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CS Parker is a nearly 40 year old certifiably insane ex-criminal he has lived around New England and written poetry all the while.  Some of the posts are books like Josh, Josh:12 more and Ten.

A book was stolen from him at 18 containing hundreds of poems and again several times more.  He retained some but many are gone to the wind. His is a story of loss send to the Penetentiary at age 19.  His is a story filled with remorse with an inside look at the bottom layer of civilization.  Struggling to get by he took any job that was given even after completing a bachelors degree in computer science in exemplary form.

His form flows from his life experience.  He is truly odd occurance of a man thoughts like a hive of bees follow around his headspace plucking oddity and truth from the universe. His poems talk of love, hate, addiction and how he sees the modern state of things and philosophies..

Book News

Blog Posted:8/3/2017 8:20:00 PM

Hi this is CS Parker and I want to welcome you all to purchase my books on below is a list.

All Books

By CS Parker

on now



College days


Boston Strong



Finding Freedom


College Days: 2014

2015 vol 1-3

2016 vol 1-5&6

2017 vol 1-15

edge of the undead  (novel)

cosmic     (novel)

cosmic: alpha project  (novel)

green 18  (novel)

17 minutes of Sandra

N0ns3n1ca1 vol 1 and 2 (one book)

to the aliens I haven't met

a collection of shorts  (Short stories)

younger years

early work

from closed to open gates

east coast country

poems of loss

random musings


in alien eyes

on combining dreams and visions, poetry and prose

josh 12 poems of loss

josh 12 more poems of loss

Mandy on my mind

seasons in Bridgton Maine

a gathering of poems

love poems for her

from life

And then her name is aiko

American Zen

Americas birthday

burdening midnight

a detoxing vacation in Maine

the quartet (roughly)

into the unknown (short stories)

Sky Unseen (short stories)

Pre ‘97



and that's it

send a comment on

what you thought

about the books

thanks to my readers

CS Parker

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Book News
Date Posted: 8/3/2017 8:20:00 PM

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11/11/2017 ac Free verseaddiction,age,america,
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11/11/2017 to whit Free verseamerica,anxiety,longing,
11/11/2017 for no one Free verseadventure,america,philoso
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