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My Heart Stopped Beating

Laying her back on the wall of her prison
Why was it different
It hurt more
Shocked more
Chest heavy
Grief affecting her
This terrible ache consuming every pore
Harder to swallow
It was him she's sure

She loons at me
I know the look
She's hiding behind the sofa
Saying he's been back banging on the door
I know it was the tumble dryer upstairs
Her eyes are bloodshot
A beautiful bright blue bloodshot
Wide as fish eyes
She's been pacing all night holding a knife
She's holding an umbrella
I took the knives last time she cut her wrists
She's in torn clothes as she tears at her flesh
I feel my flesh tear
That's her last nice dress
No longer nice but torn and red
I give her trousers and a belt
My own only just brought
They drown her
At least she's covered
She says he's been calling her all night on the phone
I took the phone when she smashed it on the wall
I try to think of everything
In the bathroom there's hair in the chipped shabby sink
She's been pulling it out by the roots
I feel my scalp it's sore, alien
I feel everything
I removed the scissors when she shredded her scalp cutting her hair off
Saying this is why he had her
Her long golden hair
My hair
Lithium pills
In the cabinet, too many
Too many pills
She should of taken these

She calms
I calm
Promising to take her pills, begging don't send me back to hell
But at the secure unit she's safe 
I'm safe
Says she'll have a bath and 
be better tomorrow
She's settled, I'm settled
So I leave
I'll come back in the morning
I sleep soundly
First night in months
The morning light gives me slight hope
I can't remember this feeling much

I hear a crash 
I run
I'm taking too long
Kicking the door in
I thank God for kickboxing
She's swinging from the oak beam in the ceiling
My belt around her neck
I look for a knife
I look for scissors 
To cut her down
Cut me down
I look for a phone to call an ambulance

I feel my body juddering
My heart stop beating
The belt
The new belt
I hadn't thought about the belt

Copyright © little known nothing | Year Posted 2014

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We are the children
of the Four
A wandering race
The leaves, trees
and streams feed us
The earth, water and
winds sustain us
We belong to no man
A race so
You talk about us
with hushed voices
From behind your
Always looking down
The idea of us so

You don't deserve us
Never looking in our
As though the simple
mention of us will
bring you conflict
Our women so
Seeing them leaves
the vision in your
head for days
So you look away
From our mystical,
regal creatures

As we are the
children of the
forests, rivers and
The snow in the
We have always been
We have always
You gave us our name
It was never your
You called us

You look at us and
see aluminium homes
Your curious eyes
scanning our sites
Picking up on the
old battered cars
Camp fires and dirt
Nomads fighting with
black eyes
Traveling through
these lands

You do not see our
As you are not
children of the air
A race so loyal like
thunder and lighting
Inside our homes
lives a love so vast
and thick
You can scoop it up
and eat it
It feels like candy
Smells like Apple

We a deadly
protective race
Taught from years of
We learnt to only
live with our own
Wandering through
Never having a home

When we burned, fire
was so angry
Our ash turned to
snow flakes
The wind was so
Our ash fluttered
over holy ground
Settled on the
We grew a paradise
Earth was so hurt
you took her
For you paradise
will be forever out
of reach
Teasing you
Just before it's in
your grasp
The ocean washes it
Burning us made
water scream
You had killed the
children of the Four

We don't expect to
be understood
Our wisdom lays too
The Nazis didn't
just kill and
persecute the Jewish
They killed us too
Put your nose in the
Just so 
You can still smell
us on the wind

Copyright © little known nothing | Year Posted 2014

Details | Little Known Nothing Poem

Bring my love home

She's dying over and
From the insanity of
the missing 
The heart will
Though I wouldn't
dare say this
At the sky she
She says life must
go on
I must go on
she says

I don't want to be
without him 
As she opens the
second bottle of
If I'd had a choice
I'd of gone with him
But I'd never wish
for him to ever feel

This crushing
Not for a instance

In the night she
thinks I'm sleeping
But I hear

Dear God
I was wondering if I
could have a moment
of your time ?
I know your a busy
bloke and that,  
your tired with all
these voices
shouting up at you, 
I would be too.
But I thought I'd
give it a go.
I know your the
universal spirit and
there's  lots on
your mind, 
so I tell you what
I'll talk and you
can just listen, 
give me your views
at the end.

