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Abattoir Poems

Abattoir Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of abattoir poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for abattoir.

New Poems

An abattoir of rotten meat
Necks rung as they were slaughtered
They loiter down a forgotten street
Dreams hung, drawn and quartered 

Hookers stuck in bimbo limbo
Faceless faces, made up names
Hooked on drugs, stood akimbo
Wasted spaces, paraded shame

Toothless trolls lay in wait
As stagnant...Read More
Categories: abattoir, april, discrimination, society,
Form: Rhyme

Premium Member Abattoir Away day
Abattoir Away day
Two sheep in conversation

I’m feeling a little nervous ‘bout tomorrow,
Though it’s good to get away from the Farm.
I’ve never been to the Abattoir before,
No need of concern or feel undue alarm.

Lambchop and the top field went last week,
I’m...Read More
Categories: abattoir, animal, food, how i feel,
Form: Rhyme
Wild goose chase
Pursuit for elusive prey
teases yours truly
into treacherous catacombs
dangerous mentally
challenging pitfalls,

sets small hairs of back
on camp creeks edge
of night, where dark shadows
evoke outer limits
of twilight zone

prompting me constantly questioning
purposefulness, qua hair raising pursuit
embarking these modern roman times
all for naught,
nonetheless I chide...Read More
Categories: abattoir, 11th grade, 12th grade, bird, fantasy, humor,
Form: Dramatic Monologue
Premium Member UNQUOTABLE QUOTES: LIII - Tongue Teasers

Whether the glass is « half full » or « half empty », what counts is WHO « drank" the "other half », the « better half » ? Lucky Devil !

« By hook or...Read More
Categories: abattoir, animal, girl, humor, irony, word play,
Form: Dramatic Monologue
Premium Member ABATTOIR
                                       ...Read More
Categories: abattoir, 12th grade, betrayal, death, evil, grief, heartbreak,
Form: Blank verse

Premium Member BESSIE THE COW
Bessie the cow
a prizewinning specimen,
has sadly relinquished
her gold rosette

Ruby red ribbons
of congealing blood
coat the floor
of the abattoir

The silly cow
ignored the bull,
farmer Fred’s freezer
will be full!

Ribbon Contest
Sponsored By Line Gauthier

...Read More
Categories: abattoir, animal, death,
Form: Free verse
I Haint No Recalcitrant Underdog Among Hoi Polloi
Boot juiced abiding
     by ruff dogma, with joie
de vivre, which oft times witnesses
     me being a decoy
occasionally feigning
     tubby an Anchorite, ahoy!

Life in the K9 corps
  ...Read More
Categories: abattoir, animal, character, creation, health, mirror, philosophy, soldier,
Form: Free verse
A seagull’s just messed on my car
poop splattered the windscreen so far
it obscured my view
wet white slimy pooh
that seagull needs the abattoir!

To remove that horrible slurry
I leapt out my car in a hurry
and wiped the poop off
with an old washcloth...Read More
Categories: abattoir, bird, humorous, sky,
Form: Limerick
meat industry
  The Meat Industry     
  Artificial meat is genuine meat.
    I look forward till it is fully developed
    And we can stop killing animals
    I...Read More
Categories: abattoir, abortion, absence, abuse,
Form: Blank verse
That's Okay Then
Nine A.M. one Tuesday morning,
there’s a constant steady stream,
when a bell tolls out to summon,
those kids in uniforms of green.

This local Catholic College,
run by the Nuns and Brothers,
is where kids of the faith are taught,
more strictly than the others.

Now in...Read More
Categories: abattoir, humor,
Form: Rhyme

Self Mutilation
literary food for thought.

Self Mutilation:

(ah bet thar iz an app for that!)
within unlit partial "FAKE abattoir" 
   sans wardrobe alcove 
   where dust bunnies didst allures
completing a simple task among 
   my never ending...Read More
Categories: abattoir, 10th grade, 12th grade, abuse, anger, emotions,
Form: Dramatic monologue

Dark evening not even a star
Wrong night to be coming home from the bar
It’s an awful long walk to your car
Me thinks your door’s been left ajar
Is there even any gas in that reservoir?
Everything seems so creepy and bizarre
Something's eyeing...Read More
Categories: abattoir, anxiety, halloween, horror,
Form: Monorhyme
The Monster In The Machine
Mine is an existence binary and subsidiary.
My ode is to code.
I move only to algor-rhythms. 
I output from your input. 
I’m built to calculate, tabulate, correlate.

