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Free Verse on Love

Contest Judged:  2/28/2020 6:50:00 PM
Sponsored by: Lu Loo | Send Soup Mail
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Contest Description

ok, some of you know i am a romantic at heart 

please enter an old or new free verse poem on love

show me the depth, emotions, metaphor, even slight sensuality following PS rules

i said you could enter an old poem, but i encourage you to write new ones - expand your muse, or take and old one and revise it. whatever, just be true to the form and show me genuine love. NO HEARTBREAK! (passionate love poems only)

1.) No names, but DATE! No need for contest/sponsor names

2.) Please make sure you are entering the right contest. I had TWELVE poems in my last contest that were not supposed to be. It is frustrating. Please be more careful from now on -thanks :-)

3.) Title MUST be "FREE VERSE ON LOVE" - NA if not

4.) hint hint..(I enjoy free verse poems aligned to left) 

5.) Only 10 placements this time!


many thanks


good luck PS

blessings from Michigan X:-)