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Hurt Held Your Pillow

Last night, I slept again with anger. This morn, my hurt held your pillow. Gone, have you trip-sobered a thought for me, or our heart’s cracked carousel, poorly operated? I never prepared to wed drink addiction or create a home where deceit married fear. Layers, upon sad stares grow walls of distance as I daily wonder just which end is near. I felt I saw us. Infatuation blind eyes Drowned in your brown eyes. No alcohol antenna. Attraction saw less than felt.
... CayCay Jennings 8-13-16 Crystalline - 2 lines, syllable count 9/8, unrhymed Kimo - 3 lines, syllable count 10/7/6, unrhymed Quatrain - 4 lines, 11 syllables each line, lines 2 and 4 rhyme Tanka – 5 lines, syllable count 5/7/5/7/7 unrhymed

Copyright © | Year Posted 2016

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Date: 12/15/2016 4:10:00 AM
I dont know anybody that can write like you
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Date: 9/4/2016 8:28:00 AM
CayCay, this poem dramatizes--with awesome power--the hurt suffered by those whose loved one is addicted to alcohol. It's a first-rate write, composed under some demanding constraints. Congratulations on a premium-quality composition.
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Jennings Avatar
CayCay Jennings
Date: 9/4/2016 5:50:00 PM
Paul - your comments are among those rare ones that truly fulfill me as a writer and I am most blessed to receive such feedback from you. I may write, but have no adequate words to tell you how much I thank you! All the best ... CayCay
Date: 8/26/2016 2:30:00 PM
Just to say I came by to read this again, I found the title so endearing, and even the poem sad, you just feel to hug and make things all better!
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Date: 8/24/2016 7:51:00 PM
A sad but wonderful write, CayCay! Powerfully emotive! Congrats on your 2nd place win! Blessings!
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Date: 8/23/2016 10:58:00 AM
CayCay, congratulations on your win Hugs Eve
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Date: 8/22/2016 1:23:00 PM
Caycay, congratulations on your win in my contest with this beautiful poem ~
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Date: 8/22/2016 12:24:00 PM
CayCay, a beautiful poem from a beautiful lady...congrats on your placement in the contest :)-luloo
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Date: 8/21/2016 7:55:00 PM
You can't always get what (you think) you want. Good write. Congrats! :-)
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Date: 8/21/2016 3:47:00 PM
Knew this was a winner! Congrats on the number 2 win! Well deserved!
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Date: 8/21/2016 12:48:00 AM
A deeply emotional write, CayCay, and that last tanka is just great. I'm sure you will do well. Viv x
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Date: 8/19/2016 7:10:00 AM
A wonderful write CayCay, deep emotions. It reminds me of one or two of my own relationships, thinking you know someone but being blinded by your own emotions.
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Date: 8/16/2016 12:05:00 PM
I can relate to this sad well written poem CayCay. Any kind of addiction wears a marriage thin until there is nothing left but the addiction staring you in the face. Brilliant writing! 7 ; )
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Date: 8/15/2016 5:28:00 AM
A very sad write, but brilliantly written, CayCay. A7. Best wishes for the contest. T.J
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Date: 8/15/2016 2:10:00 AM
Oh CayCay...your choice of words is brilliant....the content so sad. Addiction can kill love. It's true. Addiction is a powerful thing.....whether it is food addiction, alcohol addiction, or sex....or....the list goes on. If only the addict would seek help. Great write. Hope it does well. Hugs
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Date: 8/15/2016 12:57:00 AM
CayCay this is brilliant......Seren
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Date: 8/14/2016 7:18:00 PM
This is really well done Cay Cay, should do well. I'm thinking of changing mine now, I think mine's too dark, you struck a nice balance with this one!
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Date: 8/14/2016 10:47:00 AM
this one came from the heart, and not just the "assignment" I can't wait to attempt this one as well. I am feeling like going with cancer. A lot of things came to me the other day. the irony of it all.
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Date: 8/13/2016 11:56:00 PM
Love is also often considered a tormenting addiction in time. Can feel the hurt and sadness. Lot of luck in the contest. Have a great weekend. Peace, Love and Joy.
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Date: 8/13/2016 9:13:00 PM
Wow, now thats a powerful write of love, addiction and deception, one can feel the sadness dripping from the words.
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Date: 8/13/2016 8:08:00 PM
Wonderful composition sure to win
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Date: 8/13/2016 5:37:00 PM
CayCay, This is a sad poem with deep emtions. Its so sad that we don't see a person's true colors until later. A relationship should built on honesty not lies or pretense . Great job. I wish you the best of luck in the contest. Thanks for visiting my page. A Big seven:-) Alexis
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Date: 8/13/2016 5:20:00 PM
Oh CayCay this is such a sad poem. Sometimes love is blind and we don't see the real person until it is too late... then have to try and pick up the pieces of our shattered dreams:-(good luck in the contest:-) hugs Jan xx
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Date: 8/13/2016 5:05:00 PM
Very powerful read.
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