I was wondering if
you've looked in on
me lately
See God 
I'm feeling
incredibly unhappy, 
Distraught you could
miserably alone.
I know there's
millions, probably
I don't know the
but no matter.
I know there's
other's wanting your
The people dying
from cancer or 
The African village
women screaming for
you to stop the men
taking their kids, 
Putting them on
smack to fight there
twisted gorilla
Our boys in
Afghanistan getting
maimed and

So firstly I was
wondering if it's
normal to feel this
way ?
You see I think of
him so much he
enters my dreams as
soon as I close my
Is this your doing ?
Tell me what I have
to do to stop this
Tell me when I reach
the other side I'll
still be me,
Tell me it's ok to
still cry silently,
 without even
Tell me how to stop
the tears,
Tell me,  if this
ache in my chest
Tell me,  I'm
standing this pain
to be with him
Go on tell me ??!!!

I'm so alone I bet
you got all the
Angels up there
keeping you company,

Hay I thought they
were supposed to be
down here looking
after us ?
Point is, the real
point is
You got something of
mine and I want it

I'm not blaming you,
well I am sort of, 
I think your a
really good bloke
but took too much
We all do it now and
then don't we.
I mean the church
wrote your book
didn't it, 
It's really down to
Matthew , Mark ,
Luke, and John,
you should really
send them boys down
I know a lot of
people who want a
word with them.
They're responsible
for war, 
Famine and mass
Because be honest
all wars start at
religion one way or
another don't they.

I'm Sorry I've gone
off track,
What I was saying
my dad told me if
he'd of died when he
got kidney failure 
It's God's will.
Well if it's your
Do me a favour and
send my husband back

I wasn't finished
with him yet.

And if you can't do
Tell him something
for me,
Tell him I love him,
But lie, say I'm ok.
Say I'm getting by,
I got sleeping
tablets off the doc,
Say I'm almost
Not to worry.
Tell him I'm rushing
towards death for
That I've stocked up
on vodka.
God, tell him I'll
be there soon.

Copyright © little known nothing | Year Posted 2014

Details | Little Known Nothing Poem

I love you enough to leave

The truth 
It will destroy you
An August day
While you sweep up
rose petals 
On our Sun drenched
You look at me from
under heavy lashes
And say it's ok
You don't wish to be
without me
It's ok your always
want me
Your never stop

I'll bask in this
Thanking God for you
loving me
As tears prick the
back of my eyes

The hand around my
heart squeezes a
little tighter
Until I am
breathless with it

In time
There is a
difference to us
Making love is no
longer rushed
I look at you,
looking down at me
But neither of us
say it's pointless
Your days a little
A little longer
Things a little more

The hand around my
heart squeezes a
little tighter
As the truth picks
away at your dreams
one by one

At Christmas we
pretend we are still
Completely in love
While in the garden
with your sister
The truth pours out
of me in great sobs
She says it's ok
your get through
We both know she's
Inside she's crying

I had no right in
making you love me
So the hand squeezes
a little tighter
round my heart

Somewhere along the
Anger rises
The tension
surprises us
You begin to resent
Hate me for letting
you love me

And I am sorry
I stayed a little
too long
Cared a little too
I needed this
whatever it was

So the hand squeezes
a little tighter
round my heart

Invisibly I collect
my possessions
Storing them
They lay in wait

Courage appears 
At three in the
morning on a Tuesday
Quietly I get my
Wait by the window
for a taxi
As the hand squeezes
a little tighter
round my heart

The knowledge
Watching you hold
your new Godson
Looking at me
Knowing I can never
give you this
Tears glazing your
Looking so proud
It's wrong for me to
keep you
With me this is all
your ever be
A childless man

In your hallway
You help with my
bags saying nothing
I will never be
wife, bnever be a
Without you I'll
never be anything

