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My name is ......... Patricia Garcia Howard I became a Poet and a Fictional Novel Writer through my life experiences and cry for help. Many of my poems and short stories are inspired by the Holy Spirit for him and my readers I continue to write.

As a very young child I enjoyed reading Shakespare stories my favorite book was called ' Midsummer Night Dream' you can say my love for Shakespare open the door way to my creative mind.

My genetic gift was pass down to me from my Mother who till this day at the age of 75 enjoy and love words. 

The Seasonal Change in our Lives

Blog Posted:2/7/2018 7:51:00 AM

Well today I am loosing my mind, I am here to surely unwind, The chase has me going out of my mind. Have you ever wanted the rain to stop falling or perhaps like me you just pray that someday all things negative would just go away.

Seasons, there are awersome in there own little way, I believe that our lives are like the seasons in everyway. In Summer like the flowers that blossom in the month of May when touch by the sun, rain and wind their experience rapid growth we on the other hand look forward to love, joy, fulfilment, laughter and hope for us these feelings bring contement to our soul it is here we are at peace with others and self.

Then the cold wind blows in from the north leaving our bodies shivering our hearts are growing cold and our spirit becomes numb here we experience Winter the season of pain where nothing seems fair and everything looks dim. Our eyes loose the spark and laughter runs away the soul no longer chooses to live and the mind has lost the will.

Further down the way the weather changes again the storm calms the wind blows slightly, the warm air rolls in and hope sets in, Autumn has arrived to save the day. Here we long to find our way and like the flowers that blossom in the month of May we search for a sence of belonging clinging unto others hoping each day that their presence will show us the way.

Guideded by Mother Nature the rain is told to stay away the sun runs in and starts to proclaim his name shouting from the hill tops he calls out a name ' Spring' is here to lead the way flowers are blooming, birds are singing, children are playing, trees are swaying and the sun is finally glowing once again.

These Four Season you have to agree are the replicate of our day to day lives we experience Summer where we are filled with Joy and Laughter. Then Winter kicks in the pain, sorrow and anger begins and as time slowly goes by we are thrown into Autumn where by regrets,dislike,bitterness and self pitiness consumes us and takes advantage of all our pain.

And in that season when the cold wind blows and our bones begin to ache and tears are all we know in comes that light of hope that brightens up our day. Spring jumps in and saves our heart from breaking all over again. The season of forgiveness, hope and confidence which teaches us how to Love and Trust once more again.




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Date: 2/18/2018 12:30:00 PM
Well said-- not only the years reflect the seasons but each day too!
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