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My Old Dog Monty

My Old Dog , Monty ,The New Foundland

My Old Dog, Monty, The New Foundland #10

I was just thinking of my old dog Montana, my wife and I, found him on an advertisement in a local paper near Sunset Gower studios In Hollywood California where my wife Deborah worked it was all her Idea. We went to see the puppies that were recently born, it was a really good neighborhood, the puppies were all in one place, a chubby one came over to my wife, he was the one for us. They put a small red ribbon around him and we had to wait a few weeks, he turned out to be such a sweet big dog. We remember his first bark it took me and Debbie by surprise. By the way, if anyone does not know this, when purchasing a puppy do look at its paws it will give you a clue on exactly how big he or she is going to be. We first had a small home in the Hollywood Hills and then a bigger one in another neighborhood; all I can remember from the first house is this. One night my wife and I went to a restaurant called Lawrys, Marcha Clark, worked there before she became a lawyer and participated in the OJ Simpson trial, connections, I tell you. They are very weird. This restaurant specializes in ribs the big kind, when we were leaving, I asked if I could possibly take a few bones with me, I do not care about germs, I'm not going to be the one masticating on them. They gave me a nice box, I had to carry it on my shoulders as everyone looke3d on, have I not told everyone that I'm like the tackiest, son of a gun that ever existed; except for that guy who will not buy Avocados or Mangos because there is not enough meat on them; this I read about in a story. We gave the bones to Monty and he chomped on them all night long, way until sunrise, when we awoke it looked like a battlefield of death, there were rib bones scattered everywhere. There were rats visiting us every night in that old art Decco house.

And our dog fought those vermin bravely occasionally catching a few, We eventually had to move from there, because of the rats. They were winning the war against us,; even after I enlisted the help of an exterminator, they had to give us our money back. They too had to give up, it as hopeless. I could hear them on the roof like an invading army, they would somehow always get into our kitchen, the exterminators set traps and I had to drown the little bastards, it played to much on my conscience and I had to retreat. I once regrettably kind of kicked Monty, not too hard he turned and gently growled at me, Please do not think me abusive I have never been like that, it was just that one time and I was at fault and also it was more of a push than a kick. This is my way of making amends to him. Monty swam in our pool everyday with these dogs they love the water, I once heard of one falling of a ship and came on to a shore two days later, unstoppable these brave dogs, I bet you did not know that they have webbed feet. This particular dog, did not have a mean bone in his body, I would take him to downtown Los Angeles and walk him through a crowd and watch people freak out, he was a Newfoundland, and he was majestic, all black and a head like a bear, One time in my clothing store, I decided to give him a haircut to save the sixty dollars, no doubt in the back, where there was a door. Listen you have to hear this when I was giving him the haircut there was so much hair flying out that door that a nearby lunch truck came to ask me to please if I could so be so kind as to stop it; his customers were upset that their tacos were getting hair on them. I, of course, being the most humble of men, told him to fuck off; and I do whatever I fucking want, I have a store here and I'm paying a ton of rent. Completely ignoring the poor bastard request as he is trying to make an honest living to feed his family, boy did that guy pick the wrong place to park that day. This was obviously a case of the wrong place at the wrong time; I was the king there, his royal highness; did he you know this? How is it that the guy could not see that? Listen, if you do not already know this I'm a walking contradiction, all I know, I have a heart of gold, but I also have a rebellious nature. I should of let all of that go a long time ago, I'm finally putting all of the pieces together at last, I have learned to let go of all the baggage, all the failures, and anything else I dislike about myself I let it go, as it floated down a river of no return. I have constructed a new person with all of my strength and some weaknesses, like love, that cut both ways and to tell you the honest truth there was not much to discard, My faith is strong, my confidence is back, I see the light emanating from me and I notice who in my travel throughout his life I see who is turned on and who is turned off, I only wish that I could shine a light on all of these sleepwalkers; but it is not my job, it's for someone else perhaps just themselves after all God does help those who helped themselves Good bye my good classy friend Monty you were our protector, our friend and family, we will always love you and it was a privilege to know such a good and old soul as yourself, one day we willmeet again and you will show me your true self.

, Marc Acrich #9


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