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Birth Quotations

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Quote Left Double, double toil and trouble; Fire burn, and caldron bubble. Fillet of a fenny snake, In the caldron boil and bake; Eye of newt, and toe of frog, Wool of bat, and tongue of dog, Adder's fork, and blind-worm's sting, Lizard's leg, and owlet's wing,� For a charm of powerful trouble, Like a hell-broth boil and bubble. Double, double toil and trouble; Scale of dragon; tooth of wolf; Witches' mummy; maw and gulf Of the ravin'd salt-sea shark; Root of hemlock digg'd i the dark; Liver of blaspheming Jew; Gall of goat, and slips of yew Sliver'd in the moon's eclipse; Nose of Turk, and Tartar's lips; Finger of birth-strangled babe Ditch-deliver'd by a drab,� Make the gruel thick and slab: Add thereto a tiger's chaudron, For the ingrediants of our caldron. Fire burn, and caldron bubble.Double, double toil and trouble; Fire burn, and caldron bubble. Cool it with a baboon's blood, Then the charm is firm and good. Quote Right
Quote Left The same stream of life that runs through my veins night and day runs through the world and dances in rhythmic measures. It is the same life that shoots in joy through the dust of the earth in numberless blades of grass and breaks into tumultuous waves of leaves and flowers. It is the same life that is rocked in the ocean-cradle of birth and of death, in ebb and in flow. I feel my limbs are made glorious by the touch of this world of life. And my pride is from the life-throb of ages dancing in my blood this moment. Quote Right
Quote Left Some people surrender their freedom willingly but others are forced to surrender it. Imprisonment begins with birth. Society, parents they refuse to allow you to keep the freedom you were born with. There are subtle ways to punish a person for daring to feel. You see that everyone around you has destroyed his true feeling nature. You imitate what you see. Quote Right
Quote Left Big heart, wide as a watermelon, but wise as birth, there is so much abundance in the people I have.... Quote Right
Quote Left I have an idea that some men are born out of their due place. Accident has cast them amid certain surroundings, but they have always a nostalgia for a home they know not. They are strangers at their birthplace, and the leafy lanes they have known from childhood or the populous streets in which they have played, remain but a place of passage. They may spend their whole lives aliens among their kindred and remain aloof among the only scenes they have ever knows. Perhaps it is this sense of strangeness that sends men far and wide in the search for something permanent, to which they may attach themselves. Perhaps some deep-rooted atavism urges the wanderer back to lands which his ancestors left in the dim beginnings of history. Sometimes a man hits upon a place to which he mysteriously feels that he belongs. Here is the home he sought, and he will settle amid scenes that he has never seen before, among men he has never known, as though they were familiar to him from his birth. Here at last he finds rest. Quote Right
Quote Left Intellectual growth should commence at birth and cease only at death. Quote Right
Quote Left Our birth is but a sleep and a forgetting. The soul that rises with us, our life's star, hath had elsewhere its setting, and comet from afar: not in entire forgetfulness, and not in utter nakedness, but trailing clouds of glory do we come from God, who is our home. Quote Right
Quote Left If winter is slumber and spring is birth, and summer is life, then autumn rounds out to be reflection. It's a time of year when the leaves are down and the harvest is in and the perennials are gone. Mother Earth just closed up the drapes on another year and it's time to reflect on what's come before. Quote Right
Quote Left Once there was The People - Terror gave it birth Once there was The People, and it made a hell of earth Earth arose and crushed it. Listen, oh, ye slain Once there was The People - it shall never be again Quote Right
Quote Left I'm hurt, hurt and humiliated beyond endurance, seeing the wheat ripening, the fountains never ceasing to give water, the sheep bearing hundreds of lambs, the she-dogs, until it seems the whole country rises to show me its tender sleeping young while I feel two hammer-blows here instead of the mouth of my child. Quote Right
Quote Left The birth of the new constitutes a crisis, and its mastery calls for a crude and simple cast of mind -- the mind of a fighter -- in which the virtues of tribal cohesion and fierceness and infantile credulity and malleability are paramount. Thus every new beginning recapitulates in some degree man's first beginning. Quote Right
Quote Left The stars have grooved our eyes with old persuasions Of love and hatred, birth,—surcease of nations . . . Quote Right
Quote Left We pray for one last landing On the globe that gave us birth; Let us rest our eyes on fleecy skies And the cool green hills of Earth. Quote Right
