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Slam Abc Poems

These Slam Abc poems are examples of Abc poems about Slam. These are the best examples of Abc Slam poems written by international poets.

Zinc Adulating

Abominable holiday season greeting to the have-nots me and you
Bombshell tabloid sleigh bells got those ear holes ringing
Cut the tax gift wrap ribbon, only good...

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Categories: metaphor, parody, slam, word

High School
High school is like a game of life 
You make it half way through the game 
Then someone comes and makes you start over 


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Categories: slam, teen,

Playing with native Nigerian names
omo-gori-ola- "often only hollas" but...
its my mic not ikenna's
aunty tee momohmutana-seems to like plenty tea more than bannnas
Gertrude? NO! she aint RUDE! dont. .. slam...

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Categories: fun,

That's not love
Don't confuse love. Love is a feeling that will make you feel alive. Love is what you give, not what you get. Love is a...

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Categories: allusion, anger, growth, hate,

Please, God
Please, Found God,
let us laugh so hard.
Let him tell me jokes,
let me shuffle the cards
Please, New God,
let us climb so high.
Let him sit on...

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© Ema Kenyon  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: love, love hurts, red,

Like a hammer…they hit…some twit…
My earnings…my savings…but my cravings…
Beyond control…what kind of a future…to hold…?
The promise of wealth…but then the stealth…
No bomber…
The jack pot…it seems...

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Categories: anger, betrayal,

Slam the Door
Slam the Door

Slam shut the door,
The weather is freezing!
Under his bed covers Tony is sneezing,
Vulnerable to the cold winds.
Warm your hands by the fire,
Xanthophiles are...

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Categories: christmas, family, holiday, weather,

The Attack
You turn the corner,
To see a little boy,
Bloody and torn clothes on,
You ask yourself "What do I see this for?"

You walk a bit closer,
Wondering if...

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© Tera Brown  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: horror, hurt,

Rivers Of Gold
"Rivers of Gold"

Can't sleep thinking of what's to come

Such a significant part of me has fallen ill

Please God take me not her I pray on...

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Categories: cancer,

Cuba…Mamma Mia…like most of the Caribbean; part of the 1492 slam…
Slavery, sugar plantations… invasions, upheaval, independence…
Then the American kisses; with a slight twist…who initiated the...

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Categories: inspirational, international, political,

The Westdene Bus Disaster 1985

It was the morning of the 27th of March 1985.
Me a 14 year old girl, with hopes, dreams feeling so alive.
The day was as any...

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Categories: death,

Roonland Blues
Another day another try,
He tucks his shirt and knots his 
He laces too his worn out shoes
As he tries to catch the morning
His threadbare coat...

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Categories: pain

Stuff of Poetry
Made from the stuff of verse
My soul bleeds imagery 
Fashioned with pen
Created with paper 
And moulded by word
I am the stuff of poetry

Cut by the

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Categories: tribute

Buried Alive
I try not fall for make believe 
At times I'm trapped in 
Trying to choose a righteous 
Turning my head,
Instantly I'm blinded
Cars, homes, and money...

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Categories: black african american

dont like me
if you don't like me, you can go to hell, i'm riding on a ship, and i just now rang the bell, i really miss...

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Categories: art,

no more hiding
i will not hide, the way i really am, relationships dont last, so im sticking with my fam, the knife is sure to stab, while...

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Categories: art,

I have uncanny resiliency 
diminishing anyone who stands 
against me, 
along w the ability to quench 
the thirst of those looking for 
it's ...

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Categories: slam

Crust Method
Eye  control darkness
Standing in creek consciousness
Eye pain portal
Me maladjusted myalgia
Hyposyncratic virilence
It tick, me tick
Bit me
Me sick
Loads shells, no click

Arabic apotheosis shrouded in defamation
Famine lives...

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© Rob Browne  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: slam, spiritual,

The modern generation
Is coming all the way 
To colonize the old one to get it’s accommodation 
It’s encouraging many people 
To welcome it’s arrival
But once...

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Categories: slam, people, time, people,

The Window
How was I supposed to know,
That that window would be gone?
The day that I looked out last time
Blows in the wind like a song.

The things...

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Categories: seasons, slam, time, happy,