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My eyes,
you traced the beauty of nature.
The starry sky and inky ocean,
smile of winter in the heavenly garden,
dancing of waterfall on the lap of hill
and kissing of butterfly with lips of lily.
You painted the alluring nature
in the canvas of my memory.
It refreshes my soul
and revives my heart.
My eyes,
you are lovely, you are smart.

My eyes,
You traced my childhood
with your experienced hand.
Sacrifice of my mother
and hardship of my dad.
Depth of their love
and length of their sorrow,
thickness of their sympathy
and width of their care.
My eyes,
You are cute, you are fair.

My eyes,
you age out books stepping with time.
My career holds what I need.
You created hopes
and enhanced expectations.
You make my avenue successful and vivid.
My dreams slept on rose petal bed.
I know, a good book is equal to 100 friends,
but a good friend is a complete library.
My eyes,
you are my friend, you are my diary.

My eyes,
you traced a queen
in a marriage party.
Now, she is my darling
she is my sweety.
I never forget that wonderful  night.
When you traced her sensation
and her jumping heart,
her tender lips
and her undressed beauty.
I was clean bold
with extreme delight.
My eyes,
you are spicy, you are naughty.

My eyes,
you are very clever.
You can speak more than tongue.
I know, you can't be wrong.
My anger is apple red,
my love is pearl white
and my pleasure is crystal bright.
When I am confused
you fly kingfisher flight.
My eyes,
you are my teacher, you are my guide.

Copyright © Manmath Dalei | Year Posted 2016

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Why are you so sad ?, Have you lost anything ??
If lost, then what ??? I think it is nothing.....
You stepped earth with your empty hand,
after death you will need only six feet land.
Then, calculate what you lost ?
And, what is it's cost ??
People earn only fame to grow their name.
They alive even after death.
Hence, try to win your faith.

Remember always, God means duty.
No other short cut path to almighty.
Then, what is duty ??
Work with no return desire is real duty,
which caps your success enhancing your beauty.
If duty is certified by your soul,
Easily, you can reach your goal.
Then, what is soul ???
The god within you is soul,
And, it plays a very vital role.
A purified soul can only fly to kingdom of God.
So, it changes body after body for cleaning all mud.
It follows a cycle of birth and death,
at the end, makes a pleasant stay
with God, the supreme truth.

I hate ego, but love service with devotion,
Devotion , that always invites perfection.
And ego !!!
Ego, a monster within you
that compel you to lag your race,
bringing tension and fostering darkness.
kill it, before it kills your goodness.
In devotion, a man sees God in everything
and everything within God,
He will never come to a bad end
who will see lotus in every mud.

In every shadow, there is a light,
In every tear, a smile.
Don’t sleep like stone
Petting your life.
God is time,
the great destroyer of the world
and is called as death.
Offering yourself to God
march ahead and ahead
up to your last breathe.  
And always keep in mind,
You stepped earth with your empty hand,
After death you will need only six feet land.
This poem is all about voice of god described in our holy & sacred book 'Bhagbad Gita’.

Copyright © Manmath Dalei | Year Posted 2016

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Spring comes, cool breeze flow conveying the message of peace with a pleasant and perfumed blow. Flowers blossom with redolent fumes. Butterflies worried for their marriage inviting friends,with paused tune. Linda, Sandra dress up nice, Jean, James come with smile, Andrea, Anne please come in time, Devnath, don't forget your camera mobile. Let us rush to Laila Garden, to enjoy the decoration arranged by spring the fragrance, main dish of party served by pleasant wind. Come with me to bless the couples. Flowers are brides, butterflies are grooms. Grass hoppers are there to welcome us, with melodious tune. As a beautiful tent, trees stand strong wearing emerald crown. To ensure our comfort, earth covered it's surface with carpet of grass, mild golden green. I know, you all came with gift to show your stardom. Don't worry, I am here please handed it over to me without any confusion. =================================== Written on 29th April, 2016

Copyright © Manmath Dalei | Year Posted 2016

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What is life

What is life?
Life is just eating, sleeping and making sex
to show your identity
that, you  have strength enough
to produce kid, to earn your bread and butter
to nurture your child
And to prove the society
that, you have not added any extra burden 
etc, etc, etc........
Am I right ?
No, no, no, no......................

Then, tell me "What is life ?"

Life is playing cricket, playing tennis, playing football
and playing other popular games
to show your talent
in front of the people 
that, you have strength enough
to make record after record
to create a space in the hearts of people
to generate crores of fan
to reach new heights
to earn million and trillion dollars
etc, etc, etc.........................
Am I right ?
No, no, no, no.......................

Then, tell me :"What is life ?"

Life is doing politics
defeating opposition and capturing power
enhancing growth and accelerating development
and to show your strength
in front of the people
that, you have muscle
to do anything you want
by creating turbulence to execute your need
by killing democracy to capture chair
by mudslinging to cover up your weakness
by blaming rivals to increase pressure on them
etc, etc, etc...................................
Am I right ?
No, no,no,no................................

Then tell me "What is life ?"

You may be a player,may be a politician, may be an actor
whatever you may be
first of all you are a human being
you should have,
a prudent brain, to read the face of innocent
a broad heart, to house billion hearts within you
two strong arms, to extend support to the needy
you may not have any penny
but, If you will have a sacred soul
to feed a poor by saving a single bread  from you
time will definitely come
whole world will salute you.
Am I right ?
Then, tell me "Is it life"


Copyright © Manmath Dalei | Year Posted 2016

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The summer sun
takes rest behind the hill
after getting tired,
And the boiled ocean 
breathes happily
after loosing his weight.

