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Quote Left Philosophers, for the most part, are constitutionally timid, and dislike the unexpected. Few of them would be genuinely happy as pirates or burglars. Accordingly they invent systems which make the future calculable, at least in its main outlines Quote Right

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Quote Left They tried to control my conditions, little did they remember my destiny was already written Quote Right
Quote Left Sure There Are Other Sides, ....Yet They Needn't Block Advance! Edmund Burke, Albert Einstein. Quote Right
Quote Left I read this in C.S. Lewis's autobio titled 'Surprised By Joy'. It is one of the most profound sentences I've ever come across: 'The hardness of GOD is kinder than the softness of men, and His compassion is our liberation.' Quote Right
Quote Left "Find a good teacher, don't betray yourself to succeed and be a better person before being a better actor". In response to the question, "What would you recommend to young actors?", from the interview "Giovanni Morassutti: La mia "voce" grazie a Giancarlo Giannini!", (October 3, 2014); also quoted in Quote Right
Quote Left Sometimes you wonder what it would be like to join them, but then you remembered the pain you felt in the past. Quote Right
Quote Left Square Root. A Factor, A Number Multiplied With It's Equivalent Value, Thus Achieving A Product, Containing Equalities Of Division. Quote Right
Quote Left Space Alone, Itself, Is Of Quantification Of Materialization To Sound Of Letter And Number. Quote Right
Quote Left The Birth Of Any Announcement Contains The Companionship Of Letter And Number. Quote Right
Quote Left The highest virtue attainable is the greatest qualia for the greatest number of complex conscious creatures; sustained for the longest duration. Quote Right
Quote Left A man, bereft of infidelity and theft will surely win. Quote Right
Quote Left Shoot to kill let them sleep Don't make it look a bliss That bliss might be a goodbye kiss For tomorrow is never promised If you on the right way then you on the pavement of achievements Let your present be proud of your improvements Always remember life is all about commitments Quote Right
Quote Left There are no worst enemies than family members,those people can bite and act like they are comforting you Quote Right
Quote Left Before you adapt wrongly to love for giving your all but taking the fall for all its wrongs; remember love means sacrifice; for you didn't get it wrong at all giving your all when love called Quote Right
Quote Left I want the inevitable to hurry and the evil to run from bluffs. Power through numbers and measured by man. Money is a need we share to live but I know its busy men and lives consumed which keep truth covered by materialism we love it too. Destroy your self in ignorance and laugh in death but destroy your self in wisdom you will never forget. Quote Right
Quote Left IF you are of creation then you can't run from your Creator.Remember The Righteous Creator in all your sorrows and pains; the after life is best over all material wishes and things.Dance songs of Joy not mourn of death which frees us from a life of struggles, chasing money, title, & things.Enjoy!!!! Quote Right
Quote Left Remember The Righteous Creator; Believe in Resurrection.Peace,Love,Prayer,Faith. Enjoy!!!! Quote Right
Quote Left "Remember negative people as they are, as a negative." -Jaishree Ghariwala Doshi Quote Right
Quote Left Forgetful people always seem to know they're forgetful...... if they forgot that bollocks they might remember useful stuff Quote Right
Quote Left The hindrance that we face in life is not long as numbers that has no end, but it's like alphabets which start with 'A' and end with 'Z' Quote Right
Quote Left "True freedom is not the absence of chains around your ankles, waist, wrist or neck; neither can the absence of a 4ft by 3 inch wall around you or over your head be mistaken for freedom. True freedom is the ability to think, say and be what you want to be unencumbered." Quote Right
Quote Left I remember back when you couldn't stand me, nothing's changed Quote Right
Quote Left I remember back, going to school, only worry I had was what to wear Quote Right
Quote Left I dream of remembering things, I've forgotten Quote Right
Quote Left "One success may outnumber all your failures" Quote Right
Quote Left Always remember that, 'the moment you put your hope in something of nature is when you will need to be good in waiting. ' Quote Right
Quote Left I have fallen in love with pink, my color to never forget. Ive fallen in love with blue, my color to always remember. Ive fallen in love with me... because although lifes been pink, and lifes been blue; Ive never forgetten who I am. Quote Right
Quote Left Grief can be overwhelming. Just remember to breathe in, breathe out, and repeat as necessary. Quote Right
Quote Left "Success does not happen by chance. It's planned and deliberate." Quote Right
Quote Left You can release the things that are holding you down. Remember you are apart of the process. Weights can be lifted.. but you are the only one that can lift them. It was your choice to add them... so it is your choice to remove them..Free yourself Quote Right