As the cab pulls
You say your always
love me
I say I know
But I have to let
you go
I'm giving you a
chance of what I
can't give you
The most precious
A family

So the hand
completely squeezes
my heart

Copyright © little known nothing | Year Posted 2014

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There is a her shaped hole in this world
A black void
If you look hard enough you can still see the sparkles of the departed
Black diamonds of the afterlife
The entrance left open 
In case he needs to follow 

It's not in the leaving she said
It's in the living once I'm dead

The cold cold bed Sat in our room
The silence in the telephone
This is what the worst will be
The carrying on without me

It isn't in the leaving she sighs
It's in the knowing I didn't survive

She asked him once to be brave
Carry on forget her name
Give some meaning to his life
Leave behind the cold dead wife

How can you love me she asked
When all I want is to depart
How am I faithfully yours she cried
He just looked at her and sighed

It isn't in the leaving she cried
It's in the living once I've died
Where I'm going has no name
The darkness consumes me again and again

I'll wait for you she said
She promised as in life and death

I warned you along the way she said
I tried to make you see
I never belonged to your world 
I was never truly me
I belong to the nether world
I was put here by mistake
I'm waiting for it to draw me back
To take again my place

This is what she's seeing there
He's too used up to even care
Watching his restless nights and days
Keeping the haunting mind at bay
The last vision in his head is his wife hanging above the bed

Copyright © little known nothing | Year Posted 2013

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That's not me

That's not me in that box
I'll not be shrouded 
Or cushioned on silk
Do not dress me in Cotten
Perfect me for heaven
I shall let nothing contain me
As it's just a shell
All muscle and sinew
Fibre and hair
Nothing I need now 
As I am 
As air

That's not me in that box
Perfectly place
I'm not beautifully made up
Hands praying on chest
That's not me in that box 
Nothing shall hold me
As God created me
My soul was set free

My love
That's not I
Looking like china with alabaster skin
Close your eyes, listen
Do you not see
Slight change in the atmosphere 
As you stand close to me
Please say you feel the warmth on your chest
As I snuggle into you
I breath in your neck
If your fingers tingle
I'm holding your hand
I promise ill do this as long as I can
The smell of white musk
Creak on our stairs 
That's me my love
I'll stay with your here

Mum, dad
It's not your girl 
In a casket of oak
I can be part of the wind
Or anything I like 
I can be for you 
The warmth of the sun
Shimmer of leaves as dusk moves in
I'll be your comfort 
As you cry and can't breath
I'll hold you up if you stumble and scream
I'll be for you
Whatever brings ease
I'll be memories of autumn, summer or spring
Tangled Christmas lights and blackberry picking
Warm hot baths
Water bottles in winter 
For you I'll be anything
That could make this easier

That is not I 
Sealed within oak and cushioned on silk
I am everything
As everything is me
I'll stay with you all
For as long as you need   

Copyright © little known nothing | Year Posted 2014

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we are ghosts in this house

I am a ghost in this house

A shadow of the past shapeless moving around you silently.

Carefully stepping on the stair steps that don't creak.
Sliding along the oak floors.
Wearing invisible clothes that don't crease.

Wondering constantly for your warmth to come back.
Grace me with your presence once more.
To be as we were solid
unbent perfection.

You are a ghost in this house

A breeze through the attic window that shimmers the curtains.
The cold side of the bed.
Wondering awake untill we meet again.

We walk circles round one another 
Our hands never touch 
Our bodies never meet.

