is
I've lived it
I've smelled it
I've Breathed it
Yet never accepted it 
Living in a town 
with a twisted perverted mentality
That pinned up lil notices
That said:
This town is for white people only
Black dogs may enter through the back door
Because they are our servants
We are your masters
Permanently and perpetually 
Using the Bible to take everything 
A black man owns
If you accept God in your Life
He will come save you
During your time of need
But you shall not own this land because 
God said I should be your Master
A town that still can't accept that 
a black man is human too
Not some animal to be
Tarred, Feathered and hung up a tree to die 
I've witnessed old wrinkled men 
Bow Down with Surbodination
To call a little boy "Baas" 
I've witnessed neighbors go dig 
Their Loved ones out of the land
They once owned
Because the Master said
I don't want dead people on my Land
Your land?
Did u come carrying land in your boat 
when you left The Dutchland?
Did u come carrying Gold, 
Diamonds and Platinum
When u left England?
Is that why you feel obliged 
to have the black man go down 
the earth's pit to get your diamonds 
so you can have a nice shiny Crown?
While he goes home 
to a table with lil to no food? 
Telling him you better not catch him 
Walking around this town without 
a Passbook,
That grants him that Privilege 
I've got Fire in my Soul
Ignited only by true Virtue,
I climb beyond human heights
I dare not to be just ordinary
I defy human Limitations
I've got Fire in my Soul
Ignited it burns
Explosive, Subversive
Never to be Subjugated 
But Liberated within....

Copyright © Connie Moraba | Year Posted 2016

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A Dental Alliteration

A Dental Alliteration

Both bearable breakable bicuspids became beautiful 
by being blatantly brushed by me.

How is that for an alliteration? You don't have a
category for dental.

James Thomas Horn
Retired Veteran

Copyright © James Horn | Year Posted 2015

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It's Fun , I run and I run

         I almost can't bare it , I keep running for Fun.
              This contest is crazy , I wanna be lazy
        But I shall keep on running . I'm becoming hazy
           I was told I would. I was told it was no Fun.
          I decided to try it for the heck of it. It's so crazy.
            Now I'm being Lazy and I 'm a little more hazy.
          Never I again shall I . Enter a running contest not 
         Until the far away day. That I shall die. I keep running.
      Sweat dripping all over the place. And it's covering my face
        Oh Boy what a disgrace. I am almost there. And I of 
           course made it . Now I shall be even more Lazy 


Copyright © mariah malone | Year Posted 2013

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Stink Thinking

Poem by: Mr. Ronald Watson
Sep. 13, 2012
My Poetry on PoetrySoup

Stinking Thinking

Stinking thinking/ it leads to drinking./
What moisten the soul without an inkling?/
Unto making a wild left turn /while the right signal light were blinking./
Within a mild mix of rice, hops, and barley,
Since/ it is too much laugher at a karaoke party./
How Elvis sounds like,/ a broken Bob Marley?/
Now it’s as if,/ inhibitions are lowed/
Frozen in time/ and slipping far out of control./
As intuitions of minds does loathe,/ as such weariness echoes for tomorrow./
Yet,/ a stinking breath that smells just as death/ and it's where all funky asses dwells./
Though/ all hung over /and unjustified to flinging heavy heads into that porcelain king,/ 
Even this is a sight for red sore eyed Kings!/ 
It is an aftermath of ravishing through them royal purple cloth bags./
So/ afraid to admit that shallowness slowly drags!/
When,a sense of clarity which will just admit it.
That stinking thinking is difficult to kick, but
One day at a time, it is the only way to shine, or get fixed.  

Thank youMy Poetry on PoetrySoup
God Bless.

