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India Shining

India, my motherland best as any mother
To me, at par with best world over

India's invention of Zero and Decimal 
Critical to scientific calculation, invention

Rich ancient culture of Harappan civilisation
Alexander, Babur, too could not resist invasion 

Founder of Diverse religions,
Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, Sikhism 

Himalayas, abode of Saints, spiritual Mantra
Holy rivers Ganga, Yamuna, Bhramaputra 

Multi-culture, cuisine, languages - local, foreign
Muslim, Christian, Zoroaster, secular terrain  

For centuries borne Moghuls, British slavery 
Now successful largest Democracy 

Greats - Gandhi, Vivekananda, Mahavir, Buddha
Sacred texts - Vedas, Puranas, Epics - Ramayana, Mahabharta, Gita 

Taj Mahal, Khajurao, Ajanta, Ellora – mausoleum, temples, caves   
India’s Wonders of World, UNESCO World Heritage Sites 

Deployed for Peace, Nuclear Power  
World’s second largest Army but invaded never 

Founder Member of UN, Non-aligned Movement
India’s standpoint significant in any world’s event

India, leading force in South Asia Region
Global force to reckon with in any international forum    

Every third Indian in world's intellectual work force
Medicine or Software, India has best human resource  

World’s second fastest developing economy 
India, future Super Power, can't stop any 

Country - India   
By Hitendra Mehta
~ Harappan civilisation - ancient urban rich Indus Valley civilisation

~Alexander / Babur  – Greece/Moghul Emperor

~Ganga, Yamuna, Bhramaputra – Holy rivers 

~Gandhi – Father of Nation, led Non-Violent freedom struggle against British Empire
~Vivekananda – introduced Hindu philosophies of Vedanta & Yoga in Europe &

~Mahavir / Buddha – founder of Jain / Buddha religion.   

~Vedas, Puranas – Primary Hindu Sacred Texts 

~Ramayana, Mahabharta, Gita – National Hindu Epics. Gita,part of Mahabharta 

~Taj Mahal – Mausoleum built by Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan. A UNESCO World
   Heritage Site. Featured in Seven Wonders of the World. 

~Khajurao – Hindu, Jain temple famous for erotic sculpture. UNESCO World Heritage

~Ajanta –Rock cut monument famous for masterpieces of paintings/sculptures of
  Buddhist religious Art. UNESCO World Heritage Site.

~Ellora – Rock cut monument famous for Buddhist, Hindu and Jain caves. UNESCO
   World Heritage Site.

Copyright © Hitendra Mehta | Year Posted 2011

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I am bored with Poetrysoup

I am bored with Poetrysoup

Premier Poetry website rekindled my poetic talent 
Veterans loved my work and inspired to showcase talent
But soon got entangled in Members Contest
Contests more of mutual admiration club than talent hunt
One Premium Member placing other high on winners list
Ordinary Members often accomodated below Glory list      

Poetrysoup Members Contest rules needs revision
Premium Membership based on fees not on merits and contribution   
Novice at times get chance to judge veteran 
And post three poems in Poetrysoup Contest tilting fair play condition
Rules need revision, Premium Membership should be criteria driven
Either based on 25 Top Ten wins or upon posting of 150 poems  
Top 50 of Poetrysoup Contest should conduct contests and groom 

Though bored yet good platform of poetic expression is Poetrysoup  


By Hitendra Mehta
April 2011

Placed 7th in Members Contest - I am bored with______ by Linda Marie 


P.S - Its not intended to offend the Premium Members. Few of them have 
really supported me and loved my visuals and flow. The idea is to make
this platform more stronger and meritorious to groom real talent.
Winning Top Ten and accumulating marks is okay but ultimate gratification
lies in showcasing the visuals with seamless flow of theme and packaging
same in adorable poetic forms.

Ventured this caustic one hoping that it will bring about positive changes.


Copyright © Hitendra Mehta | Year Posted 2011

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Me still as statue

shadow beautiful 
outline smooth as wife 
but mannequine

touched her softly still
dreaming oneness through feel 
though statue stood still

wife shook my sweet dream  
real replacing plastic feel
me still as statue  

By Hitendra Mehta
February 2011

Honours - 9th Place  
Members Contest - Special Sentimental Senryu 
Sponsor - Linda Marie - The Sweetheart of P.S.

Copyright © Hitendra Mehta | Year Posted 2011

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Rain - Liquid Angel

Rain - her story is in her forms
past, present or future, same are norms

Rain – she has a complaint
dislikes being quoted as she (Rain) is FALLING
but had she not fallen
seeds would not have risen
land would have been brazen 
Life would have become extinct
such is her importance, so distinct

Rain – she has a compliment
she is loved by all – kids, young, old alike
kids joyous over floating of paper boats 
young ecstatic in love over drizzle drumming pane
old ambling in memory lane over hot coffee     
raindrops filling Life's ocean with cheerful moments
joy waves kissing Life's shores with each movement  

Rain – she is Liquid Devil
water, in excess gushing monstrously
tsunami causing devastation
consuming life all of sudden
destroying flora & fauna  
receding water spreading epidemics
drenched havoc failing normalcy academics

Rain – she is Liquid Angel
water, life to all – human, animal, trees
in womb protecting embryo
in tomb blending concrete mix 
generating electricity, axis of all motion  
offering hope to desert through oasis
frozen at Poles averting earth's nemesis
Rain - her story is in her forms
past, present or future, same are norms


