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Stress Quotations

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Quote Left We leave the moose in peace. We do not take people to visit the moose. We don't want to do anything to stress them. Quote Right
Quote Left The better work men do is always done under stress and at great personal cost. Quote Right
Quote Left The better work men do is always done under stress and at great personal cost. Quote Right
Quote Left I have a cat named Trash. In the current political climate it would seem that if I were trying to sell him (at least to a Computer Scientist), I would not stress that he is gentle to humans and is self-sufficient, living mostly on field mice. Rather, I would argue that he is object-oriented. Quote Right
Quote Left Before you agree to do anything that might add even the smallest amount of stress to your life, ask yourself What is my truest intention Give yourself time to let a yes resound within you. When it's right, I guarantee that your entire body will feel it. Quote Right
Quote Left I want to stress how much this situation is unworthy of the natural requirements that we owe to people here in France, whatever their origin or nationality, Quote Right
Quote Left I remember that coaching strategy we employed. Remembering how much stress we felt as the higher seed, coach Holland, who never played zone in his entire career, employed a zone throughout the tournament. And it was a huge help because people did not shoot the ball well because their players were uncomfortable with all the pressure of trying to move on. Quote Right
Quote Left Keep your sense of humor. There's enough stress in the rest of your life to let bad shots ruin a game you're supposed to enjoy. Quote Right
Quote Left He who endeavors to serve, to benefit, and improve the world, is like a swimmer, who struggles against a rapid current, in a river lashed into angry waves by the winds. Often they roar over his head, often they beat him back and baffle him. Most men yield to the stress of the current... Only here and there the stout, strong heart and vigorous arms struggle on toward ultimate success. Quote Right
Quote Left Pressure is a word that is misused in our vocabulary. When you start thinking of pressure, it's because you've started to think of failure. Quote Right
Quote Left When he had the stress fracture or whatever it was two years ago, the trainers told him it was caused in part because of a circulation problem brought on by the high socks. Quote Right
Quote Left There has been in recent years excessive emphasis on a citizen's rights and inadequate stress put upon his duties and responsibilities. Quote Right
Quote Left Now, if the principle of toleration were once admitted into classical education --if it were admitted that the great object is to read and enjoy a language, and the stress of the teaching were placed on the few things absolutely essential to this result, if the tortoise were allowed time to creep, and the bird permitted to fly, and the fish to swim, towards the enchanted and divine sources of Helicon --all might in their own way arrive there, and rejoice in its flowers, its beauty, and its coolness. Quote Right
Quote Left Holidays are in no sense an alternative to the congestion and bustle of cities and work. Quite the contrary. People look to escape into an intensification of the conditions of ordinary life, into a deliberate aggravation of those conditions: further from nature, nearer to artifice, to abstraction, to total pollution, to well above average levels of stress, pressure, concentration and monotony -- this is the ideal of popular entertainment. No one is interested in overcoming alienation; the point is to plunge into it to the point of ecstasy. That is what holidays are for. Quote Right
Quote Left Adopting the right attitude can convert a negative stress into a positive one. Quote Right
Quote Left It feels really good to get the medal. It takes a lot of stress off my shoulders. Quote Right
Quote Left I'll be ready, but I just have to try to keep my emotions down. I'm not going to be nervous about the [setting], it'll just be different. And there's just the little extra stress of having to get tickets . Quote Right
Quote Left It's just terrifying and it stress them and they don't meet with a very humane end. They're probably going to be torn apart by the dogs. Quote Right
Quote Left You don't get ulcers from what you eat. You get them from what's eating you. Quote Right
Quote Left If you lose a game you're not going to sleep, or even if you win sometimes because there's always the next game. It's a lot of wear and tear on your mind. Some of the series you could be down or facing elimination, and that puts stress on you. You have to bear down with it and prepare yourself for your next shift. Quote Right
Quote Left The shootout is a very horrible way to decide the game - immense pressure and stress measures the mettle of the players and coaches and fans. We, however, have tested very solid in just about any category you wish to use. Derek made a tremendous save. Quote Right
Quote Left Thinking happy thoughts is not the way to cope with the stress of having cancer. Quote Right
Quote Left The stress of the season and the emotional tear of the season have left a lot of scars in that locker room. I'm going to be honest with you. Some of our guys will finally have a chance to grieve, and they probably need that. Quote Right
Quote Left I don't believe people die from hard work. They die from stress and worry and fear -- the negative emotions. Those are the killers, not hard work. The fact is, in our society today, most people don't understand what hard work is all about. Quote Right
Quote Left Reality is the leading cause of stress amongst those in touch with it. Quote Right
Quote Left And the prayers. I can't stress how important the prayers have been, because I know that's why I feel as good as I do. Quote Right
Quote Left Last year, when I got that stress fracture and I was out for a while, I got really down on myself. My attitude became horrible. It wasn't a good time for me, and I wasn't good for the team. Quote Right
Quote Left Over the years your bodies become walking autobiographies, telling friends and strangers alike of the minor and major stresses of your lives. Quote Right
Quote Left I know the pain Oliver is in, and I know the pain our citizens are in, ... We just have to keep on asking for patience and asking them to endure, even more than they have already endured. These people coming in have been in stress since Monday. It is Saturday. Our heart goes out to them. Quote Right
Quote Left I am sailing out along parallel 32.5 to stress that this is the Libyan border. This is the line of death where we shall stand and fight with our backs to the wall. (On planning confrontation with US Sixth Fleet in Mediterranean) Quote Right

