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Game Day

Mighty Ducks win the game
Pass the ball perfect the play
There's so much riding on your fame
Men clad in armor win the day

The crowds are grumbling they've all gone wild
The stripes bad call has hardened your trial
Yard by yard your penalties mass
But you'll take the lead with a touchdown pass

86 yards with a kick return 
Your rival now should show concern 
We love your power your drive your speed
The beer the bets the company

Football Game day 
Phones be texting
Tailgate fun scores projecting 
Simple fun that's life affecting

It's more than manly testosterone 
That compels us to the game
It's teamwork pride the thrill of the fight
How the underdog pushed and overcame 

Sports and competition have always been a way of life 
Revealing the mighty but also the contrite
Teaching lessons of brotherhood
More victory together than alone we ever could 

So when we gather scream and shout 
Seemingly insane over a meaningless thing
Remember this on Game Day proud
When from the rest of life we simply check out

Is it really so bad to drink too much 
With Oregon's O displayed 
Colored faces worshiping the Duck
When they fumble we yell O  F_ _ _ 

Be it victory or cruel defeat
There's more to this than meets the eye
It's about families, lovers and the best of friends
Gathering to play to laugh and to cry

Game Day for the Oregon Duck
Of our team we're so damn proud
As a fan have you made the cut
Or resigned to just miss out 

Copyright © Sarai Virden | Year Posted 2013

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Half Mast

Can one count the pieces of a broken heart? 
Can a flag half staff proudly wave?
Will kites still rise in staccato weather,
or partial freedom be less than a slave?

Explain this measure of a hearts half beat
wind that blows yet never reaches the trees
the disfigured countenance of a dreamers disgrace
how half body dreams cry imbalance in between 

Tarnished stains of unpolished silver
 flyblown details of a life unabridged
groping for a fortress forged by slivers
unfit by the stages between and betwixt 

shifting weight from east to west
dodging shadows of intent and neglect
standing at the post where the middle never met
like a chromosome missing beholding whats left

Oh to be pregnant with hope 
then giving birth to a portion revoked
How does one survive the division 
of two halves opposing a whole

What brightness can a light once shining
affect through half of a soul?
and where is the joy in knowing
without two halves you'll never be whole? 

A heart scattered in fractions
equations refusing an algorithms find
These are the conundrums which riddle
and the factors left baffling the span of time

Copyright © Sarai Virden | Year Posted 2014

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One picture at a time

A toddlers Crayola masterpiece marks the box
Where the story of our days now tarry
Passages tilting the axis of a bittersweet equinox
As photographs eclipse yesterday and today unvaried 

The plans we made for a life
After years of work and worry
Useless installments when your partner dies
The crumbling of everything you once held firmly

Riveted, uprooted with every slide
Scenes of "our time" bring you back to life
I step from earth, you from the sun, for yet another goodbye
And the dam finally collapses behind brave hazel eyes

But not the brokenness your death left behind
Still, though no more than ashes it resides
Like faded photographs etched in the mind
Fanning the embers... one picture at a time

Rage rises, for you left me alone
Without refuge for all life's trials
And our sons fatherless before they were grown 
Every step feeling more like a mile

I've grieved so long 
And tried to move on
Like river water never looking back
But it's motion sings the the words to our song

Leaving me afraid I'll never belong
Or live out the plan we devised
For all my days my efforts give way
Blundering, burdened and blind

How does one truly recover
When the mate of their soul is no more
Or pass from one realm to yet another
When the walls of your heart no longer have a door? 

Frustration builds like Lego towers
toppling to the floor under the weight of the world
Is it grief or something disguised by cowards
When a heart gets stuck from the pain that it's learned? 

This ode to a man 
Who in covenant took my hand
The marriage equator engraved a permanent mark...
For his death left a total eclipse of my heart

Crazy as a loon
But my God... how I loved you
My eyes fixed upon our favored moon
And I wonder... Do you miss me too?

Anniversaries used to be a joyous accomplishment
Marking years of selfless love made
Now it serves only an acknowledgement 
Of a life interrupted by a cruel twist of fate

Of ill trusted hopes 
And a future unmade
For us left behind to cope
With memories and photographs fading away

On this the 2nd anniversary...
            Of your passing away

In memory of my husband of 25 years
Charley Romani 
(My Beloved)

Copyright © Sarai Virden | Year Posted 2014

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Sky full of stars

'Twas pain that taught my heart to bleed 
for sorrows of another...
then kept my deepest heartfelt needs
in silence to serve a buffer

For in the cutting vein of love
I saw a darkness unto death
with eyes of a child had seen enough
true love must stand the test

Such is the pain too grievous to mourn
speaking secrets craved by the heart
to give another the power with which 
to tear your soul apart

I've known the anguish of abandonment
and fled inflictions sting
I have faced the tyrants cruel mismanagement 
yet held my soul with wings

Of all the wisdom borne by age
no greater truth can be gave
the soul is filled in the passing of days
In the gaze of passions eyes and a lovers display

So brash can be those memories scorned
but fade they will like pages torn
Tis a hand un-held, a tear un-brushed
hearts crushed when the unspoken's not enough

Let slip not away the music-less dance
the kisses that tremor ones breath
miss not the chance for that touch of romance
what weight hath love unexpressed?

