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The Tea Pot

The Tea Pot #8

The story of the tea pot Once upon a time a certain lady named Norma Miller woke up and decided to do a good deed. She walked into the garage and grabbed whatever she could find, it was an orange teapot, so she decided to give it to her cow girlfriend an Indian lady named Marlyn who is friends with Norma and occasionally stays in contact with her, oh how lovely she said, both me and Debbie were not aware of this. So one day I find the whole set. It was Debbie's set it was given to her as a little girl by both her mother and father circa 1969 Now Norma, felt like shit so she did the ultimate no no and asked the girlfriend for the Tea pot back, Indian giver is a very bad word but I don't know of another By then it was on its away to her brother over the pond, in England never to be seen again, even though Marlyn, Norma's friend guaranteed it Now Jed you know me and everything I do comes from a good place that is why Debbie never understand things I went on line and found the entire set and bought it, just to make Norma feel good and show her that in this day and age we can get anything. When I pressed the key and placed it not two seconds went by when I see the teapot on another site called shit! So I maneuvered Norma into sending you whole set and convinced him that it was her gift and since she was the one that poo pooed, the whole thing she has to pay for it. When the set arrived it was so well packed that I did not want to touch it, that is why I was so surprised to hear that anything broke if ever I ship anything again, it will be bubble wrapped so where are we oh yes, you have you set and of course all shit broke out because of some little miss understanding like the whole world is on your shoulders, you do not have time to drop everything to make a call. So the tea pot arrived in our house and shit its a fucking coffee pot and we are still on step one of with this situation, it will not end, now I have to order the teapot of just be happy with coffee pot and don't you dare suggest bringing the tea pot here please I'm not done yet Norma got a hold of the phone number and ordered a plate for the set, for you, we already have one And she is so into it, she is at the point that she talks and Debbie look at me and say just go with it. She is lucid, but repeats the same stories over and over you understand.. If one of the pieces that broke is a creamer I have an extra one of those and having tea is so old school, but maybe oh well this email is getting long again sorry

I want to show you you gramsie is being well fed by the Filipino boy service here
By Marc Acrich


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