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Aberrant Poems

Aberrant Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of aberrant poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for aberrant.

New Poems

Divine Forgiveness

Stream of errant emotion spurts out of your mind, 
scathing currents erode the stoic banks. 
The mistaken course pervades unrelentably,
and drowns the pieces of my broken heart.

If compassion could change the aberrant channel,
with contours of forgiveness I’d embrace you.
You’d find...Read More
Categories: aberrant, feelings, forgiveness, god,
Form: Free verse

Premium Member The Artist
a mood of aberrant colour
a stain on the Artist’s worlds
a heart pulsating with pain
a wide range of intense ardour
mixed  on a fine palette
and a paintbrush adorning the world
with colours of imagination, Faith and Art
real canvases of human nature flesh
and...Read More
Categories: aberrant, art, dedication, depression, emotions, feelings, love, nature,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Zombie Apocalypse vs Social Collapse
The Walking Dead, the zombie apocalypse,
is very synonymous with social collapse.
Forget about zombies, because when the dollar crashes,
the same aberrant human behaviour will spread rapidly among the masses....Read More
Categories: aberrant, money,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member I'm just getting started
i'm just getting started
unraveling the threads
of this tattered lonely soul
sewn so long ago

apparition's crooked hands
grapples the rusty needle
as she unsteadily threads the eye
...flashback to childhood years
where a mother ties the loop
of darkened threads
cleaved from her own spool

pierced by torment
of each...Read More
Categories: aberrant, child, mother, poetry,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Soup Mail Follies

Soup Mail Follies

Never use it to destroy a poet.
Because it's the sender who gets
joy from pain in doing so.

Our world has enough problems
in it, no?
Why crush a poet's soul?
There's something aberrant in it.

Pray for the sender. 
Delete the email.
Above all, do...Read More
Categories: aberrant, forgiveness, poets,
Form: Free verse

Premium Member Solace

Solace found in secret places
A world away from life's stressful aberrant  din
Equilibrium and soul restored
I can finally breath
Heart smiles on reflection deep within

Sanctuary abounds in a blaze of abundant glory
Inner calm as a gentle pleasing summer breeze
Ever closure to...Read More
Categories: aberrant, appreciation, creation,
Form: Verse
Decode The Design Of Miracle


The laws of nature, the artifacts of scheme grandeur
of the supreme designer, humans endeavor to decipher
bit by bit across the ever expanding knowledge frontier,
much still remains concealed in the blueprint to discover.

Unusual events enigmatic, deemed freak...Read More
Categories: aberrant, god, miracle,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Dying to Sleep
Marriage bed’s empty though Love's nest is near,
Comforters gathered can’t pillow flown warmth!
Poetry’s widow? Both lovers feel lost!
Poetry born though perhaps worth the cost?

Buried at work, Men support Women's child,
Often miss most of a child's growing up,
Village required to survive,...Read More
Categories: aberrant, age, journey, life, love,
Form: Rhyme
An Average Schlepper
This fool doth not consider himself wise,
writing paltry poetry difficult
to read and/or actualize
methinks perusers of great literature
snub nose how I miserably advertise,

laughable attempt to aerobicise
fifty plus shades of gray matter
lobbying showy words agonize
zing effort perhaps best to cauterize
near petrified glob...Read More
Categories: aberrant, absence, anti bullying, atheist, character, death, grave,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member The Bard
The Bard 

In a small cottage high upon the windy moors
There lives a bard with authentic romantic rhymes;
A master poet who lives within present times.

Enchanting stanzas written to beguile, confuse.
His poetry sometimes enigmatic, you see,
Can be a challenge with a...Read More
Categories: aberrant, creation, inspiration, poetry, teacher,
Form: Rhyme

what does winter solstice signify
darkness on the wane,
enantiodromic course
never aberrant....Read More
Categories: aberrant, nature,
Form: Haiku
Silence Encourages
Silence Is Encouragement

Desmond Tutu: "If you are neutral in a situation of injustice, then you have chosen the side of the oppressor".

