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Depression Abc Poems

These Depression Abc poems are examples of Abc poems about Depression. These are the best examples of Abc Depression poems written by international poets.

It Took Over Me
Poem: It Took Over Me 
By: Ashley Eureeka Jones 
True Events 

I’m in the dark place
Up can’t sleep
To many thoughts going through my head 

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Categories: anger, anxiety, dark, depression,

Did it all matter
Did it all matter, my tears on the broken toys, when I was 6? 
On my fights with that other girl who was supposedly my...

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Categories: deep, depression, hurt, perspective,


She wasn't the type who'll ignore you to get your attention, she shows extra care instead,
She wasn't the type who gets...

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Categories: deep, depression, how i

I don't want to dwell on the if, buts or maybes of what isn't going to happen.
I'm going to dwell on what you want...

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Categories: anxiety, appreciation, art, depression,

What Is It About Me
What is it about me? Is it, I'm not the beauty, you think I ought to be? Is it, the bags under my eyes, my...

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Categories: depression, hurt, judgement, sad,

Someone Great
Do you think i can have one more kiss? 
I'll find closure on your lips, and then i'll go. 
Maybe also one more breakfast, one...

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Categories: adventure, appreciation, beautiful, break

Hospital psiquiatrico
Hospital psiquiátrico
 Me despierto de 2 1/2 días en coma ?  Estoy tratando de recordar mi nombre decir algo pero, no puedo,mis labios están...

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Categories: abuse, anxiety, death, depression,

Psychiatric hospital
I wake up from 2 1/2 days in coma ?  I’m trying to remember my name or make a sound but I’m speechless soundless......

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Categories: anger, angst, anxiety, crazy,

How many disappointments
How many disappointments?
You don't have a heart ache for yourself.
How many more people
'll continue to be betrayed
How many more disappointments?
He is that one that let...

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Categories: black love, break up,

32 Decembers have passed and death awaits me sitting beyond 
I want to tell you something...
I want you to pay close attention.
When I die I...

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Categories: celebration, cry, death, december,

Dont Go
I'm asking you on my knees
Moon don't go
Threshold the night to that heart
Sometimes mistreated
I won't forgive you.
If you leave me alone
With feelings that make me...

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Categories: black love, break up,

Anxiety And Me

Anxiety hits and i get worried,
My body freezes but my mind gets hurried.
Nerves race through me they got me tight,
Nothing could have prepared me for...

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Categories: angst, anxiety, depression, mental

The sun sets so quietly,
it’s warmth slowly disappears.
Loud howling awakens the moon,
As it’s glow reveals all your fears. 
Thoughts cloud over you,
Smothering happiness of the...

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Categories: anxiety, conflict, depression, howl,

ABC Anxiety Poem
Anxiety bursts confusion
distraught entanglements frenzies
grappling hysteria indecisiveness
jitters knockings lows
mania noticeable oppression 
panics qualms rigorousness
sufferings torments unhappiness
valuelessness wretchedness xed
yucky zaniness


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Categories: absence, america, anger, angst,

That feeling
It's like you know that you're hungry but you cant eat 
And something's on your mind so you cant sleep 

The more you try not...

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Categories: anxiety, depression, emotions, feelings,

 There is always a struggle
Everyone fighting their demons
This is the kind of war which you don’t take sides
The fence is always there to sit...

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Categories: bullying, depression, discrimination,

Vairag vahin se laata Hun
Jeena jahan ho mushkil sa
main raag vahin se lata hun
hai tapan me jalta hriday mera
bairaag vahin se laata hun
na srijan me hun na maran me...

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Categories: dark, depression, loneliness, lonely,

I recall it vividly,
Like it were yesterday,
I remember well when depression almost took my life,
I recall how I became thin,thinner and thinnest,
I can tell how...

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Categories: memory,

I wish I could think
I wish I could cry
Not knowing if this is goodbye

The thoughts are racing
Dont know what I'm 

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Categories: death, depression, farewell,

Blazing Parody
An answered prayer for those opportunists,
Stealing valued objects on their lists!
To make money out of what’s left and danger,
The goal of every human-scavenger!
Fire shocked the...

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Categories: 4th grade, 6th grade,