By Hitendra Mehta
Honorable Mention - Members Contest - "Rain, The Story " by - A Rambling Poet

Copyright © Hitendra Mehta | Year Posted 2010

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Stick to HIS rules, HE not Human actually rules

( On backdrop of current JAPAN tragedy. 
Dedicated to all who lost lives and property in worst devastation ever. 
Our sincere prayers for their salvation, succour to surviving victims, early rehabilitation)


Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Fukushima
Nuclear destination, bombing and self-explosion
Human rant, God is just name for chant
Reign human invention, HE just mythological sovereign

God disliked apathy, shelved sympathy
thought to teach lesson, venue selected Japan
Quake, Tsunami, Fire, Radioactive leak, wreck plenty
65 seconds flat, venue littered with death float

Humans abuse Nature, expect HIM to spare, care  
HIS justice, a show reality sans court, hearing or attorney 
HE delivers salvation to devastation, superpower to roadside pauper
Avoid HIS wrath, stick to HIS rules, HE not Human actually rules      

Hitendra Mehta
March 2011

For Members Contest –   The Rhyme Inside by Debbie Guzzi

Copyright © Hitendra Mehta | Year Posted 2011

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Deck of cards
Aces, Kings, Queens, Jacks, tens to twos, Jokers
Can society not be balanced as deck with equal no of Haves and Have nots ? 

I love 53rd and 54th card, Joker 
As it does not belong to any Suit - Spade, Club, Diamond or Heart
Can society be not classless, casteless akin to Joker, part of deck but not any suit?  

Joker just two in deck 
As against four of each rank in deck
Can the flexibility to include / remove Joker not extended to Politicians in real game 
of life?   

Rested in pro-games, permitted in fun games
Playing Joker mixes with card of any rank or any Suit  
With Joker’s adaptability, can society’s all Suits not live in harmony?   

Joker, colourful card favourite with kids 
Placed atop house of cards
Like child, Joker ever smiles back; can we not ape Joker? Or child?  

For Members contest : Pick A Card, any card by Paula Swanson

Copyright © Hitendra Mehta | Year Posted 2011

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HIS way remain same for ALL, at ALL times

T aking a revered bow, I convey my Gratitude 
H IS grandeur, blessed are we together or in solitude
A ll days HE is omnipresent, bestowing Bliss 
N ailing the sinners, hailing pious with peace
K eeping the equilibrium between Good and Evil
S ilently guiding Soul to see HIM piercing ignorance's veil
G oing rarely berserk with Natural Calamity
I ndicating HIS Orders are breached with impunity
V ery benevolently sharing HIS treasure
I n joy and sorrow always there to share
N ever ignoring prayers when need arises
G ranting wish when spiritually one rises

D evotion to HIM, Soul liberates for all times 
A theist gets trapped in Life-Death cycle for crimes    
Y elp one may, HIS way remain same for ALL, at ALL times


Poem Featured on November 7, 2010
( Entry for Members Contest - Thanksgiving Day by Danne Ann Smith-Johnsen)

Copyright © Hitendra Mehta | Year Posted 2010

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Meditation is soul searching

Music, art of sound, pitch, rhythm
Meditation, art of disciplining mind, body in tandem

Music harmonises senses, eases tensed up muscles
Meditation calms mind freeing it from weed of entangles 

Music, the way is from ears to senses through mind 
Meditation, the way is from body to no-body, from mind to no-mind

Music is instrumental in mind and body harmonising
Meditation is dropping mind and body for soul searching 


By Hitendra Mehta
April 2011

For Members Contest - Music & Meditation by Dr Ram Mehta


Copyright © Hitendra Mehta | Year Posted 2011

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Womb her temple

Quiz Contest question    
define God in a word
"Mom" won first prize

If Mom equals God 
why nowhere temples for Mom?
"Womb" is her temple 


By Hitendra Mehta
April 2011

For Soup Contest 

Earlier : 7th Place in Members Contest - Senryu for Mom by Francine Robert


Copyright © Hitendra Mehta | Year Posted 2011

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Die as if lived forever

Life is beautiful
Happiness is state of mind
Spiritual pursuit elevates soul 
Alexander too departed with empty hand

Happiness is state of mind
Emperors too faced gloom’s wrath
Alexander too departed with empty hand
Eventually all is ash 

Emperors too faced gloom’s wrath
Mahavira renounced Kingdom in search of Peace
Eventually all is ash
Live to Die with grace  

Mahavira renounced kingdom in search of Peace
Temporal pursuits increase senses hunger 
Live to die with grace
Die as if lived forever 

Temporal pursuit increase senses hunger
Spiritual pursuit elevates soul
Die as if lived forever
Life is beautiful

Notes :

Alexander the Great  is the most celebrated Greek King, known for vast conquests, ruled  
one of the largest empire in ancient history.

Mahavira, son of King Siddartha and Queen Trishla, ruled kingdom, now part of Bihar ( a 
State of India). At the age of 30, Mahavira renounced his kingdom, gave up his his princely 
possessions and spent 12 years as an ascetic. He went on to establish the central tenets of 
Jainism. He was the 24th and last Jain Tirthankara.

© Hitendra Mehta

Place : Honorable Mention
Entry for Members contest – Pantoum by Paula Swanson

Copyright © Hitendra Mehta | Year Posted 2010