A very appropriate quote to describe the significance of apathy....
When silence is not golden, and one stands accused of...Read More
Categories: aberrant, abuse, angst, betrayal, community,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Romans

Believe this
Nothing can separate us
No false imitation 
Nor a usurper possessed by
covetous notion
Nothing can separate us
Not the deepest darkness
of any Black Ocean

The highest barred walls
where the hidden one in his den 
Not the name Daniel -
this is the story of...Read More
Categories: aberrant, bible, faith, forgiveness, freedom, god, inspiration, journey,
Form: Free verse
He is a typical Goth
"He is a typical Goth. That what I think so",-
Thought the parrot, looked at the crow.
"Gay" - the crow thought, looked at the parrot ...
That why he looked such gaily, aberrant....Read More
Categories: aberrant, adventure, clothes, funny,
Form: Quatrain
Premium Member Sugar High
There was a sudden lull in the day
 when all the children sat still without play.
They gathered round the barbecue
 straining to get hamburger, hot dogs, one or two.

The adults spent the hours oblivious
 as suddenly each child grew more...Read More
Categories: aberrant, candy, kid, sweet,
Form: Rhyme
but immutable.
Unmoving, unmoveable;
timeless, yet tireless.
Solitary stalwart sentinel
surveils undulating horizon.

Aberrant, achromatic clouds
pock-mark the skies, as distant
rumblings herald his adversary's
latest gambit in their age-old conflict.

The wrath of a thousand crashing,
clashing, thrashing fists batter
against the beleaguered sentry.
Ceaselessly, remorselessly,
the maelstrom assails him.

But the foundations...Read More
Categories: aberrant, light, metaphor, ocean, sea, storm, weather,
Form: Free verse
When the leader of a nation tells lies 
creating varied crises, chaos ensues.
Using more lies to change the narrative
indicates actions of an aberrant mind.

When the leader repeats untruths, ad infinitum,
the world around him becomes a cesspool of falsehoods.
Though the stench...Read More
Categories: aberrant, political,
Form: Prose
How do you reclaim
  thoughts that have gone

How do you say something
  you can’t

How do you breathe new life
  in your song

With words now escaped,

(Villanova Pennsylvania: May, 2017) 
...Read More
Categories: aberrant, words,
Form: Rhyme
Words aren't the tree to lean on
I'm not abnormal
just different kind of normal

through my chambers
tantalized horse is storming 
(storms make trees take deeper roots)

Dolly's vinyl began skipping
so my God put his paper hat on

that God of mine wears a paper hat
and you wear the fear the...Read More
Categories: aberrant, love,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Me and Me First
That soft-spoken Sovereign commands a big stick, 
runs the world into ruins, once our bailiwick.
If asked why, He grins grimly, pale lips slightly pursed:
"Vindication? Straightforward: It's Me and Me First" 

(To mesmerise people He needed a spell
and to wreak such...Read More
Categories: aberrant, political, society, world,
Form: Quatrain
Sub life interims end doubts of our real being
I seem to of late to live between an inner life of double doubt and life aberrant that relates to a coincintude that female hate is alive and well, as it subjigates its tentacles around its prey prematured by all...Read More
Categories: aberrant, anxiety, children, family, freedom, political, satire, society,
Form: Free verse
Epilogue to Premature Cremation
Clandestine meeting between
the Orvatech Corp. and the Celestial Military Command
Date: 04.24.2258

General Avar, the High General: The third trial test run has been successfully
concluded. What are the recommendations, gentlemen.

Dr. Quintas, the lead scientist: The fifth generation cybersolderies are ninety
percent combat ready....Read More
Categories: aberrant, horror, science fiction, soldier, war,
Form: Narrative
Premium Member Frustration

These days my frustration is digital in that `Brave New World'
                             ...Read More
Categories: aberrant, humanity,
Form: Free verse
Shapes and Patterns - Suspicious Tendencies
Within us, there is a lost device,
An ancient form of thinking,
An invisible heirloom passed down to entice,
For comprehension of our being.

Vastly unknown to the populous,
Widely used by the intellect and the aware,
Insistent and tenacious,
A device, attainable but rare.

Should it appear,...Read More
Categories: aberrant, life, longing,
Form: Rhyme
It's Over
I wondered in my shallow years
how I would know it was time to die.
My youth marked it the least of my fears
but now I know, I confess with a sigh.

There is a bothering in the bones
they seem too wear-weary at...Read More
Categories: aberrant, death,
Form: Rhyme