Copyright © TMP The mad poet | Year Posted 2012

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you stole my heart

Words! Those words took me to heaven. Had I known that they were just whispers,  the words that fed my smile and gaze my laughter. I surrendered to him as he request. I was addicted to his touch, you astounded me how could you be so wicked so heartless. I gave you my heart I believed in your love. I felt the gravity from Jupiter; he was my life, my hope, my love. All is gone, passed by thereof the hurt is such no one should bear what’s to life, why should I care? weep all night for my love gone My heart is sick, for death I long Mine eyes well tears for love that's lost I'll bear always for the great cost. You don't mean what you say and don't mean what you do You don't mean anything because it's not true. You broke my fall and stole my heart am already damaged, you let it fall apart. The tears I cry now fall with my misery, once covered up, now for the world to see whom I really am inside. For all to see rules to which I don't abide. The circumstances in which reality shall fade. The unwanted feelings your lies have made, the shame when I realized you gained my trust the truth fading as the dust Slips through my fingers grain by grain. My heart's not only torn but also slain as shards of glass fall from the sky. Tears of blood fall from my eye. Your words crawled across my skin and I forget what I don't believe in my heart pounds as I lift my head. Dare to enter where no one has tread And I looked deep into your eyes Found the source of all your lies And even though I know they'll never be true With all my heart, I'll continue loving you. My love for you is real and true and I keep on sticking to the basic that am still in love with you I cant deny it it’s the fact and the living truth. how can i ever alllow my self to forget how wonder you could be, although you are another in these hard days mesmerized are your thoughts but love you are still the only man I want to love. save my soul.

Copyright © betty njie | Year Posted 2013

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Surviving after suicide attempts

Life is like an everlasting 
Testing us in both 
triumph and torturing 
Honoring the humble, 
humbling the pride
Yet death have honored 

Sometimes smiles change 
their shapes
Sometimes lives lose their 
circumstances might 
rename our names
Yet athletes faithfully 
finish their miles

When we lose our loved 
Is there a real reason to 
still carry on?,
When we lose our 
Do we still stand firm and 
carry on?

In pain people search for 
a rope
We desperately try to 
hang ourselves
Several suicide attempts, 
but ropes untie 
Hurtful moments for 
torture carries on at or 
away from home

We seek death to find 
Yet our maker 
demolishes death to 
show us love
We think the end is 
worth the risk
Yet losing life quenches 
more hope
Look and see
Surviving after suicide 
Shows love beyond 
borders a human eye can 
It's thus a perfect 
Hence i call it a perfect gift

For contest
by Anne Currin

Copyright © Godwins Piyo | Year Posted 2013

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The Phoenix

The Phoenix and beast in their elegance;
Effulgent, in all its lively ignorance;
Could she foretell her sinful breath;
would sadly soon be stilled in death
Creator divinely will triumph ultimate
Where, one day we all will be intimate
In the name of the Lord, said a pledge
From the bottom of heart, a judge
Let me kiss her, not let her go out
Let me kill her, not let her go out 
The coldness of the grave is known,
The dusty destiny  is ever unknown.

Williamsji Maveli

Copyright © WILLIAMSJI MAVELI | Year Posted 2013

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I am a woman, not a woe-man

I am valuable but not worth any price
I am precious but far more than gold
I am productive but not for abuse
I can talk but not to be abused of talking
I am hardworking but not to be a slave
I am a wife but I am an individual too

I am a mother but I'm just human
I am strong but I get tired too, 
I am in flesh, so I need rest
I care but I value myselft first and foremost
I am kind but need kindness too
I listen but not to be lied to
I run the house but I deserve to run myself too

I am the help meet but I need support too
I understand but not to be misunderstood
I provide but I need to be provided for too
I run the kitchen but I need to run my self too
I am the housewife but I am a wife too, 
I am married, to my husband, not the house!
I love but I should not be taken for granted

I am weak but not to be raped, beated and scratched
I am submissive and obedient but not to be exercised power abuse on
I am a cheerful giver but not to be robbed
I am soft but not to have my blood squeezed out,
I am full of life but not to be taken away from me
Yes, I am a woman,
Created to live,
Not to be a woebegone!

Copyright © Ame Aron | Year Posted 2013

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African Allliteration

#What we want#

Dear Dada,

What we want is worth

Let love live, 

Peace perfect praise...

...Let long lasting law

rule round reign.

Copyright © Abdulhafeez Oyewole | Year Posted 2013

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There Was A Fairy

            Alliteration Cousin (a,b,c,d. e,f,g,h, a,c,b,d. e,g,f,h. Last Stanza: ae, bf, 

                                        cd, gh)

               (a) There was a Fairy with lots of goodies,
               (b) One day some Elves came in and carted most away.
               (c) "O my", cried the Fairy, "the naughty Elves again,"
               (d) Having great faith, the dear little thing, left everything in 
                    the hands of the Gome.

              (e) Never being weary of well-doing,
              (f) The Fairy went helping needy ones as usual.
              (g) Along came the Gome to hold a Council meeting;
              (h) The Council men and women investigated her case.

              (a) There was a Fairy with lots of goodies,
              (c) "O my", cried the Fairy, "the naughty Elves again."
              (b) For one day some Elves came in and carted most off.
              (d) Having great faith, the dear little thing, left everything in
                   the hands of the Gome.