The mad storm
stops blowing & becomes silent
after loosing its temper,
And a company of confused parrots
returns to their nest
accelerating speed with top gear.

An undressed tree
awaiting near the bank of a river
for the  returns of his friend
who has gone for fishing,
The soul purifying echos 
coming from the nearest hill
ensure his joyous back
with a happy ending.

The naughty tides are enjoying
just by dancing, singing
and playing hide and seek
with the light of moon & force of air,
The sound of sacrosanct evening bell
coming out the nearest temple
convey the message of summer evening
To enjoy a lot with near and dear

Copyright © Manmath Dalei | Year Posted 2016

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     With stars & moon, lovely sky glows in night,
     with marathon race of clouds, day is bright.  

From scarlet sky of morning sun grows best,
sky turns golden red, when sun takes rest.

     Housing oxygen from trees, sky feels healthy.
     Housing countless clouds, sky is wealthy.
The flight of a hungry eagle, looks like kite.
Waving trees at mountain top, hugs sky tight.

     Birds fly happily chirping songs for the best,
     sky is their paradise and tree is their nest.

After blasting crackers and showering nectar of rain,
sky marries ocean wearing splendid rainbow of heaven.

     River sings nice after drinking heavenly juice,
     Lovely sky is our friend, invigorated our cruise.

Air flows smooth making tide in water,
air is son of the sky, rain is his daughter.

     Our flight flies better kissing rays of Sun,
     our serendipity is bright,made life  fun.

Don't try to pollute our blue bright ether,
Please never forget, pollution is our killer.

Copyright © Manmath Dalei | Year Posted 2016

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A man like this,
Who sacrifices his entire life
for the betterment of our country
uniting whole nation.
Who reached his goal
digesting every tension.
India become independent
without any war,
without any aggression.
It is only possible due to such a great son
He is our ‘Bapuji’ , father of our nation.

A man like this 
Who spent his life
wearing a six feet ‘dhoti’,
eating food of a common man,
walking miles & miles by foot,
talking the secret of non-violence,
brought our independence
spending life in the prison,
defeated our enemy without any gun.
He is our ‘Bapuji’ , father of our nation.

A man like this,
Who was a man dressed god.
Didn’t need any post 
Even after our freedom.
 Still, we could not able to feel
the heart of a sacred idol.
Could not able to read
the message of a sacrosanct soul.
Who struggled entire life for our freedom,
he was  shot dead by a blind  Indian son ,
He is our  ‘Bapuji’ , father of our nation.
This poem is written to commemorate our great freedom fighter & father of our nation ‘Mahatma Gandhi’.

Copyright © Manmath Dalei | Year Posted 2016

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Love is nectar.
Love is heaven.
Heaven like home, we always need
where soul  ever smiles,
never feels tension.
In love,
you are my music,
I am your musician.

Love is trust.
Love is hope.
Hope hands success
after little failure
or without any flop.
In love,
Your are my ocean,
I am your raindrop.

Love is life.
Love is relation.
Relation can only be cemented
with  mutual trust
and extreme affection.
In love,
You are my ink,
I am your pen.

Love is thought.
Love is brain.
With a sagacious brain
we can fly to our goal
without any pain. 
In love,
You are my blood,
I am your vein.

Copyright © Manmath Dalei | Year Posted 2016

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In which material you made of; rosy lips dream girl,
God himself is confused; it is a daydream or real.

Your pale white skin; glitters like well polished marble, 
Pearls fall nice from your heart whelming chuckle. 

Your twinkle twinkle eyes; look like lightening among cloud, 
Tears got banned there; only sweet dreams are allowed.

Stirring passionate thought; you can steal guy’s attention,  
Deer like your rhyming walk is signature of your fashion.

Framing naughty pretty deal; your eyes talk nice,
You can burn every heart in a single wicked smile.

If your feet will be slipped; you will be losing your goal,
Treasure your beauty locking mind with heart and soul.

Within silky dense hair; your face shines like diamond,
You are made only for a king to illuminate his kingdom.

In which material you made of; rosy lips dream girl,
God himself is confused; it is a daydream or real.

Copyright © Manmath Dalei | Year Posted 2016

Details | Manmath Dalei Poem


Drinking morning dews from grass; sun looks healthy,
Housing red yellow rays, sky looks lovely and pretty.

Mountain stands strong wearing deep green garment,
Within white Kans grasses, river looks lovely at its best.

With blessing of winter; trees smile nice bowing its head,
Holding sweet tasty fruits; painting green, orange, red.

Losing all its temper; Sun sleeps on flower petal nest,
Bringing colors from heaven, garden paints better best.

With intensity of darkness; thunder grows to its extreme,
Earth perfumes well; swathing crust with sweet night queen.

Couple feel well; getting pleasure of tight hugs at deep night,
Consuming warmth of blanket,enjoying cold with sexual fight.

Birds return nest for their best, early in the frosty evening,
Wearing white vapor blanket, earth is dull in the morning.

Making fire camp in morning, grandpa tells story of their own,
How he purchased gold necklace, with present price of a gown.

With waving golden crops; earth performs dance nice,
Winter paints its best hues in the farmer’s innocent eyes.

Copyright © Manmath Dalei | Year Posted 2016