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Quote Left Philosophers, for the most part, are constitutionally timid, and dislike the unexpected. Few of them would be genuinely happy as pirates or burglars. Accordingly they invent systems which make the future calculable, at least in its main outlines Quote Right

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Quote Left Today is the first year of working my sobriety and I'm happy 2 wish my son MARQUIS YAZZIE a HAPPY SWEET 16 BIRTHDAY for it's the first time SOBER.... first of many years to come BEST PRESENT TO GET AT AGE 16 I LOVE YOU SHI 'YAZHII Quote Right
Quote Left God, give you a day worth remembering the rest of your life... and repeated with happy thoughts.. again and again... Quote Right
Quote Left On the subject of tolerance: We must remember that most of us are the children of Conquerors. Quote Right
Quote Left Love is a whole lot like fishing. No matter how many you catch and mount, you always remember and talk about the one that got away. Quote Right
Quote Left Before they enter the chambers of your heart Make sure they aren't falling Apart. Quote Right
Quote Left Every man ought always to be sober, because all men are destined finally for the soil. Quote Right
Quote Left Be the most amazing person, people will always remember Quote Right
Quote Left I wish poetrysoup didn't give you fake numbers viewed when you share on Facebook but hey ho if you can trick the mind into believing it is rewarding for advertising purposes and business comes first who cares Quote Right
Quote Left Living like you will not see tomorrow still gives you a natural tendency as a human to act weird and seek for absolution but to me I will tell you to *Live like you won't breathe in the next seconds, minutes, or hour* then you can live well to do good I said many months ago, *our breathes are numbered* *Paciolo Pen Saint?????????* Quote Right
Quote Left Fear erased us; knowledge will allow us to remember. Quote Right
Quote Left Kya karain gareeb agar ho leader swami Haqeqat mein ho kashkol niazi aur harami. “I rebel; therefore I exist.” Albert Camus. Quote Right
Quote Left When you feel like crumbling, remember there were good times before and there will be good times after. Where they are, is left for you to embrace. Quote Right
Quote Left Quote Right
Quote Left Call God's number when in doubt, don't be shy to give him a shout Quote Right
Quote Left I remember one time I ate this pizza in Sicily. The pizza was okay, but the crust...the FUCKING crust. It was so hard you could sharpen it, slit someone's throat with it, bite off the part with blood, throw the rest in the trash, and no-one will ever know you killed nobody. They see this crust, and just think you ate a pizza. Quote Right
Quote Left The elephants at the zoo, lumbering in their cells, like deadwood floating downstream, where the mouth is closed. Quote Right
Quote Left Irresponsibility can lead to murder, it might not have been mediated or intended, but most bar fights are not meditated or intended. We need you to be cautious on the road at all times. We need vigilante and wise citizens at all times and if you have a drivers license, you have taken an oath to honor the responsibility of that license, which means looking both ways, showing patience, being sober and slow to anger while on the road. Quote Right
Quote Left I walk in the camp of gunrunners with words, I sit in quiet musings with my thoughts and roam in the wind, inviting the quick-witted to a banquet of words. only the guilty are afraid. Truth and only truth can liberate the soul Quote Right
Quote Left Abuse is act of exercising evil in the guise of liberalism, authority, politics and religion. Quote Right
Quote Left The tree the lumberjack left will be next generations shade Quote Right
Quote Left Don't push those who forget you to remember you fellow, for they will slowly and gently forget you too when at the same time new doors and opportunities are opened as well. Just hold your breath, save it for tomorrow. Quote Right
Quote Left When things are going very wrong, and you do not have time to pray... Remember things are going very wrong, and you need to pray! Quote Right
Quote Left We start listening to minorities, and the Liberal Democrats and "Remain" never shut up Quote Right
Quote Left Right handers may believe it’s right to be right and wrong to be left, but just remember, a champion is always the one that is left Quote Right
Quote Left They tried to control my conditions, little did they remember my destiny was already written Quote Right
Quote Left Sure There Are Other Sides, ....Yet They Needn't Block Advance! Edmund Burke, Albert Einstein. Quote Right
Quote Left I read this in C.S. Lewis's autobio titled 'Surprised By Joy'. It is one of the most profound sentences I've ever come across: 'The hardness of GOD is kinder than the softness of men, and His compassion is our liberation.' Quote Right
Quote Left "Find a good teacher, don't betray yourself to succeed and be a better person before being a better actor". In response to the question, "What would you recommend to young actors?", from the interview "Giovanni Morassutti: La mia "voce" grazie a Giancarlo Giannini!", (October 3, 2014); also quoted in Quote Right
Quote Left Sometimes you wonder what it would be like to join them, but then you remembered the pain you felt in the past. Quote Right
Quote Left Square Root. A Factor, A Number Multiplied With It's Equivalent Value, Thus Achieving A Product, Containing Equalities Of Division. Quote Right