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Ode to beauty-w


I stand on the snow covered mountain
Colorful vase of flowers
Slopes  with flower beds laden
I saw the snow lotus flowers
I asked, “Why are you all alone here?
Beauty is meant to be adored.
Should give yourself to somebody
Before your petals fall to dust soon, dear.
What if I crushed your petals, I asked
As at these heights, you are quite lonely”..


One of the flowers quickly responded
“I enjoy the shelter of blue skies.
I would be too glad
If you choose  to crush my petals
My fragrance will spread everywhere.
Fulfilling the purpose and duty
If destroyed, not admired.
By plucking my petals, remember
You won’t gather my beauty,
Beauty is to see, not to be plucked'.


“O’ lotus, you teach wisdom to man
Praise her beauty, don’t destroy her. 
It is the gladdest thing under the sun
Touch a hundred flowers not pick ever”
O’ man, pluck not wayside flower even 
It is the traveler’s dowers.
Silently a flower blooms alone
And in silence it falls down
If I am worth many pleasures,
I think I am too few then”.

June 15, 2014
Form : Ode
First Place win in
Contest: My favorite poem by Carol Eastman
Form: Ode (the Homostrophic or Horatian Ode)
Rhyme scheme: ABABCDECDE (Ten lines)
Second place winner in
Contest: Ode sponsored by Jared Pickett

This is the  English Ode, also called the Homostrophic or Horatian Ode. 
The Romantic Ode often followed the Irregular Ode's structure 
and the Homostrophic Ode's meditative quality.

The poem also won the second place in the International Poetry
Contest of 2011 by Poetry Soup.

Copyright © Dr.Ram Mehta | Year Posted 2010

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God's Kind of Poetry

An eagle finds the highest mountain to build its nest
And lays the first layer of nest with sharp objects
Such as thorns and stones for the unborn with zest
And next, covering that layer with soft targets,
Such as wood, feathers and the animal fur.
So as the baby birds are hatched, gets protection.
As they grew a bit, the mother eagle takes 
The nest materials and mixes them up.
The jumbled mass is now a mix of sharp and soft
And sometimes sharp edges may cut babies’ skin.
And next, the mother stops putting food 
From her mouth to the mouths of the babies.
Making their comfortable world into painful one.
The discomfort becomes so great for the babies
They begin to fly away to get out of the nest.

This analogy of God explains the value of pains.
We don’t seek god when happy and comfortable
We turn to him only in times of troubles.
God does whatever it takes help eagles fly
It’s a wake-up call to teach every one of us
Not too much indulge in physical comforts.
God removes the soft coverings to remind us
That this life is painful and full of sufferings
And its solution is to soar in spiritual realms.

September 25, 2014
Form: Free Verse
Dr. Ram Mehta
First Place Win
Contest: God's kind of poetry by BriAN Johnston

Copyright © Dr.Ram Mehta | Year Posted 2014

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Home Sweet Home

Home is not merely made of four walls Home is not merely made of roof and room Home is where the love and affection calls And the home is where the heart can bloom. What it needs is something to endear it Where formally there's no one to welcome us But where is only kind lips to cheer it And where there is someone to love us. Home can never be quiet, polished and neat But where tiny smudges of fingers small on walls Tell the stories of far more sweet And strewn toys, tell of kids’ play and calls. We may roam and roam places on the earth But home, sweet home is the place of mirth.
+++ January 29, 2015

Copyright © Dr.Ram Mehta | Year Posted 2015

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Breathe in the silence-w

I hear sounds of the wind hissing and rustling.
I listen on the beach to the waves cascading,
Slapping, tossing swashing the sand pebbles,
Something close to eternity within me touches. 

I see some gliding fishing boats over there, 
The seagulls soaring, gliding in the air here,
And Surfers trying to get rides on the waves 
Something close to eternity within me touches. 

I watch people running, strolling and sunning,
Setting sun promise to rise tomorrow morning
Like the human ambitions and unknown desires
Something close to eternity within me touches.

I notice the crabs scurry, somewhere hiding,
Leaving smooth bed of sand, water receding,
All sounds now receding to its minimum hiss.
Something close to eternity within me touches.

This silence rubs, softens me, gives a purpose
I find even my pains are held in this silence
Surrender my self-importance, my smallness
Something close to eternity within me touches.

