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Abc Spring Poems | Abc Poems About Spring

These Abc Spring poems are examples of Abc poems about Spring. These are the best examples of Abc Spring poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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An Angel In Disguise

Water rushing through the brook
leaving drowned out laughter
and a blooming lilypad

A mother with a weary look
as she wades through, feet clad
It’s her children she’s looking after

Hair threatens to fall in her distant eyes
She remembers when she hadn’t worried
stealing kisses under barnyard roofs

She begins to chastise
“Children put on your boots”
She raised the voice, and they scurried

But inside she was grinning ear to ear
Thinking of sweet-smelling memories
and grass-stained linen

As her children crawled near
She said, “Now listen,
I must share some stories…”

Copyright © Mckenzie Boyer | Year Posted 2015

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spring begining's

Spring time is near when the dawning of sun light beacons upon the horizon and the butterflies roam throughout the sky,
among sun shine rays piercing through tender vibrant flowers
as their journey to blossom began's, 
When the days linger into nights transforming the skies into shimmering stars of light, illuminating the golden specks of sand as  sprinkling ocean waves crash against  its grain,
while ripples of white water recede back into the depths of the sea,
Transcending reflections of the magnificent lights shimmering from the crisp stary sky
 AS springs just upon us. 

Copyright © Blair Baldwin | Year Posted 2015

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An Ode to my friends

communication from above the air 
random as it doesnt compare 
the meet of peoples taste
so many exceptions, unknown where it leads
but a friend can call on formiddible times
can suprize and place you up there 
on that higher ground
where we all belong
they can be the calling we need
the lift that stands
the love we crave 
we all meet at random places
or odd situations 
we have the best times
the moments we never forget
the memories we look back years later
and just smile 
thankful we had the time 
and wish we had all over 
again and again 
always repeat those days 
those conversations 
the real deep and meaningfuls 
for what time we may have these tresured lives 
that we share 
may not be for long
but id never let go of those times
they made me who i am 
the path i walked on 
i might not see them all the time 
but i do think about them 
how i smile from to ear to ear 
money cant buy that
no one can replace that 
so with age comes being wise.. at times 
and its those days that we had 
makes life abit easier to live 
they keep us going 
and we never forgot them

Copyright © Aaron Wilson | Year Posted 2013

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Spring Wing

Early in the morning 
The sun will rise
April showers 
Will bring all the flowers  
The flowers will start to bloom
They will bloom and go wowed 
They won’t scatter because of that April shower

Copyright © Liza Salmon | Year Posted 2013

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time of the sky

looking outside thinking what a beautiful day as I hear the cars, trucks, buses, and vans go by, but still thinking what a beautiful day, hearing the children playing outside , as the weather people say on the news its hot out today as they say that its suppose to get up to 90 degrees, people are thinking that Missouri having some weird weather, thinking yes that right, one minute its cold then the next minute its hot, don't know what to do, weather to get out the summer things or not, cause this weather can really get people sick, sitting here looking out the window as I wait on my bus, thinking that it might get up to 100 degrees outside today,

by: Sheena Shenia Jackson    
May 14,2013

Copyright © Sheena Casanova | Year Posted 2013

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oh sweet spring

Help me spring i wish to abolish winters melancholy ways send 
your wipers of summer so that we may shake the foundation of 
mothers ambivalence cohered her with your scents and colorful 
flora for she seems to have become absent of mind and heart 
wallowing in her winter satin remind her the path of your warm 
pastures to seed summers germination

Copyright © christopher parris | Year Posted 2014

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Loving Tennessee Spring

White trees-dogwood,
Purple trees-redbud,
Magnify beauty
As only Tennessee could.

Yellow jonquil-slips
Colorful tulip-cups
Enhance Tennessee
As spring interrupts.

The chill of the ice-white
The winter wind-long
Gives way in Tennessee
To a palette of song.

Oaks in squirrel-scurry
And birdcall-ring
Announce that  there's nothing
Like Tennessee in the spring.

by E. Marshall Evans

Copyright © Ed Evans | Year Posted 2014

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Spring Snow (revised)

It's supposed to be Spring,
Though snow's on everything
Winter weather's no longer a charmer,
But Easter Sunday should be warmer
My budding flowers may soon die,
Because the temperature is not high
Global warming must be the reason,
For snowfall in the wrong season

Copyright © JANICE HERZOG | Year Posted 2009

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The birth of spring

.                        THE BIRTH OF SPRING

                    To see and breath the birth of spring,
                    Ripe with the taste of soil and grass
                    You feel the freshness on your fingers.

                    Birds chirp pieces out of the morning
                    Silence, and the speckled colored bass
                    Float in lakes or up and over fly 

                    Painted waters of pebbled streams.
                    In violet night, stars shine like glass                              
                    And the sweet smell of earth lingers        
                    The crickets and whippoorwills sings
                    The songs of the virginal lass
                    And a boy clasping her fingers.

Copyright © mark east | Year Posted 2010

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A Day In The Sky

The cool air,
blowing in my hair,
the sound of bells ringing loud,
sitting down on the soft clouds.
This down right pleasure,
is what I'll treasure,
that no other dream can measure.
These yellow an red skies,
reveals its moment of time,
sleeping in the mid air as much as I please,
the view of the day in the sky,
as clear as the seven seas.

