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The Pretend Prophet

The Pretend Prophet #13

Heed my words, for they are warnings,

And also they will be burned They are high above your adobe. And sometimes I hide in stoves. I have seen much that has made me happy. But many of you do not face reality And I have seen much that has made me sad. You all better watch out, I might get mad The things that make me happy Are the same things that make you happy it all stem from me your pappy I gave you all life, so you can give life, As I have given you life rime after time. I wish nothing but happiness in all of your life From the bottom of my infinite heart The things that have made me unhappy I have never asked for your dovaning, I have heard all of your prayers, I know some of you are scared, Just you wait until the end But why must stand at a wall all day to tell me so? There is no need for it at all I would like your time better spent with your families That will bring you dignity And in procuring your well being. i will keep seeing I have given you commandments to follow Now you know you ought to Also so many of you are reckless You haven't a clue not even the best of you I can't wait to pelt you. And disregard so many of you too And I have given you a day at rest to do so. But many of you still go to work I'm' bringing the light of my love back to my people They will share with you in every church and every steeple To share with everyone else on this green earth Is a dream not a curse I call upon you in your homes Look up in the sky, I'm there like a drone I have commanded them to be plentiful Get off that wall and go home Make sure you do not get stoned Play with your kids That is time well spent Don't forget about all your temptation And you have done so You will be gloried that for sure Just remember me and not my curses Since I'm I'm happy.

P.S. I no longer belive
By Marc Acrich


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