Quote Left I think, at a child's birth, if a mother could ask a fairy godmother to endow it with the most useful gift, that gift should be curiosity. Quote Right
Quote Left I don't know how old I am because the goat ate the Bible that had my birth certificate in it. The goat lived to be twenty-seven Quote Right
Quote Left Pregnancy demonstrates the deterministic character of woman's sexuality. Every pregnant woman has body and self taken over by a chthonian force beyond her control. In the welcome pregnancy, this is a happy sacrifice. But in the unwanted one, initiated by rape or misadventure, it is a horror. Such unfortunate women look directly into nature's heart of Darkness. For a fetus is a benign tumor, a vampire who steals in order to live. The so-called miracle of birth is nature getting her own way. Quote Right
Quote Left Good work, Mary. We all knew you had it in you. Quote Right
Quote Left Death is as casual-and often as unexpected-as birth. It is as difficult to define grief as joy. Each is finite. Each will fade. Quote Right
Quote Left From the moment of birth, when the stone-age baby confronts the twentieth-century mother, the baby is subjected to these forces of violence, called love, as its mother and father have been, and their parents and their parents before them. These forces are mainly concerned with destroying most of its potentialities. This enterprise is on the whole successful. Quote Right
Quote Left My birth certificate read Dorothy May Kinnicutt, but, lest you think that the name Sister has any ecclesiastical significance, let me hasten to point out that it was immediately hung on me by my three-year-old brother, Frankie. Quote Right
Quote Left Truth never comes into the world but like a bastard, to the ignominy of him that brought her birth. Quote Right
Quote Left What had the man done? Oh, made history. Her business (he had implied) was giving birth, Tending the house, mending the socks. Quote Right
Quote Left A funeral is not death, any more than baptism is birth or marriage union. All three are the clumsy devices, coming now too late, now too early, by which Society would register the quick motions of man. Quote Right
Quote Left Contraceptives should be used on all conceivable occasions. Quote Right
Quote Left Lift up your eyes upon. This day breaking for you. Give birth again. To the dream. Quote Right
Quote Left Although every organized patriarchal religion works overtime to contribute its own brand of misogyny to the myth of woman-hate, woman-fear, and woman-evil, the Roman Catholic Church also carries the immense power of very directly affecting women's lives everywhere by its stand against birth control and abortion, and by its use of skillful and wealthy lobbies to prevent legislative change. It is an obscenity -- an all-male hierarchy, celibate or not, that presumes to rule on the lives and bodies of millions of women. Quote Right
Quote Left I wouldn't put it past God to arrange a virgin birth if He wanted, but I very much doubt if He would. Quote Right
Quote Left Solitude gives birth to the original in us, to beauty unfamiliar and perilous- to poetry. But also, it gives birth to the opposite: to the perverse, the illicit, the absurd. Quote Right
Quote Left Ai, ai, poor mother, your birth-pangs were fruitless: I am wroth with these spirits. Quote Right
Quote Left A library, to modify the famous metaphor of Socrates, should be the delivery room for the birth of ideas-a place where history comes to life. Quote Right

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Quote Left Independence Day is not just a date on the calendar; it is a flame that ignites the spirit of every individual, reminding us that freedom is our birthright and courage is our strength. This day reminds us that true independence is not merely the absence of external control, but the resolute presence of self-determination. As we commemorate the valor of our fathers who valiantly fought for our freedom, let us honor their sacrifices by cultivating a society that........By Aloo Denish Quote Right
Quote Left Ugly pain is savage and beautiful. It's kind of like child birth. That's a war cry, in itself. Ugly pain can tear your whole world apart; without belief of something greater outside of the pain, weakness wins, but strength is belief in something, bigger, better...that always wins...and that is fierce. Quote Right
Quote Left Every form of individual action is birth by a rationale intention which could be right or wrong. And the principle regarding every action serves a dish of its precise outcome. Quote Right
Quote Left If we live in the light that surrounded our birth, we can bring something magical to earth. Quote Right
Quote Left People who are not even eligible for parenthood are giving births every year. Quote Right