Copyright © verlena dillard | Year Posted 2014

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Frozen Prickly Pear

The prickly pear cactus is frozen
And the plant has toppled over
As the temperature rises, clouds cover
And the plant thaws will it spring approval
In the spring will it be a trooper
With the instinct for survival all over

(This was the morning that Cody had phone calls at three AM and he didn't wake up to 
answer them and I finally just got up. No excuse.  I should have checked my work. Sara)

Copyright © Sara Kendrick | Year Posted 2010

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Natures Wonders

As I walked down a pathway in the mountains in April
I came across a scene everyone could be thankful
To see in the midst under a evergreen tree
A doe giving birth to her new born baby
She lays on the ground with her head up
Watching her fawn come out with one last push
I see the fawn struggling to get out the sack it was in
And the mother helps out by licking on him
Until the sack is broken revealing him
He cries for his mom as she licks him more
Reassuring him is such a chore
He continues to cry out and tries to stand up
But his wobbly legs just wont quite hold up
He plops back down and cries some more
His mother still licking and cleaning him on the floor
He gets his legs underneath himself 
And stand ups without any help
He tries to walk forward and falls on his face
And begins to cry while his mom licks his face
He attempts to stand again and mom gives him a nudge
And he plunges forward again but manages to stay up
On his feet now his mom licks him clean
Revealing her next little king
But something seems odd with this little deer
He's awfully white for this time a year?
Low and behold it finally hits me
He's an albino and a rarity at that
Then I see him plop down next to his mothers lap
He begins to nurse from her and I decide I have seen enough
What a sight to see 
That I was blessed by thy

Copyright © Shawn Daniels | Year Posted 2016

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A rush of spring

 Morning of bountiful blessing the cold has risen from the earth
 A warmness has set among us letting us no of it's beauty
As the sun rises this morn I here birds talking outside my window
As the sun creeps upon my face this time of year is such a such a better place
Love that shout  be in the air never to leave bringing a smile upon my face
The animals look as if their happy the harsh winter is off by a presence of peaceful an grace
Crickets chirp as the bull frogs follow along as morning approaches an the wild horses
Run free an wild 

This evening wail I rock to an fro being as one with myself I pray tomorrow to be such as a beautiful  
As today with the sun upon my face an the wild as magnificent as ever were the wild horse 
Is free at last an the crickets sing to me to sleep with the shout of a wipers wills in the distance
Never I felt so much serenity peace an happiness it reminds me why I'm still here on earth

Thanks sincerely Tim

Copyright © Timothy Kegley | Year Posted 2014

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Signs Of Spring

I finally saw a robin bird,
Singing loudly to be heard
Tippy, my rescued kitten,
Sits in the window listenin'
My lilacs are now in bloom
I love the smell of their perfume
The days are now sunnier,
And so much warmer
My sweet Grandbaby, Genevieve,
Is getting too big to believe
Come the first day of May,
She'll have her first birthday
I'm so glad that Spring is here,
I've been waiting for it to appear

Copyright © JANICE HERZOG | Year Posted 2009

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In spring,
The garden wakes,
From its long lasting sleep,
Flowers blooming,
Bees buzzing,
Birds flapping,
Butterflies flying,
Lilies, tulips,
Lotus, roses,
Everyone, each one,
Happy time for each one.

Copyright © Tehrem Riaz | Year Posted 2016

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Response from the First Rose of Spring

Why is it that an angel
is made to suffer too
and feel the pains of heartache
like only humans do
To sacrifice the future
for a chance to see a smile
when moments shared between 
dont begin to compare to the 
Lies of written conversation
keep this heart from growing 
of waiting for the presence
of a face fondly admired
So take my heart not lightly
and tell that heart no lies
and perhaps when you wake 
each morning
you can look into these eyes
and when heaven should miss 
the only angel ever to
take the heart of a stray
and make the old feel new
the only thing I ask
is that you let me down gentle, 
but fast
and think of me sometime
the spring rose who bloomed 
with your help...at last.

Copyright © Evonne Van Gundy | Year Posted 2013

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will take care of the morgue.
I am going to hang my god
today. Howling winds
are crashing into my breath.

In the sea
of flags, the white death walks on
naked bodies of faith. Innocence
will take a back seat
listening to the roaring assault
of blues.

Was it a hymn to drink
the religion of rage ?
The men sitting in the glass vases
worshiping the rising sun in awe 
with folded hands.

Satish Verma

Copyright © Satish Verma | Year Posted 2013

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and your're still here
I don't know why

I don't know why
you still love me
Funny how you like my attitude
It's crazy, funky
So not you, but me

Let's plant our garden
talk about it endlessly
let's forget
Let's be you and me

Copyright © Kimmy Holmes | Year Posted 2008

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spring be there

after the chilly weather is done , comes  awesome spring
breathing life into plants and flowers
changed is the  nature ,  roses ,carnations, lilies n gladioli greet  everywhere
delightful is the dew on them butterflies and bees  hover around
elated are the birds and beasts wishing spring be always there.

Copyright © bawa talwar | Year Posted 2017