Never to predicate, adjudicate, pontificate, 
or demand that you abdicate. 

But the end, my master,...Read More
Categories: abattoir, change, computer, future, science, science fiction, senses,
Form: Free verse
Hard line mid line, keep on limbo from corner to corner, side to side confronting and confining glue to bliss back to punk music the bitterness you definitely built will fall with tears under the shadow in night which fails...Read More
Categories: abattoir, allusion, anxiety, emotions,
Form: ABC
Photograph is a dead being
photograph is a dead being
placed on death bed of paper
by every  business murderer
using camera as the sword
operating in studio abattoir
on people who choose to die
to see themselves dead alive
...Read More
Categories: abattoir, image, metaphor,
Form: Free verse
The Matador

I was thinking of taken the bus Seville
But don`t know what to do when getting there
Unless I run into a female Toreador 
I once met in Seville she was good at killing things
She had once worked at an abattoir,...Read More
Categories: abattoir, absence, angst, anxiety, art, autumn,
Form: Blank verse
That day you said “No”
I was skinned alive
on the abattoir of rejection
bleeding my heart has been
agony burns as flames
of hell set loose on me

...Read More
Categories: abattoir, allegory, relationship,
Form: Free verse
A Pinholed Labyrinth
Lame sunrises and midday sunsets
Fangs in words and perils in laughters
Sweet archs of smiling fires and silky shouts in talking forests 
I come from the bitter of cobstones paved down the coalfield 

Broken lutes and snoring cork oaks 
Freckles of...Read More
Categories: abattoir, identity, meaningful, mirror, symbolism,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Load Gaseous Emisions

As I ascend the stairs to my waiting boudoir
I expel these loud gaseous emissions just like a car
Is it the rarefied atmosphere
More likely what I ate I do fear
Must lay off the beans, it smells like an abattoir

...Read More
Categories: abattoir, humorous,
Form: Limerick
the visit
The Visit 

Mother and I went to visit her uncle and his family
Who lived in the outskirt of the town, we took the bus
No five which took us to the posher part of the city.
Mother`s uncle was a foreman at...Read More
Categories: abattoir, break up, butterfly, career, change, child, class,
Form: Bio
Underneath a Poet
We poets are like everybody else
Except that we have
No members beneath
That pours out honey and nectar.

Now say that like the poet you are.
Words like apples at the centre of the garden
Belong not with poets to use.
They are dirty slimy words
And...Read More
Categories: abattoir, crazy, poetess, poets, sexy, sin, society, writing,
Form: Free verse
We had stopped believing
Because our purple lords were deceiving
Labouring each day in the scorching sun
Our hearts were burning
Our desires started waning
At times we wish that our existence was done
What purpose is there in life were suffering swallows up joy
And we...Read More
Categories: abattoir, africa, war,
Form: Lyric
flights of pig
There's nothing quite so graceful as a flying pig. Swooping over lands and seas. Saying hello to birds on the way. No pecking though. Just oinking. Occasionally octagonal birds can speak the dialect of oink. As avocados sleep quite peacefully...Read More
Categories: abattoir, animal,
Form: I do not know?
/There she stood tall, face down.
Her tall frame obvious despite her bowed head.
Tied and beaten like a goat being led to the abattoir.

As she sobbed, I felt the strain in her voice.
Her cries were not the only ones that rang...Read More
Categories: abattoir, africa, , cute,
Form: Epic
Raped of all freedoms, basic democratic rights
Restraints ever tighten casting underdog to fight
Sharp scratch of needle pierces State sectioned vein
I submerge to a world of the psychiatrists drain

Adult my dummy preventing tongues loss to bite
Held within induced seizures epileptic in...Read More
Categories: abattoir, horror,
Form: Rhyme