Member Quotes About Stress

Quote Left O estresse é um estado de ignorância. Ele, o estresse, faz a pessoa acreditar que tudo é urgente. Acima de tudo, antes do estresse "Ame a vida", não importa o que aconteça. Isso geralmente vai manter centrado mesmo a pessoa mais estressada. Ser paciente e nunca ficar estressada com as grandes jogadas da vida ou dos negócios, essas são as coisas para lembrar. Quote Right
Quote Left Compreenda: trabalhar duro por aquilo que é uma obrigação cria estresse; trabalhar muito por aquilo que amamos é chamado de paixão. Vivemos muito mais quando trabalhamos com paixão e para o bem das outras pessoas em vez de trabalhar e competir com as outras pelo nosso bem. Compreenda! Quote Right
Quote Left Debt-free, Stress-free, Retiree... That's me! Quote Right
Quote Left [...] O mundo será das pessoas que falam menos a palavra "NÃO”. [...] escolha suas palavras com sabedoria e fale-as lentamente. Isso permitirá que você interrompa a propensão do cérebro a ser negativo e, como pesquisas recentes mostraram, a mera repetição de palavras positivas como amor, paz e compaixão  ativa genes específicos que diminuem seu estresse físico e emocional. Quote Right
Quote Left Growing up--it could be beautiful yet stressful, but however, in the end we must be grateful. --May 3, 2020. Quote Right
Quote Left A dream is a message from the mind that represents current situation and different events of the past, present and future. “For Example.” 1.Fruit and vegetables in the dream mean wish and desires. 2.Snake is the omen of risk and danger. 3.Crying and weeping indicate emotional and physical needs. 4.Nightmare is the symbol of suffering and bad luck. 5.Pain is the symptom of reality and real pain or distress etc. Quote Right
Quote Left " Is it of mercy and grace I continue as a understanding man, in iniquity which separates God from man? Or is it a lesson which one deserves to live distressed confused in the way every prayer is answered as was it faithful prayed? A schism between my love and divine in eyes. I sow and my hands immoral war are needing justice to scold them sore. I know it's my blessings curse and my curses blessing either or by my power is my weakness even more. The pit or the clouds?" Quote Right
Quote Left Stress can be maintained in the body for years and cause all sorts of negative health consequences. This means to learn how to relax is to learn how to heal. To learn to how to heal is to learn how to enjoy life once again Quote Right
Quote Left A smile can be the mightiest sword destroying the fight! - Dark Mistress Quote Right
Quote Left Although it certainly distresses me to inflict anguish upon your consciousness, I deeply regret the painful necessity of telling you the rejoinder to the query which you just posed to me must be in the negative. Quote Right
Quote Left P.S. life is to momentary to not have fun in the moment, let go of the stress... Quote Right
Quote Left P.S. stress is so much heavier when I overthink, your words are too heavy for me sometimes... Quote Right
Quote Left RuPaul prefers to be saved when he's in " DISTRESS" especially if it's a Versace ! Quote Right
Quote Left When emotional stress and strain becomes overwhelming, believe in a power greater than yourself. Quote Right
Quote Left "Stress - a pimple in your part" Quote Right
Quote Left When you are most stressed and not sure how to deal, stop and think "which thing will matter a year from now?" This question has an amazing ability to deliver clarity. Quote Right
Quote Left Our hearts gain from the weight of fear what the athlete's limbs gain from the weight of dumbbells, but only if like the athlete we don't carry that weight all day but learn to set it down before the stress of exertion begins to crush the sinews it was meant to build Quote Right
Quote Left Be Bless and watch your Stress be Less Quote Right
Quote Left Conquer stress and see if you won't pass the test Quote Right
Quote Left Stress in moderation is a good and healthy thing - that means you are on the right track; its when that stress turns into the things that prevent you from doing what you love, that is when it becomes a problem. Quote Right
Quote Left Gaze deep into my darkness for my hell will become your tormentor, your soul my tortured mistress. Quote Right
Quote Left Couples should be together, not because of need but because they choose to be. Two equal partners, not Master and Scivvy nor Mistress and Mug, but like the Yin and Yang complimentary. Quote Right
Quote Left When stressed, the world feels like it's all on your shoulder. You know! the world is round it should just roll right off, Now! doesn't that feel better. Quote Right