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Famous Jacques Chirac Quotations

Best famous Jacques Chirac quotations. Find, read, and share the best famous quotations by Jacques Chirac. These are the most popular quotations and best examples of quotes by Jacques Chirac.

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Quote Left I want to stress how much this situation is unworthy of the natural requirements that we owe to people here in France, whatever their origin or nationality, Quote Right
Quote Left I would like to express to all Londoners, to all of the British people, the solidarity, the compassion and the friendship of France and the French people. [on London terrorist attacks, 7th July 2005] Quote Right
Quote Left Today the heart of every French man and every French woman beats in unison with those of their brothers and sisters in Martinique, Quote Right
Quote Left The use of civilian nuclear energy, which is perfectly legitimate, must not serve as a pretext for pursuing activities that could actually be aimed at building up a military nuclear arsenal, Quote Right
Quote Left will never forget the men who agreed to make the supreme sacrifice to liberate our soil, our country, our continent from the yoke of Nazi barbarity. It will never forget what it owes America, our eternal friend. Quote Right
Quote Left The bulletins may have been presented as medical but in reality they were texts drawn up by the patient and his advisers. This wasn't medical communication but the filtering out of politically-based information, Quote Right
Quote Left Secularity is one of the republic's great achievements, ... It plays a crucial role in social harmony and national cohesion. We must not allow it to be weakened. Quote Right
Quote Left I requested a budget to support employment, spending power and the preparation of the future. This 2006 budget meets this requirements, Quote Right
Quote Left What I'm saying is, you have to look at the problems, file by file, case by case, and solve them, ... Find a right way to solve them. But we can't do that without the United Nations. It won't work. Quote Right
Quote Left I am convinced that, in view of the political and technological evolution of humanity, a major power will by necessity be democratic, Quote Right
Quote Left not a force of division, but a force of harmony. Quote Right
Quote Left I absolutely share the feelings of President Clinton that there can be no economic development aid to a regime which is not democratic, Quote Right
Quote Left a man of courage and conviction who has incarnated, for 40 years, the fight of Palestinians for the recognition of their national rights. Quote Right
Quote Left It's time to go on the offensive, Quote Right
Quote Left if we want, in this troubled and unsettled international context, to guarantee the security of our citizens and influence the international choices that affect our interests. Quote Right
Quote Left Those who admire you -- and they are as numerous in France as they are in your own country -- know that this extraordinary performance represents courage, effort, determination. Quote Right
Quote Left We should look forward not back -- to a unified, democratic and peaceful Iraq, ... There is no disagreement here. Quote Right
Quote Left France is mourning, Quote Right
Quote Left France does not have a problem with NATO, no problem, Quote Right
Quote Left one of the greatest contemporary humanist figures. Quote Right
Quote Left The world is not only a market. Our societies need rules. The economy must be in the service of man and not the reverse. Quote Right
Quote Left President Bush asked me if I was going to the session, and I said it was possible, and President Bush said 'I'd be happy to meet you on that occasion,' and I said 'naturally', Quote Right
Quote Left Our relationship is going to be long and no doubt fruitful. As far as our views on the France-German relationship and the demands of European construction are concerned, we were in complete agreement, Quote Right
Quote Left The vocation of Europe and of European institutions is also, and above all, to defend Europe, to defend the economic, financial and social interests of Europe, Quote Right
Quote Left We have institutions that work, we have pressed ahead with enlargement which will take place on May 1, ... There is no drama or crisis with a capital 'C'. Quote Right
Quote Left I heard and I understood your call so that the Republic lives, so that the nation rallies together, so that politics change, Quote Right
Quote Left National Missile Defense is of a nature to retrigger a proliferation of weapons, notably nuclear missiles. Everything that goes in the direction of proliferation is a bad direction. Quote Right
Quote Left This is necessary to speed up the return to calm, Quote Right
Quote Left It is a measure of protection and precaution, Quote Right
Quote Left It is totally out of the question for us to go a single step further, Quote Right

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