              (e) Never being weary of well-doing,
              (g) For her, the Gome held a Council meeting.
              (f) The Fairy went helping needy ones as usual.
              (h) The Council men and women investigated her case.

              Last Stanza:              

              (a) There was a Fairy with lots of goodies,
                   Never being weary of well-doing,
              (b) Yet some Elves came in and carted most off.
                   The Fairy went helping needy ones as usual.
              (c)"O my" cried the Fairy, "the naughty Elves again."
                   For her the Gome held a Council meeting.
              (d) Having great faith, the dear little thing left everything
                   in the hands of the Gome.
                  The Council men and women investigated her case.

Copyright © Rainbow Promise | Year Posted 2016

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Two Feet In

Clinching my fists together,
I realize an emotion is driven,
How to get through,
The pain that has been given,
The paths are bright,
Only seeing so far into each,
The rest is out of sight,
My choice on which will teach,
Teach me like a young child,
Growing into an adult,
My ways are mild,
The hand says stop; halt,
Is that where you want,
To direct the heart,
Deep thoughts haunt,
The streets start to part.
It’s a decision for now,
In the future we’ll see,
In with two feet; plow,
Plow the other lane-no longer to be.
I chose right,
Wrongs may come across,
Darkness comes every night,
But I stand up like a boss.
I’m the boss of my journey,
Which way to head next,
Points given; attorney,
With two feet I’ll use respects.

Choose which way will benefit-but always know there’s darkness in every path, so stand with TWO feet.

Copyright © Stacey Behal | Year Posted 2013

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A Mortal I Am

Forming sections,
Folding down,
Many complections,

Speaking in tongue,
Listening in form,
Sectors of the lung,
Levitates to perform.

Differences in light,
Diffusion of rights,
PacMan fever delight,
Regarding despites.

Dimming prestige as a phobic,
Conforming thyself,
Leaving an anaerobic,
State of mind for myself.

A mortal to be,
A mortal I am,
One twinkle from thee,
Counterfit; sham.

Forget what is norm,
Become what is professed,
Without conform,
Speak without lest.

As a mortal: We need to be a mortal with 

Copyright © Stacey Behal | Year Posted 2013

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He swifts on by like a moon lighted night. 
He shines bright for a moment in time. 
His arm's always open with warmth. 
His smile always bigger then everyone elses. 
His heart of rage and fire. 
He swifts on by, he swifts on by. 
Who will know the true man within. 
The man thats full of sin. 
No one can, no one can, for we are all just man...

Copyright © stephanie hanvey | Year Posted 2013

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To get it off my back, I write about this and that.
To get it off my back, I write about life.
To get it off my back!

To escape mania
To destroy the voice
To defend my rightful mindedness from evil discourse,
I write about the lunacy of the Courts.

To get it off my back, I write about what the world did.
They killed my people my people spirit of happiness.
I write about the mania I normally live within.

To get it off my back, I scribe proverbially and have a psalmist thumb.
I tell the public about the wickedness to come.
To get it off my back, I am bard to tell exactly the way it is.
To get it off my back
To live!
Penned April 27, 2014!

Copyright © Verlena S. Walker | Year Posted 2014

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Be grateful

Be grateful to your creator
For he is your maker
Ungratefulness comes from
Selfishness and greediness

It is the spirit of arrogance and ignorance
It is the act of the devil
Ungrateful people are evil

Be grateful
Instead of being scornful
Only the fool hates to show appreciation
For his life is full of illusion


Copyright © Star King | Year Posted 2013

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A Responder Unplanned

The mysterious day,
Starts up the bubble,
Snooze button delay,
Two shift double,
Colorful schemes,
Heat on full blast,
Notorious themes,
Energy outcast,
Falling out,
Reaching for the hand,
Too much doubt,
A responder unplanned,
Trying to block out,
Block out a power,
A helpful soul’s passion,
Upon a rush hour,
Saved with compassion,
Life blooming; beautiful flower,
Sometimes it takes,
One individual man,
To fulfill the steaks,
Of another’s game plan.

Don’t give in when life is hard, become that beautiful flower- life hands you cards or people to keep you moving-use the right card.

