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Once Upon a Dream

Once upon a dream Where rainbows are all a gleam Land filled with rich green Treasures found in every stream Once upon a dream Friends and enemies were once a team No request was too extreme But things aren't always what they seem In the land of a magnificent kingdom Stands a castle full of boredom In the corridors are cries of a princess Held captive inside the enemy's fortress Trapped inside a gloomy dungeon And accompanied by a flock of pigeon The princess lay sleepless day & night Hoping for a savior, a prince or a knight Our little tale's coming to an end A knight in shining armor came in to defend The damsel in distress which he calls his friend Once upon a dream and all this came to an end.

Copyright © Eunice Adrados | Year Posted 2015

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Many, Many Long Years Ago

The day I went out, you all smiled "Welcome my sweet, my precious child!" Tired, still you rocked me to and fro Many, many long years ago "What's that?" I'd ask innocently You'd smile and answer patiently All things I asked you seemed to know Many, many long years ago My peers and pressures took their toll Got out of hand, lost all control You picked me up and helped me grow Many, many long years ago Now all alone, independent Lived life that's great and resplendent In my hands was you in photo Many, many long years ago
________________________________ July 12, 2019 Written for "Writing Challenge 1, July 2019 Repeating Refrain Poetry Contest" by Dear Heart Second Place

Copyright © Eunice Adrados | Year Posted 2019

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Before technology became widespread
Different ideas every person shed
Experiments were done, executed, conducted
Various discoveries from them resulted

Scientists were known for their countless contributions
Their unending research created new revelations
Genetically modified organisms for instance
Where food, plants or animals they tried to enhance

A sample of this is a modified tomato
The Flavr Savr as we commonly know
It was the first created GMO
Where ripening was made long and slow

Tomatoes are not the only food that's modified
But crops from the farms that they tested and tried
Golden Rice, Bt corn, papaya and potatoes
All rich in vitamins, including the tomato 

Plants weren't exempted from this vast improvement
StarLink ang Weathergard they managed to invent
They can adapt to their surroundings' condition
In terms of resistance to temperature depletion

Copyright © Eunice Adrados | Year Posted 2015

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Nightmare of The Past

I looked out of my window, disturbed from my sleep
I was startled when I saw water knee high deep
I saw troubled people get out of their rooms
In front of their faces there was nothing but gloom

Lurking in the hallways, were cries of the dying
I could hear nothing but the shouts of the living
There was no need to proclaim, "The ship is sinking!"
I could hear loud and clear that the waves were rushing.

As I walked through the freezing icy cold waters
My whole body's shaking, from my face to my nerves
When a ferocious wind blew, I shook and shivered
Thinking survival's the only thing that matters

The sweat of the people arouses in the air
With the smell of adrenalin, fear and despair
Some fought for their lives beyond the hopeless moment
Some gave up and accepted what was truly meant.

Copyright © Eunice Adrados | Year Posted 2015

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Le Seul Professeur

On the first day of classes, everyone was excited To meet old friends, though new ones could be sighted Old or new she welcomed us warmly Wearing a smile, what a sight so lovely! She was like our second mother When things got rough or even harder She knows when to be carefree or strict Depending on the class' unpredictable flick In the way you taught us, only one thing's evident A method of teaching, a tactic, an element You do not just teach and blabber all day But you made us understand everything all the way In times when other people would shun us down You were the sole creature who'd lift us from the ground You drove the mounds of doubt away And found our courage that had gone astray We're afraid that this poem's coming to an end But we hope you'll gather what we mean to portend We thank God for giving us an exceptional guardian Happy Teacher's Day, our great mathematician. ____________________________________________
For contest: An expression of love (03-14-17) Sponsored by: Frank Herrera Shared 3rd place

Copyright © Eunice Adrados | Year Posted 2015

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It Was Just another Ordinary Day

It was just another ordinary day
Scattered notes are all over the place
Drums trying to maintain a certain beat
Guitars either strumming or singing 

Violins studying their scales and arpeggios
The piano pouring out its player’s soul 
Clarinets and flutes blowing out harmonies
A mesmerizing vocal cuts through

A white butterfly flutters freely
Basking in the building’s flowing melodies
Students rushing in and out of the cafeteria
Sheet music in their hands while eating

Leaves of variant colors fall from the trees
The wind blows in one direction
Compensating for the scorching hot sun
Taking turns as nature takes its usual course

Old friends reconcile and greet each other
Re-living past memories and narrating the present
Speaking of profound concepts within their discourse
Anyone overhearing may be left confused

It was just another ordinary day
Scattered notes are all over the place
Many things happening all at once
Yet the resonant music remained unnerved

Copyright © Eunice Adrados | Year Posted 2017

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A Father's Day Poem

Ever since I was born, you were there to watch me
A father full of pride, even I would agree
You took care of me, countless 24/7's
You barely even slept, not ten or eleven

You raised me in a dad's unconditional love
Sometimes strict, sometimes stern, but peaceful like a dove
To young me you were like a supercomputer
Helping with my homework, no one's way cooler

I forgot to mention my element'ry times
How we did my math problems, we solved like crimes
You were fond of using letters a,b, and c
When all I could figure were x,y, and z

You honed my talents, in music to be exact
A gift inside of me you've managed to unwrap
Something I really learned from you and your guitar
Experiences and thoughts way before trojan war

I'm afraid that my poem is coming to an end
There's much to tell you that I cannot comprehend
The towering number of the things you have done
Happy Father's Day my dear father and loved one.

Copyright © Eunice Adrados | Year Posted 2015

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True Work of Art

One sunny morning in a class of thirty-one They were asked to draw an image one by one Each student stood up, with pastels at hand Being enthusiastic to draw something grand The first group was decided to start the task Talents in drawing they've started to unmask The paper came to life with colors, curves and lines Will it end up like a garden or fields of mines? Time passed by and the paper was almost full Of drawings and colors made by their tools There were animals with mustache on their faces Each and everyone belonging to their places Now the artwork was finished and the students sighed Looking at the masterpiece they've done with pride They didn't care what the paper looked like For in their hearts it was a true work of art

Copyright © Eunice Adrados | Year Posted 2015

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At The Beach

Scorching sun Waves lapping the shore My sandcastle floating away

Copyright © Eunice Adrados | Year Posted 2015

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A Day, A Year

There's this special day that comes once a year
A day for that someone you hold so near
A day where one's age increments by one
A day when you're greeted by everyone

It's the day when you're the talked about 'who'
It's that day when the spotlight is on you
It's that day you receive various greetings
It's that day you can't seem to stop smiling

This is when you express much gratitude
A day that proves that you are much valued
A day where food's simple or luxuriant
There's a dish or two, or even variants

A person then counts to serve as a cue
A day they sing "Happy Birthday to you"
A day I thank God for another year
A year He's added for my daddy dear

Copyright © Eunice Adrados | Year Posted 2016