Quote Left When you were born, you wept while the world rejoiced. Live your life so that when you die, the world weeps while you rejoice. —Kabir Das, loose translation/interpretation by Michael R. Burch (keywords/tags: birth, death, world, laughter, rejoice, weep, weeping, cry, crying) Quote Right
Quote Left Through chaos, great change occurs. It gets worse before it gets better. Butterflies are fragile, but they are the souls of caterpillars, strong enough to wave their messages of rebirth through. Don’t get me started on Bees. Love. Joy. Be. Quote Right
Quote Left A poet births words, brings them into the world like a midwife, then wet-nurses them from infancy to adolescence. — Michael R. Burch (keyword/tags: poet, poets, words, birth) Quote Right
Quote Left Some lives are as white as a piece of paper from birth to decease, others are the brilliant colorful pictures. Quote Right
Quote Left "Women made this world. Men only think they did. Men had a mother behind them from birth to teach them." Quote Right
Quote Left Did heaven ever seem so far? Remember–we are as You were, but all our lives, from birth to death— Gethsemane in every breath. ('A Possible Argument for Mercy' by Michael R. Burch) Quote Right
Quote Left Colours dance before our eyes, starbursts take us up and down through tunnels rollercoaster rides home - sex, love, birth, death, all through spectral colours, life sensual senses something electric, close and far away, in the green and blue dance. Quote Right
Quote Left Colours dance before our eyes starbursts take us up and down through tunnels rollercoaster rides home - sex, love, birth, death, all through spectral colours, life sensual senses something electric, close and far away, in the green and blue dance. Quote Right
Quote Left ur GAUD created hell; it’s called the earth; HE mused u briefly, clods of little worth: "let’s conjure some little monkeys to be BIG RELIGION’s flunkeys!" GAUD belched, went back to sleep, such was ur birth. ('yet another post-part'em christmas blues poem' by michael r. burch) Quote Right
Quote Left If 5 people were given a the same puzzle, they will all start initially with a single piece but the picture in that piece may differ from one and another so will the path they choose to make their puzzle some may start from the edge some from the middle but at the end all of them will end with the same picture .This is why life’s a puzzle although we all start at birth we are born different and we all choose to follow different paths but in the end the our destination is the same that is death. Quote Right
Quote Left Today is your birthday, Be happy, Because is your born day. As the day you born you never smile, Smiling today. As you were crying because you were scaring starting your task in this world. Quote Right
Quote Left Learning is difficult; Un-learning, even more so. Of the two, Un-learning is more important. It is the choice That leads to change. Unlearning is the process That gives birth to Creativity. In disassembling the known, We create a path That leads each of us To a different future. Quote Right
Quote Left Nudity is not the term of shame; nudity is the real form of the birth source, but the dress code is the source of discrimination and the chance of fraudulence. Quote Right
Quote Left Whatever happens in life we can rely on new rebirth through Christ, not only in the earth’s wolds but in our hearts and our souls. Quote Right
Quote Left From the moment of birth life is a poem, each day is a verse. It's hoped our poem will be read, long after we've gone to our rest. Quote Right
Quote Left Each birthday sets a milestone in everybody's life: do you express joy or worry? Isn't this a victory, rather than a defeat? Quote Right
Quote Left Love gives birth to good manners, the man without etiquette has no religion; Therefore he who has just learned to hate others is irreligious! Quote Right
Quote Left each moment of your life is an echo of your birth Quote Right
Quote Left You are the birth of every moment I’ve become Quote Right
Quote Left Kamasutra The process of getting engage body to body in different positions is kamasutra A woman gives birth by the milen of two orja jeevan and mirtuy orja which converts into javic orja....... With love all MRI Jagdish Bajantri ETD Quote Right
Quote Left May it be as elaborate as making wine... with the ease of drinking it in! (May your year be as elaborate as making wine... with the ease of drinking it all in!) Happy Birthday 7.7.2020 Quote Right
Quote Left Your amazing especially on your special day Happy Birthday Cuth J. Aliens Quote Right
Quote Left Everyday is our birthday We cherish it always In our every being Quote Right
Quote Left Today is the first year of working my sobriety and I'm happy 2 wish my son MARQUIS YAZZIE a HAPPY SWEET 16 BIRTHDAY for it's the first time SOBER.... first of many years to come BEST PRESENT TO GET AT AGE 16 I LOVE YOU SHI 'YAZHII Quote Right
Quote Left HAPPY BIRTHDAY Within a blink of an eye she turned from a baby into a young Lady Many Years you are more than Blessed We Love you Breanndra Bahe Quote Right