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October Abc Poems

These October Abc poems are examples of Abc poems about October. These are the best examples of Abc October poems written by international poets.

Premium Member Ghoulish Gardens
Afterlife Azaleas rise as apparitions 
Boney Buttercups bathe in blooming moon light
Cobweb Carnations cater to crystal chaos
Deathly Daffodils dance to the eternal door
Eerie Evening Primroses...

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Categories: death, flower, international,

A journey of hope
A journey Of Hope

Reward is his name 
the bird that flies
Hope is his name 
the bird that cries 

The air is bitter brisk and bleak

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Categories: bird, growth, happiness,

Premium Member Amphorae
Amphorae, beautifully crafted,
Delicate, exquisite, fire-glazed, 
Heated in jumbo kilns,
Lovely molded necks, 
Opaque pigments, 
Quartzite residue- 
Symbolic, timeless, utilitarian
Valued- with xanthic yellow zirconium

October 22, 2019
F T...

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© Mark Toney  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: art, beautiful, history, poetry,

Awed by the amazing assurance of God almighty*

Blessed with His beautiful gift of eternal life-bounty…

Committed am I to Him of grateful faith-love's certainty.

*Genesis 28:3 And...

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Categories: appreciation, beauty, blessing, christian,

Abide* in God’s wondrous freedom
Beyond Zen lifestyle’s wisdom
Create great experiences daily, not just seldom
Delight in moments of triumph …. vanquishing boredom!

Enrich others with prayers above...

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Categories: appreciation, blessing, character, faith,

Anna, the prayerful child, has these requests this season to Abba Father:
Bob, her friend-boxer to avoid and never miss a bad dab
Cedec, the street child...

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Categories: blessing, character, cheer up,

Abiding in God’s faithfulness*, I live for Him
Blessed to do His perfect will along His righteousness
Called to conform toward Christ-likeness…
Driven toward His triumph!

Ever-upheld by God’s...

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Categories: appreciation, blessing, christian, faith,

Premium Member Revive
1.  Always aspiring to authentic answers
2.  Belief begins, only to end
3.  Calls the crow, 'never, to'
4.  Drifting like October leaves
5. ...

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Categories: allusion, assonance, hope, onomatopoeia,

In the dark
It's there, it's somewhere,  out in the darkness watching me 
Surrounding everything, watching with there yellow eyes
Out to kill me,  to torture me...

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Categories: death,

October 26, 2017
No current!
No water!
People can live without current,
But, can't live without water.
It wasn't our dream,
To be engulf by darkness.
We don't have ever ice cream,

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Categories: light,

Premium Member Me, Sea of Tranquility
Along this journey that I call life, with all its turns,
broken dreams and heartbreak have been my friends;
cemeteries I know too well, and my pen...

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Categories: happiness,

Premium Member I am
All my life I have known I was different, and
bullying was part of my childhood and teen years, awful
cruel words have followed this girl into...

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Categories: culture, inspirational,

Premium Member Magnetic Passion
             Jupiter  r i s e s  to be stolen by...

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© Lu Loo  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: desire, love,

Premium Member Wind beneath Their Wings
Exuberance of agile seagulls
Flying with utmost ease and grace
Gliding to the tune of autumn’s wind...
Here, standing on the edge of the cliff
I look with envy,...

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Categories: flying,

Voices Softly Whispered
Snowflakes blanketed the world in winter white

Tenderly, they touched my impeded ears

Unlocked were the passageways to discern voices

Virtuously,  they repeated in soft whispers,

"Wisdom is...

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© Lin Lane  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: snow, wisdom,

Premium Member An Elegant Heron

Along the river bank I strolled

Beneath my feet the grass was wet,

Company I did not have, nor seek

Deep within my thoughts, but yet

Elegance, it caught...

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© Gary Smith  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: bird, flying,

Premium Member My Heart
Another year has passed my darling,
but my love for you will never fade, it is eternal, oh
cold is the bitter wind that blows my tangled...

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Categories: lost love,

After a long time today
Blue throated bird I saw
Cuddling psychedelic sunlight
Dating for the first time this year
Embellishing the boughs with amber moments

October 2, 2017

For Let's...

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Categories: bird, blue, sun,

Mums Ordeal - contest lets do some alphabet
Anxiously waiting trying  not to clock watch
Baleful noise breaks the silence,
Calmness disappears,
Distraught, sons first school day
Excitement as flying body flings himself at her, at...

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Categories: miss you,

Holding hands
Inside my heart, in space unconfined
Joy of giving glimmers, mind’s glow refined
Kindles candles, hope celebrates in mirth
Luring love when it takes birth
My hands holding yours...

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Categories: heart, love,