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Mental Illness Abc Poems

These Mental Illness Abc poems are examples of poetry about Mental Illness Abc. These are the best examples of Abc Mental Illness poems written by international poets.

Just Me
I would rather be me
theres nobody else in this world that I wanna be
just me, just me,
the world is a selfish place, with many a...

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Categories: anger, creation, humanity, integrity,

Untitled 24
Long I lay there -


If madness might take me -


Far better to be mad -

then stuck in the 


inside my head....

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Categories: crazy, how i feel,

Cannnot Please Everybody
Some people are happy to others happiness and progress
Most people are happier too see and to know other people’s sorrow and failure.
They tell you stories...

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Categories: betrayal, grief, mental illness,

Imagine this
Imagine one day everything's fine
Next day you're in a psychward with a completely differen't mind
No one looks at you the same, not worth anyones time


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Categories: addiction, anger, anxiety, conflict,

The World
We speak of the world as though it is one,
A singular place in which we live among, 
And so we are taught and lead to...

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Categories: anxiety, appreciation, beauty, depression,

The bus stop in LA
Waiting for the bus at a bus stop in LA
Sitting next to this guy who is clearly insane
Obviously homeless by the dirt on his face

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Categories: abuse, anxiety, betrayal, depression,

Sinking again

Im sinking again,
And now its further than before,
Inch by inch im losing myself,
I cant take it anymore....

Suffocating sounds of silence,
Are louder than you may think,

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Categories: anxiety, depression, fear, mental

Peace Not War
Just trying to live life in peace
The bullies bring you to your knees
They send the fickle off to war 
Not knowing what they are fighting...

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Categories: fear, mental illness, military,

Disturbing my emotions, im the clandestine enigma, 
boiling clouds of thunder, im tarred with all this stigma.
Sadistic moulded features, the lonliness of face, 
like a...

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Categories: anger, betrayal, conflict, mental

problems are many
but with the pen my problems are semi
living life one page at a time
trying to stay in a straight line
consider me after you...

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Categories: mental illness, religious,

Daniel's Song
Daniel’s Song
Tears shed for
A life cut short
A beautiful child
Who was loved
Confusion set in
And pain reigned long
We loved you in spite
When hope seemed lost
You were stilled...

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Categories: addiction, depression, introspection, mental


P  Pain pistols punishment for public pissings. Please pay attention to my plee for peaceful pleasure. My painful playfulness turns to rage when police...

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Categories: dark,


P  Pain pistols punishment for public pissings. Please pay attention to my plee for peaceful pleasure. My painful playfulness turns to rage when police...

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Categories: dark,

Suicide Note
I call this
 Suicide Note
By RebelpJones 

Drastic measures dismantle your mind,
Theres only one way out,
These are thoughts of only your kind,
You see different shades of...

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Categories: mental illness, suicide,

This silence is deafening 
Pressing away my sanity
Raging as the tide at dawn,  
Left now with quiet
Alone inside my head
Loneliness seeping further in
No whispers of...

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Categories: absence, memory, mental illness,

The Ball of Yarn
A trail taut with torment
Fraught with threads afray 
Once fastidious, your intricacies so fervent
Now cease to self-fascinate and fade away. 

I washed away your beauty...

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Categories: allusion, character, conflict, grief,

Depression in Parts
No, I am not oppressed. 
What I am, is tired. I’m tired of all of the things that have happened in my lifetime. Tired of...

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Categories: depression, mental illness,

I grow down
its not you its me , its not you it is me ,
we all find this a trick , 
but if you where me you'd...

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Categories: addiction, allusion, anger, anxiety,

This poem is what I wrote about my daughter....
Each day that passed by I felt you growing inside me, I felt you kick for...

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Categories: angel, baby, beautiful, birth,

Don't say Never
I'm never gonna make you cry, when you hit me. I'm never gonna make you first in my life. I'm never, ever gonna, make you...

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Categories: abuse, anger, betrayal, bullying,