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Peircing Silence, Screaming Thoughts...

Here in my room,
I lay in my bed,
With every thought of you,
Intruding my head,
Like snapshots in my brain,
Of the last thing you said,

My gut is violated,
And I twitch with rage,
I cannot free myself,
From this anxiety ridden cage,
And in this chapter of our life,
It seems I can't turn the page,

This torture is much worse,
Since you have been away,
I am so scared,
That away is where you'll stay,
And no matter how hard I try,
I will have to lay here in my room,
Alone one more day.

By Mac Holmes. Janettas grandson. 
Written sitting in my room alone still waiting...

Copyright © janetta harrington | Year Posted 2007

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don't touch me

deal with it

i will not let my emotions
be monitored

this is me

if you do not like the 
stay away

i am me

so why not enjoy

if it were left up to me
society would be ignored

i would fly to you in my
widows' weeds with hand-
fulls of forget me nots

i would wear a purple veil
to obscure the depth of 
my sorrow

or not

i would hook you 
in the eyes and say

hi.  why me flatly

with nuance
i would move myself 
into your space
and waste us both
without dignity

i would use your arms
around me to grieve

if , only if, it were
left up to me

Copyright © janetta harrington | Year Posted 2007

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still here

it is midnight and i am
sitting here worrying
about things that i 
cannot fix.

i found out today
some things i 
did not know and 
was not aware of

or maybe i just
was aware and 
didn't want to
think about it

i know it will be
time for me to
go soon.  so my
2 daughters and my
son are on my mind.

i hope you know 
how dear you are
to me

you must understand 
this, i don't want you 
to worry.  you are
all capable of taking
care of yourself and
of each other.

this is all i can give
you...because this is
all i have.

Copyright © janetta harrington | Year Posted 2009

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Better (by kimmy holmes my daughter)

am so special
won't suck you dry
need to be someone
have such anger
am a stranger
to myself, myself

I promise to me
to let myself be free
I WILL do better

I WILL forget
the things said
be better, no regret

I will be better 
than you
I already am

Copyright © janetta harrington | Year Posted 2008

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dark thoughts

darkened moon
filthy room

five fast bullets
locked and loaded

perilous inches
from my head

fate is held
by my true loves' hand

Copyright © janetta harrington | Year Posted 2006

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One step back, Two steps forward...

Before I start I just want to say that I will always love you Baby..

I am letting you go, so go you are free
Free to learn that you were meant for me,
The pain and misery of our history,
Shall never flee from inside of me,

I deserve better than this,
You know I do,
But all I've ever wanted 
Was what I deserve,
To come from you,

Dating is preparing,
Preparing to give all,
I gave you everything,
A mistake that led to our downfall,

I did it anyway,
Because I want you forever,
But you are my first relationship,
And I didn't know any better,

If only you knew exactly how I feel,
You would not be so upset,
That I need time for my heart to heal,
You've done me wrong so many times,
Which are comparable to murder, 
But as relationship crimes,

I know we both never wanted this,
We sprinted off the start,
Racing towards infinite bliss,
Only to run out of breath,
And slowly move apart,
And lose eachother in innocent mist.

So when you come back,
You will be yourself once more,
Not who you are now,
But that innocent girl from before,

And since you have a tolerance to,
The greatest part of me given to you,
I will be come an even better man,
So when I learn how to give again,
I will be ready to take your hand...

By Janetta's Grandson.
A poem on a downhill relationship of me and my first relationship. I was getting 
badly because I became obsessive after a hard time in my life and she took 
advantage of
it.  So I postponed our future and let her go so she can see what she is doing 
and go back
to the girl she used to be, in the meantime I'm going to focus on getting back on 
my feet

Copyright © janetta harrington | Year Posted 2007

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Mama and the goodbye man


MY mama went with the
goodbye man ALL HER CHILDREN
close a hand

he wouldn't 
think of

we awakened 
and found 
that mama 
had gone

a smile was 
all she 
left behind

she had gone ...
she went with
the goodbye 

by janetta

Copyright © janetta harrington | Year Posted 2007

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i wish

i wish you could have
looked deeper into
my eyes 
and knew what
was there for you

i wish you could
have known what my
lips were trying to
tell you but were 
afraid to do so

i wish i had held 
you closer. that i had
known that one  day
would be the very
last time i would 
see you

i wish you could have 
known what my heart
said each time i saw you
how i felt when my hands
touched your face

i wish i had told you
how it made me feel
when you kissed my
lips over and over 
and told me how 
beautiful i was

i wish you could have 
been braver and therefore
able to tell me what you
were going to do
when you were so sad

and ... i wish and i wish,
and i wish,  but all i can see
is you,  and how handsome
you were the last time
i saw you; and how i 
longed to tell you i loved 
you too...

i wish.

Copyright © janetta harrington | Year Posted 2006

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I'm so in love with you,
Definitely head over heels,
I wish I could fall in love with you every day,
To keep experiencing how it feels,

How it feels to crawl into bed,
And fall asleep gently knowing,
That you are meant for me,
And we will be forever growing,

How it feels to wake up late at night,
So I can think about you some more,
Just to make sure my next dream of you,
Starts off like the one before,

It was me who first said I love you,
I was lost in your eyes,
You remember,
We both had stomachs’ full of butterflies,
I was shaking,
And I started to cry,

You said I love you back,
We both smiled and kissed,
I wish I could count every time I say I love you now,
But there's too many times to list,

Tonight is one of those nights,
Where I sit and get lost thinking about you,
No wonder my favorite number is two,
When it comes to me and you,

Dreams of walking with you along the coast,
With the sunset to our backs,
I have so much love to give,
And you deserve the most,

We've had our moments,
Our hard times,
But it all seems worth it now,
Because I have you baby,
And I'm done committing crimes,
Now I just write down my love for you,
And make sure it rhymes,

I love you baby.           this poem was  written by my 16 year old grandson.  i was
blown away when he posted it.  . at how good his writing skills are......i guess i 
will have to give him a site of 
his own now. .  i am so proud of him.

Copyright © janetta harrington | Year Posted 2007

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well, i tried to run away again

didn't work

it just kept on being 


i  tried to play like it

was July

but alas i knew it wasn' t


i have finally given in  and

am grieving for all that

is lost 

my own Febuary pain...

by janetta

Copyright © janetta harrington | Year Posted 2007