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Garden Abc Poems

These Garden Abc poems are examples of Abc poems about Garden. These are the best examples of Abc Garden poems written by international poets.

Premium Member as a child
as a child-  I had an unwritten history in this world
blind, wailing and unaware, totally helpless
crying is all I knew of life at that...

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Categories: life,

Emily goes for a walk

Emily was at the beginning of her sixty-fifth year,
She lived alone since her husband,Colin died in 2008.
Her life involved cleaning and maintaining the family home.

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Categories: 10th grade,

Emily goes for a walk
Emily goes for a walk.

Emily was at the beginning of her sixty-fifth year,
She lived alone since her husband,Colin died in 2008.
Her life involved cleaning and...

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Categories: 10th grade,

If I had
If I had
Lionel Derbyshire

If I had
a little granddaughter or
a little grandson
of my own
I would give them
a little
bucket and spade
in uniform
of their own
or a little
tip up...

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Categories: celebration, child, emotions, future,

The Truth
The Truth

Your heart is not just the flesh 
And it's a garden.

Let it blossom.
And let it dispel the fragrance of life.

You're not just a man

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Categories: for her,

without you
Without you

Without you I found myself wondering like a lost soul in the universe
What have I done? What did I do?
I became an instant attorney...

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Categories: break up, change, emotions,

Two more days of May
Two more days of May
A lot that one can say
A heart can feel
A love can cure
a song be sang
along the shore
Two more days of May

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Categories: anxiety, appreciation, encouraging, faith,

Katherine remembers
Oh it was so long ago, now, in the time before television.
It was a more genteel time.
Women used to do the housework and read to...

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Categories: 10th grade,

the girl, the pearl
she's waiting for you to see
she's whispering there's another one inside of me
a lonely girl under fire 
who needs more than your desire
eyeing her body...

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Categories: care, cinderella, fairy, fantasy,

The Train to Treblinka
It was a glorious day in 1943,
The kind of day you wish to hug your children carefree.
The frozen Polish Winter winds were almost dying,

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Categories: 10th grade,

August's Lament
Oh these two Mandarin trees. Yes Symbols.
They are symbols. Time has passed ring the bells.
They are also symbols of the Great War.

(August yells at May...

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Categories: 10th grade,

onion sauce , sambal bawang
Sambal Bawang
air liurku, diamlah.
Nasi mari datanglah dengan hangat
Air liurku, tunggulah
Tempe digoreng hampir gosong
Nasiku buat penuh dalam piring ditanak lunak
Kemudian ,
Inilah sambel bawang,
3 cabe rawit
Secuil bawang...

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Categories: art, culture, food, funny,

God blessing is daughter
From the receipt of girl-gems
I m happyness in life
By the arrival of the little bud
As much as the shadow greenish in the garden
Every flower of...

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Categories: family,

ABC Of Love
A is for apple, temptation from the garden of Eden
B is for the beautiful days of friendship
C is for courage each and everyday
D is for...

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Categories: abc, appreciation, beauty, care, god,

King With No Crown

Kindly, God created humans with luck
In a garden, He placed Adam with martini
Not to live hurdles, but happiness in ton
Gambling, humans weren’t allowed to long


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Categories: anger, power,

Just Watching
Mild was that seed that rooted into a rich soil 
Rain and sun mixed for seed to become tree
Branches grew green and fruit wasn’t to...

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Categories: anger, endurance,

Paradise garden
I was walking through a paradise garden 
When a male spirit floated up to me
He said some were in my eye 
Is the corner of...

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Categories: fantasy,

My friend
Our imperfection.
And never ending joy.
We're funny little buddies.
From sunrise to sunset.
Somebody is offset.
I'm a nasty friend.
Like you cook fried egg and nothing less in the...

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Categories: analogy, autumn, boyfriend, change,

I stand in a beautiful land,
Where everywhere full of beauty.
I am surrounded by flowers, 
Its a flower garden.
Beauty of flowers Scolded my Eyes,
Body and mind...

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Categories: dream,

The magic of once upon a time 
has gone out of the garden of which 
man was made to tend and to keep. 
The mysteries...

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Categories: heart, magic, mystery,