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Inspiration Abc Poems

These Inspiration Abc poems are examples of Abc poems about Inspiration. These are the best examples of Abc Inspiration poems written by international poets.

Be You
You say what you mean, and
For some reason, 
I cant wait to hear what you have to say ...
It seems to come from a part...

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Categories: allegory, allusion, analogy, angel,

statue on sun tan
auditioning what I've never said before 
imagining what I've never saw beyond my shore 
my definition of making ends meet 
once you've seen the obscene...

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Categories: art, culture, emotions, imagination,

Two more days of May
Two more days of May
A lot that one can say
A heart can feel
A love can cure
a song be sang
along the shore
Two more days of May

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Categories: anxiety, appreciation, encouraging, faith,

The bridge between us
I am nearer to you than I was this time last year, 
you do not become more distant
time I will never fear
the bridge between us...

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Categories: age, angel, anniversary, death,

my days
i glimpse my days as they row by
to the corner of my eye
the race for identity
the mirage of divinity
visions and sights
a dark fear of light...

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Categories: art, deep, fate, inspiration,

By Parizo Van Thulare

Rise!my poet rise!
The words you speak are wise 
The stanzas you roll with are mild 
Like stars at night 
You always shine...

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Categories: dedication, inspiration,

Time Wasted
Time Wasted

Time kept on slipping, just under our feet, what would you consider life, the win or defeat? Moments often wasted never tasted so sweet,...

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Categories: change, destiny, history, inspiration,

A Good Book
A Good Book

By: Brandon Rhew

I know this sounds nerdy but,
What makes a good book?
Well I’ll give you a hint 
It isn’t how long it is...

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Categories: 10th grade,

the girl, the pearl
she's waiting for you to see
she's whispering there's another one inside of me
a lonely girl under fire 
who needs more than your desire
eyeing her body...

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Categories: care, cinderella, fairy, fantasy,

dream birthday
once you lay eyes upon lalinia 
it's emotional mania
a forehead sized sun
two eyes sized green moons
perfection finally in tune 
she's a universe by herself
it's the...

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Categories: angel, anniversary, birthday, care,


You're a pleasant feeling caused by love.
You're not a mental suffering neither annoying.
You'rea process of inspiration and influencing once emotion.
You sentient, imposing and attractive.

Those who...

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Categories: anger, art, beautiful, best


(Verse 1)
Whos stopping you?
Tell me this 
Tell me that 
Giving opinions 
Stating facts 
You can be 
It starts off as just a dream
You can...

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Categories: inspiration, inspirational,

inner space
float in the grace of your space
there is a place to embrace not to chase
once you locate
, losing the sense of direction, to where will...

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Categories: art, color, crazy, deep,

perfection of imperfection
what's a thorn without a rose 
what's a bleeding without feelings 
real darkness is where no light can shine 
intact to keep the light in...

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Categories: allusion, art, beautiful, imagination,

Trust The Process
Love Works Both Ways 
Now I know some brothers done messed up royally
They left a bad taste in your mouth towards the whole male...

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Categories: inspiration, inspirational love,

The New Year Eve
The New Year's Eve is the day,
When you can make a fresh start with a wonderful resolution and preparing for it with gay.

Forget the days...

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Categories: environment, eve, fun, new

The World
We speak of the world as though it is one,
A singular place in which we live among, 
And so we are taught and lead to...

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Categories: anxiety, appreciation, beauty, depression,

Catching the Wind
Days and nights, he spent running
To collect a Rose for his inner room
Nicely Roses smell, and gorgeous they are. 

On the one he wanted to...

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Categories: adventure, analogy, inspiration,

You can't be seen yet some have seen you, 
You are an enormous, influential feeling.
You fear nothing yet you fear hurt. it is said with...

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Categories: absence, anger, beautiful, best

poems we can tell

Succes in my blood
Succes in my mind 
Succes in my history
Numerous stories than the sand 
Of great glory

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Categories: africa, beautiful, books, culture,