I look for you in everything
Room to room but no luck

You am a ghost in this house

You bound up the stairs loudly but never make a sound.
I turn as I think I see a shadow.
Sitting on our bed with your head in your hands 
A crying broken man

We are ghosts in this house 

One alive, one dead 
Moving around one another
But forever looking 

Copyright © little known nothing | Year Posted 2013

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My love for you

My love for you is timeless
It will last my remaining days
Then follow wherever death takes me 
On the eve of my ending day

It grew from innocent shyness
Cryptic smiles and sweet hellos
A love that was once relentless
Loosing sleep as desire did grow

My love for you is eternal
As unforgettable nights were made
There was darkness deep within me
Then light began to reign

Butterflies soon descended 
Into the depths where stillness slept
Igniting a passion so fierce
Aphrodite herself had set

My love for you is undying
Lasted through storms of bitter rage
Days of unhappiness surrendered 
To love you another day

My love for you is unyielding 
It's simple 
But it's true 
As life decided for me 
It would only ever be you

Copyright © little known nothing | Year Posted 2014

Details | Little Known Nothing Poem

A Grandmother's legacy

Warming lights surround you
Quilting the sharp silence
Outside dawn begins
Earth starts stretching 
Straightening out the knots
Caught from hours of slumber
Night moves on to blacken another sky
And Calmness stills the room
All is as it should be

As you drift in an endless sleep
I know not if you'll wake
Or lay your eyes on me once 
Softening my heavy heart
As death appears, he waits by 
your side
Head dipped in respect
White and gold robes I study of him
I beg him for more time
An hour, a day, a second 
His comforting eyes say no
It is your time and my heart stills
Now I must let you go

Aged hands under silken skin
Once tended plants and raised children
Loose their warmth
A last breath escapes your 
I look at death pleadingly 
But nothing can be done
I have to let you go now
You must do this alone

Death picks up your soul up as 
an orb
Glittering like a large diamond
To ferry you to your kin
I see them through the void 
I see them waiting

never again will we sit on the 
As dew wakes up the grass
Trees shacking off the night before
Us, just being us
I'd soak up your wisdom
That resided in your soul
Every snippet a precious gem to me
Id bury them within
Where no other could reach them
Where no other could steal them

I show no tears
As they only fuel pain
From a young age
You taught me to be brave
Knowing my life would shatter 
Often I'd feel pain
So your compassion carried me
Over potholes and rocky paths
Your soothing voice steadied 
Till I made it safely past

Now Laying out your body
Ready for your last journey
I wonder if I told you enough
The love I have for you
I was blessed everyday 
You were in my life
Things seemed easier 
With you at my side 
Life was not so daunting
The hill was not so steep
Now you gone I'm shattered
Watching an endless sleep

Time with you was precious
For this truth I smile 
The mirror reflects parts of you 
Placed in this heart of mine
Happy you left peacefully 
And I was at your side
Inner gladness reigns 
As not just your jam recipe
Was handed down to me

Copyright © little known nothing | Year Posted 2014

Details | Little Known Nothing Poem

Involuntary Childless

There's a name for me
Involuntary childless
And I can't escape this
It's everywhere I look
Being an involuntary childless
Made my pain too real
It's everywhere I go
Stalking me like an unwanted lover
Under the sheets
Creeping up when asleep
Dreaming a fat belly, glowing perfectly

I cried a day I suppose 
I expect more
But now there's a name for me
Charities I never knew
others as me
Scared of the supermarket
Afraid to walk the dog
Not wanting the cheers of children near
I never knew
I never knew it would be too real

I am an involuntary childless
This exact name for me
I should be happy
Feel some sort of relief
But I don't
You see now there's a name for me
There's others feeling as this
loneliness so cruel
Life feeling pointless
A silence between holding hands
A missing atom
This world is deverstation for me
And i wouldn't wish this on anyone

But now there's a name for it
I feel worse than I did
This Lonely place others also exist
For them I feel hurt, intolerable pain
Racking through my chest
Finding it hard to breath
Others should not be with me in this dark cavern
Not knowing where their life is going
All on hold for wanting

My husband loves me
Although the missing is still there
Shall always be near
I wanted to leave
Stand alone
Letting him have a piece of paradise
A life with
Not being without
Not being an involuntary childless

The worst hurt  occurred
When his mother told him not to leave
Stand by me
As if I'm an object he could put down
As I don't work properly
Just an object
Not a good one at that
That's when it hurt the most
As I was turned into and object
That doesn't work
As though our love, marriage now means nought
As I'm involuntary childless
I'm an object that doesn't work

Copyright © little known nothing | Year Posted 2014