No, it's not the passing wounds
those flukes which plague ones journey
that leave devout all faith renounced
and deem sweet love unworthy

Perhaps the greatest fear is that
O're years in friendships tit for tat
passed will be what faith once lacked
and find such love not looking back

In the blink of an eye the magic could subside
to pang with hunger for the love of your life
to know from hurt you cannot hide
to trust is more than you realize

So if I've tested the depths of devotion
what storms your sails could bear
'twas solely because my love is only
of any value unless it is shared

Planned were not the trials endured
yet it's what it took for my heart to ensure
that love will bravely stand the test of time
stronger than chance, more made by design

And so to you I give in kind
holding out for the dreams, in my heart, in my mind
to trust at some blessed point will find
That breathless kiss will dance on the lips
which linger between yours and mine.

A love outlasting infinity
stumbling into guarded arms
the simplest picture of serendipity 
by a childish wish on a sky full of stars

Copyright © Sarai Virden | Year Posted 2014

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Cerebral cortex of my heart

I hold myself a prisoner 
A captive taciturn 
Unspeakable enticement still yearning
Since coming of age to discern

Yet never knowing 
Except in part 
The fullness to overflowing
In the cerebral cortex of my heart

The heart knows reason
Which reason does not know 
Inoculated by truth a lie will weaken
Like the dawn of a child in an embryo

For this the battle to bring heart to speech 
In mind, for one to live oft' another thing dies
It's the delicate balance when determined to please
Suspended between fulfillment's death and the giving of life

The beauty of a fractured symmetry 
Where thinking heart meets mind
To know this elusive camaraderie  
Perhaps in a world in eternities time

So I see myself in another life
Where sorrows hold no interest
A wistful smile proves transparent
While intensity conveys my signet

Warmth and wrath bear equal zeal
But I, an antithesis in perfect balance
A lonely vagrant thronged by faces
Embraced by insipid attachments

As honey brines by way of nectar
In homes fashioned with wax 
Void of every ignoble stinger
Known to propitiate the diffident task

Thus so masked I travel still
The duplicitous road yet shackled
Until my tongue finds clemency
From the demons my mind embattles

Copyright © Sarai Virden | Year Posted 2014

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In times of retrospection we discover
The miles our vagrant compass trekked 
Silent horrors from which we recovered
What be righteous or unworthy we assess

For to all children life is not toys and hugs
Or enchanting dances on daddies feet
But bitter realities of drunks and thugs
Eggshell walks and battering clubs

Bewildering the difference the years can make
And the choosing to which one is inclined
To follow the path with which they were faced
Or to carve a new path by need redesigned 

They say that Rome was not built in a day
Stone upon stone is a sound foundation laid 
Tethering twine pulling massive loads up high
Burying tears in abysses carving smiles from cries

Oh no, I'm fine. Concern yourself not with me
For I am the architect of my own design
Someday a pillar in the Temple I will be
My fortress not breeched nor climbed

My world hastens wisdoms patience 
Compassion and mercy will abound
Fragrant love skilled willing agents
Through tenderness barbarians turn clown

Recreating the days of innocence 
Forgiving those too weak to see
That some with all their pitiful ignorance 
Have not the power to strip you of your dreams

There's a power of soul endowed to man
To walk by authenticity
Pities frown subsides as does vengeance 
When taken hold of true humility

No promise of ease nor heart unbroken 
To even one was this promise solemnly given
Though pain so deep to bleed is relief
It is friction that compels the driven

Though shadows past haunts you to fright 
There is light to be found in its darkness 
For shadows be slight illumination of light
The evidence of all you've accomplished

How far I've traveled from condemnation
My compass directs true north
On days my history taunts my persuasion 
It's for loves sake I've stayed my course


Copyright © Sarai Virden | Year Posted 2013

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Sweet Infinity

Infinity beckons taunting  
Beyond the mortal ridge
For time enough to really live
Those longings yet to bridge

I wear your symbol 
Pierced in diamonds sharp
On my ears that I may always
Remember to hear you with my heart

Your curve that knows no ending dangles
On sterling chain around my throat 
A reminder to fulfill 
Solemn promises I have spoke 

