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Everyone deserves a good relationship. - Patricia Garcia Howard Bramble's Blog

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My name is ......... Patricia Garcia Howard I became a Poet and a Fictional Novel Writer through my life experiences and cry for help. Many of my poems and short stories are inspired by the Holy Spirit for him and my readers I continue to write.

As a very young child I enjoyed reading Shakespare stories my favorite book was called ' Midsummer Night Dream' you can say my love for Shakespare open the door way to my creative mind.

My genetic gift was pass down to me from my Mother who till this day at the age of 75 enjoy and love words. 

Everyone deserves a good relationship.

Blog Posted:3/12/2018 10:07:00 AM

Relationships everyone wants one would you agree, there are many types of relationships but the one I choose to blog about is based on what is a Good Intimate relationship. Yep you heard me right the type of relationship we all desire, dream of and long for. Question ' What is a Good Intermate Relationship', well I am no expert most of my intermate relationship where like being on a roller coaster ride in which I couldn't wait to get off of , yes you heard me right '  disaster.

I can say this much I am an expert in ' What is a bad relationship ' but I choose to explore and write about Good relationship because its healthy and nutritionous for our soul. The benefit of a good relationship can lead to long term happiness you heard me right happiness something we all need and deserve.

Yes, You deserve to be happy, I deserve to be happy dont be afraid say it,' I DESERVE TO BE HAPPY', yes you do . Next question , How can you obtain happiness well start first by learning to love and appreciating self.

Who is IMPORTANT you are and don't forget it, whose beautiful you are, so if you are important and you are beautiful why do you allow others to bring you down. Look you have to acknowledge that you are unique one of a kind and there is no other person like you as my ' NaNa' once said positive thinking will carry you far.  ' SO THINK POSITIVE' .

Take a moment for self, ask yourself what is it about me that is so SPECIAL because you are, YOU ARE SPECIAL. Do you know that when you were created you were hand picked among many you are probably wondering what is this blogger taking about.

Lets start from the begining and I mean the very begining when you first was just a little spec among many you raced againts time but you got to the finishing line first why because you were determine , strong and you believed you belong and then you were born.

So why should you after that battle and wining that victory all of a sudden give up and start to believe that you dont deserve the best as I have said, everyone deserves a good relationship so get out there and get yours.  

Remember a Good Relationship is based on Love, respect, valuing one another, trust, support , team building, communication,understanding,comforting each other in time of need,learning to accept each other differences without critism, catering to each other physical needs and providing economic security.

However I have learn't in my personal walk that relationships can be good once you and your partner work hard at it together after all it takes two hands to clap and once you nuture your relationship with the seeds of patience, kindness, love and respect it will produce nutritional and productive fruits.




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