Copyright © Stacey Behal | Year Posted 2013

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Informative Age

Handprints cold,
Heart feels blank,
From young to old,
Family I thank.
As beauty falls,
Short to one,
The baby crawls,
Children have fun.
Wisdom speaks,
Feedbacks plotted,
Saving antiques,
Problems knotted.
Shielding length,
As wrinkles flare,
God given strength,
My life affair,
Leaking fault,
Numbers multiply,
A glare shares halt,
Others walk right by.
I may be old,
But please be kind,
I’ve grown bold,
A critical; instigated find.

Copyright © Stacey Behal | Year Posted 2013

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A worrying Flower's Wisdom

Whether I will wither in the warmth
Or wilt with the weather,
I worry wildly!

For I'd rather,
    Weep with wounds when wrapped into a wreath
     Get wrenched (plucked) away worthlessly!

Copyright © sima mittal | Year Posted 2013

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Trying To Tackle This Shackles

My mind is a jungle 
And I'm trying to tackle this shackles
A soul more superior than any dictator
Superior enough to leave hate
In the soul of man
I'm walking 
And I know you can hear me walking
I'm walking 
And I can see you watching
Fascinated only by my impeccable visage 
Of Power and Liberation
Awakening the need for you 
To admire all that's Supreme and Powerful
Do you hear me now...

Copyright © Connie Moraba | Year Posted 2016

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Steer Away From Why

Kinds lay everywhere,
With stories of the past,
Opening wide arms to share,
Helping others at last.

Easy is not the word,
To place upon the plate.
After my past is heard,
The pathos fit in fate.

Some may want,
The descriptions clear,
Or some may recieve the haunt;
Of the visions giving off fear.

Lost souls are out,
As I met a few,
Swerving past-to a different route,
Away from eyes I once knew.

Why-Is a question to ask,
But one I very-rarely do,
Instead I make a task,
To get to know you.

Hope and faith; together to shake,
For the situations given,
In your shoes I'll make,
My best to make a liven'.

You may not be here,
Rotted; rust,
Leaving left a tear,
Now to succeed is a MUST.

Your name is writtin' down,
On my arm,
Like an angel with a crown,
All pasts are now no harm.

Death happens; on command,
Leaving wasn't easy; no,
The words said last now stand,
To leave your story to show.

Copyright © Stacey Behal | Year Posted 2013

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Screaming, she slams
furious fists forward 
punching powerfully
through timber.

Drops down
exhaling exhausted. 
Furrows forehead,
discouraged, disappointed.

Breathes bravely,
stands strong,
moves mountains,
lives life.

March 25, 2016

Copyright © Sienna Ethylpen | Year Posted 2016

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The Skaldic 1- death has an end

Bound by the unchained*the brave Scald                                                                Behold though pain*knows sacrifice                                                                          waters hot falls*desires run cold                                                                                     a thrust through awl*thrice the hellish hound                                                     
Poe with poem*pen the ode scold
Destines rhyme chimes *road ends for death wail flail crux impels*Prince of Life Logic of death's* dawns self -destruct Had they had breath*would not design

Copyright © John Beam | Year Posted 2014

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Spotted Road

Lost road, lonely highway,                                                                                                        tell me what you see?
Fortune future avenue,
blind spots, blindly.

Transfixed deserted road,
no turn seems to be.
Show a sign, any sign,
mile marker twenty-three.

Lost road, damned highway,
answers needed please.
Death Valley next exit,
categorically diseased.

Ungrateful road tripped,
Avenue Future unfortunately.
Now I see the spots,
in Deads End circling.

Copyright © Brian Davey | Year Posted 2016

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Brew of Breaking Bonds

Recovering from a suicide attempt...

The destruction of my domestic dress displays decay.
Unforeseen and unbalanced forces of fear and fright
stab and steal my soft, stable settlement of life.
Now, I must materialize my mortality once again.
Within these walls of piercing physical pain lies 
many magical fragile fragments of hope and healing
that promise to resurrect and revive the radiance in me.
My fallen figure needs the nourishment from time,
since exiled emotions have misery memorized. 
Slowly, soothing saturating sensations coat the
cast of my character which collects courage.
My destiny desires devotions to the ritual of days.
My silhouette sees the sparkles of midnight light. 

October 18th 2012

Copyright © Chantelle Anne Cooke | Year Posted 2016

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Going Home

Going Home
In a place I don't belong
Shackled to this others call home
Drinking of the water of affliction 
I just want to go home 
Death in secret I can't turn
In a vessel destined to burn
I just want to go home

Copyright © Rashad Kirven | Year Posted 2016