You rest upon my naval 
A charm of infinities tease
As outer beauty gives way to age
Sweet time my youth appeased

Your sign never ending 
Like fools upon the earth
Inked in red upon my wrist
Hiding scars when thoughts of life seemed undeserved

What is my obsession O'infinity 
Our days so quickly turn to past
Within parameters of death and birth
Experiences just beyond our grasp

If I could overstep your boundaries
Place my toes just over your edge
Calculate your infinite zeros 
Owning resources for dreams alleged 

My learning curve a continuum 
Time to get it right
A touch of love a sacrifice
Those things first missed in darkest night

The caress of your face not given
A smile unreturned 
"I love you" remains in silence
In ashes lie bridges burned

Infinity... A dimension utterly unknown
I need you not to fly the sky or mountain's high to climb
This endlessness that immortals own
But to see again those souls Ive lost in time

I hold no comfort of heaven's gate or Hell
Though promises of infinity are all too common there
I just want days and nights unnumbered 
For in youth we're completely unprepared

For Infinite choices without wisdom 
When of passing days we have no fear
But as the end draws ever nearer
Hearts aching for that which we should have revered

Time becomes a commodity 
Too sacred now to waste 
Remind me always the quickness of a day
Sweet Infinity, it's why your symbol I embrace 

Copyright © Sarai Virden | Year Posted 2013

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I reach for you

Fingers tantalize like whispers 
Heated breaths upon supple skin
Dancing in softness parallel to feathers
Aimlessly tossed by the wind

Enticing me with lips as they play 
Like strings drawn with rosined bow
A skillful loving melodic sway
Sung quietly in a lovers moan

Emotion piques with subtle kiss
Consumed like brazen embers 
In the rush of a restless wish
Desire settles as sunken treasure

When sleepy eyed I reach for you
Your pillow untouched and cold
Leaving me with only your alluring scent 
As if fragrance without touch could console

Return me now to dreams allure
Where your touch has not departed
In your manly frame I rest secure
Your whispers of love never falter

Your present warmth I miss tonight
Though I know you'll return tomorrow 
Still the hours from now till then
Exaggerate with lonesome sorrow

Sleepless now my heart proposed
I rise to pass old father time
To feel you nearer I wear your clothes
Intoxicated in the knowing that your mine

As longing lingers in passions extreme
Our duo of comfort reduced to one
Where shirt prodigious and slight convene 
Willing emptiness inside to be shunned

Back between our sheets I lay
And pray for sleep to come
In dreams your instrument each touch replayed 
Exciting awe in my heart as you strum


Copyright © Sarai Virden | Year Posted 2014

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Seasons Numbered


There bloomed a field of flowers wild
across a meadow bare
fallen seeds from ravens beak
there traveled free of fare

Heavens tears washed their bed
then covered a blanket spun of sun
giving life to such fragile flowers 
yet to life the winters come

Thin and sheer those sheets like glass
a pretentious lens on the past
much like innocence and a human soul
like ice they crack and adapt

Seasons ever change
and beauty washes away
Tis the artistry within the wild
the knowing it will never be the same

Oh yes, one day, they'll live again
they will seem even stronger than before
finding their moments bathed in tears
but their days in the sun no guarantor 

Cruel winters shall never cease to come
vanishing colors first vibrant
just like the soul exponentially broken
ebbs it's  passion and soon becomes silent

One must color the path they see
one must see the hues of their dreams
for the fare is no longer free of charge
nor the number of seasons we'll see

Copyright © Sarai Virden | Year Posted 2014

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Smile some

Turn the corners around your lips
reverse your wrinkled brow 
amuse your sullen disposition 
and disapproving frown

Etch the lines that touch your eyes
the map which tell your story
of laughter worn the crown of age
displayed near age of forty

Laugh at all the unexpected
moments that surprise
uncommon yes and comical 
till breath be gone and tears can cry

Laugh at every fortune un'd 
when it rains and makeup runs
for every fall or drink that spills 
slap a knee and laugh until

You find no shame in things gone wrong
find the funny in all you can
learn how to sing life's laughter song
for life is wasted in the sad

The start of every laughters ride
begins when your lips make a smile
not the smile of portraits pose
but the smile from fond memory rose

A smile that comes from real joy
when your eyes glisten with feeling
when joy you can't believe is real
becomes all your souls been needing

Smile deep a grin that's wide
none else so desired in life
to be by the side of one with a smile
it can make the downhearted feel alive

Be the change in your world today
the one that gives some laughter away
be the sunny and say something funny
a little joy is better than money

It takes seventeen muscles to smile and forty-three to frown
so go ahead and turn some grumps world around
Smile, laugh, the storms of life will never last
Bring joy to life before the living is passed

Copyright © Sarai Virden | Year Posted 2014