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A Walk Around The Block

A Walk Around The Block

I would like to write about my wonderful experience on my walk around the block. Never mind that I was walking to be away from a violent wind that was blowing at the time. I walked towards the peace, I walked towards me. As I was walking on my beautiful walk on my beautiful day in the beautiful world As I walked, I heard a voice, it was not from the beyond or God It was from my mashugana head It said something so profound I bet you it will change the course of human history The voice said to me. SHOW ME A, MAN'S GARDEN, AND I WILL SHOW YOU THE MAN Is that not profound I ask? Of course, I'm plagiarizing it. I remember that from some heavy Japanese poetry probably Haiku And I believe, I just quoted you the best poem in the book As I walked I only looked for the purple plants because purple is the color of royalty. Bullshit, just like all the shit in my mind. All CA-a that I inherited for all the other cock suckers that have ever lived. There is a wonderful spiritual saying the collective consciousness, I have my own The collective ca-ca All that can-as that was put around the lead into my head and what makes it all the worse is. S all the ca-ca, I have given the world. Now I ask you, is that fair/ that I should whine myself through life. I also was fair to myself today. Maybe for the first time. I would like to say that to everyone. Give yourselves a break. You might deserve it already I suppose McDonalds came up with it But who cares In all my wisdom I now understand Kabbalah There is no such thing as energy emanating out of the Hebrew letters That is some more CA-case that only further my psychosis But their secrets of secrets there is no denying that And like I have often said, it can drive you nuts Famous Jewish wisdom does prevail in my mind. It often jumps out at me. Like beware what wells from. What a good one. I'm elated that I have now had Crist conciseness. You can call it Bugs Bunny concessions for all I care. My walk it would be nice to say I came out of it like Moses but I can't. Because it happened earlier like fifty nine years and so many seconds and it took me much longer than others. I'm of the tribe son's of stubbornness and I was its leader. I wanted so much for people to love me and they were. I wanted my dad to show my stuff and he was. When everything in your entire being is flipped on its head it is very unbalancing, fruitful for others A bad acid trip hello you got a peek at the inside. Gabe said Marc you; left me all alone, there And I was tripping that was fucking cold blooded. And it was. i have said that to Debbie many times when i was stoned, in a soft voice like you Gabe, Deb man you were really fucked me last night when I was vulnerable. its cold blooded when anyone is not nice to the vulnerable. That is why i wish to run to the bank and withdraw every cent i have and give it to the poor And walk the path of Jesus The only path I would walk is the path of fucked up cheap ass moccasins And my dad made dam well that was not going to sacrifice his entire life so that his son would one day give it away in a a revival of soul or turned Christian or join the Chabad. or run to Tibet and get into a monastery Or take a plane to give Mr Wayne Dyer my dad's money so he can live in more comfort in Hawaii on the most beautiful spot on earth Where the holy dryer decided to take a crap. My dad put in what are called fail safes He left Ben in charge of the money But I in all my wisdom was going to show everyone that this to I can get by I would threaten to bring in a lawyer and attack the will. and after i 'm through no one will have any money You know who gave me that piece of wonderful advice It was my father, he said I WILL SINK THE BOAT Fuck me, All that does is everyone drowns now i'm going to write my own books I know i'm a very funny man because i have beenn blessed with education i have been blessed with a very high IQ and a very high sense of negligence I have measured it against other people all my life My game of ping Pong has finally ended I sing now o home and rest our beautiful girl dog Cheyenne just came to me, i told her how sorry i'm that i yelled and scared her so much, she never has to be scared again I 'am going to feed her Really good food And she is going to live a very long life near us And I will always protect her There is no order in the universe, because it is a never ending stream like the water of a river. if you wish to flow with the gentle water do so if you wish to float down stream do so if you wish to swim up stream, as i have all my life then do so like the universe, my book will flow like the water there is no order there is no story there is no experience there is only my hand reaching into the unknown and putting it here on this paper i will put on this paper anything that is beutiful to put down i have let go all of my hateful writing i thought my friend was drowning but it was me those that put sign on there home for tresspasers to keep out are the homes that get broken into The Torah Is not from God the Torah is from the people of God a not older thought some angry.

We do not give plants' water because they need water, we give them water because we understand they need water. I know what my life purpose is, follow of my positive impulses write it is what you love to do, only make it beautiful as can be I now understand, Kaballah. when you write, you write sounds capturee in vessels, called letters so when we send them to someone and you send them your thought s and if you say them you actually realese them, those sounds Comming into realzsation can be frighting If you continue to pursue acting like aliitl girl, you are going to be punished like one yes even you dear are going to have to see for yourself, how you have bben behaving one day you will wake up and see all about yourself, you will see all of your goodness and all of your faults you will see all of your behavour enough said Isn't it nice that the chair said that Debbie is Real limber and I're strung like a tight string, funny isn't it All, glimpses and relaxation That no one will ever see If you are so smart Ben, hen go and find it for yourself, I found it Good luck Bro Gabe got it way before, me, Sarah probably helped him, I had a sneaky suspicion it was something like that. It was a quick guess that I quickly discarded It is difficult to understand, why I feel so much less They call marijuana the devil weed And if ekhart says that plants and flowers are on the ethereal plane Then maybe our favorite plant is the one that has helped us along the path of into the now Maybe it is the reason I need it so much and how confusing for me that it was the only thing that made me feel normal. It was because it was help pin me, now I still like it, I do not understand it, Sleep not messages from beyond the are only figments of our imagination We need to sleep, so we can see I even woke up gentle It is not ever something new we now we are learning, it is something we know Mr Ekhart should work on his streanghtihing his back I can now speak from a place of convictio n my wife keep asking me where things are i have no idea t seems to me young lady that you are doing so much right good for yourself, why don't you begin to look at most foods as your medicinal, approach, you do not need to know everything that is in them. Trust me a tomato is good for you our mothers had it right. And keep reading a life time of education will help keep you healthy, if you use it right, I'm over the moon since I found out about Turmeric and everything is starting to look like it is good for you, I cannot understand why we call some of them super foods, what makes one food more sharper than another. That is ridiculous; they are all even. Except maybe Green tea that is one ass kicker good for you food. Also, Mr Alex Steblowsky here on Facebook, should be our doctor, he knows his shit. Good luck and cheers up like the old farts say you are too young to be done
By Marc Acrich


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