Sixth Place Win in:
Contest: Breathe in the silence sponsored by Paula Swanson

Copyright © Dr.Ram Mehta | Year Posted 2011

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The Poetic Justice

As legend has it, there lived Bai Balkhash, a rich man
In the North regions of the then Soviet Kazakhstan
Had a beautiful daughter Ili who was without her Smiley
So Balkhash held a feast with a contest to win Ili.

Ili, loved a shepherd called Karatal and easily managed
For Karatal to win the contest of the grooms  staged
But Karatal followed the ancient tradition of love stories
Wherein the fathers were supposed to oppose the realities.

Now the lovers had no option but to run away and marry
And the angry father had no options to go contrary
So he turned them into rivers and himself a lake between.
Made himself a laughing stock taking water from rivers twin.

Today’s reality is Kazakhstan and China using Ili’s water
Poetic justice done, the lake drying, two rivers dying forever.

Burlesque Form


Dr. Ram Mehta
7th place win in:
Contest: Beloved Poem by Giorgio Veneto   - 



Copyright © Dr.Ram Mehta | Year Posted 2011

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Quo Vadis poetry, a damsel in distress-w

Captive damsel of creative-writing programs,   
Personalized, eulogized job of small groups,  
The frenetic activities handy to very few,  
Poetry now belongs to a subculture hew. 

We have accredited professional poets,   
Creative writing teachers at all levels,  
Composing computer- created poetry, 
Creating illusion of the Golden Age artistry. 

These professional poets have secured
Their own niches in the academic world, 
They cry over the spilt milk like jackals
Snarling over a dried-up well with no aims.

Quantitative work is guaranteed success,
Accuracy, meaning, technique matters less. 

Fourth place winner
Contest: Poetry for poetry's sake of Paula Swanson
Quo Vadis is a Latin phrase meaning "Where going"

Copyright © Dr.Ram Mehta | Year Posted 2010

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The Moonlight Serenade

Moonlit sky The splendor of your glow So powerful, I fell to the ground. As your love has made me so sure and enamored Your milky glow delights my eyes, your starry eyes dance and gleam, I’m set to forsake this life and yielding to the grandeur of your Being.
+++ December 19, 2014 Form : Verse Title No. 3 Dr. Ram Mehta First Place Win Contest: Enchantment through A Prism by nette onclaud Syllable Counts "63" on

Copyright © Dr.Ram Mehta | Year Posted 2014

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Seize the Day

The autumn sun has risen but yet to attain high noon- make hay, my roses fair. I would not be happy to see you decaying with the hasting day. I have short time as you. Growing too quickly to decay. Dying as the summer’s rain- as the pearls of morning’s dew never to be seen again as I’m. I have learnt a lesson from butterfly, your best friend; “It is better to be happy for a moment and burnt with the beauty than to live a long boring life”.
+++ October 26, 2014 Form: Carpe Diem Fifth Place Win Contest: Seize the Day by Regina Riddle

Copyright © Dr.Ram Mehta | Year Posted 2014

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This Year In English Quintain

Someone is knocking at my door The night’s cold, my world’s dying and drear It’s Good Joy. Cheers! No more, no more Oh dear, I cannot open the door for her Sorry Joy, glide by, I’m sick and not in my gear. Someone is knocking at my door The night’s cold, my world’s dying and drear It’s Good Hope but I can’t be lured. In dark shadows I grope, what makes you come here? I know you mock the life, glide by, I desire. Someone is knocking at my door The night’s cold, my world’s dying and drear Oh, It’s Good Health. This year you won’t be ignored Welcome, I dart my doors open for you, dear. I do need nothing but your blessings this year.
+++ January 15, 2015 Form: Quintain (English-ABABB)

Copyright © Dr.Ram Mehta | Year Posted 2015

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Sight, Sound and Scent

When I think of the bygone Christmas images that come to my mind are candy canes, cookies and popcorn strands adorning the Christmas tree. The popcorn strands are easier to make and still, I think,it's a family project. I know, decorating with cookies difficult but feel their homey feel with cookie cutters which can be napkin rings for the table Hear the sleigh bells ring creating the quintessential Christmas melody hang a strap of sleigh bells on your front door warm sounds, a great greetings for the guests. but the best sound is children’s laughter and the squeals of glee, as the presents opened. Think of the toys that simple things you might have played with a child like a jack-in-box or spinning circus top. Spices, bayberry and baked things are all scents that evoke the holidays. Choose the Christmas décor that appeals not only to eyes but to the nose and ears, drape fir branches tied with a red bow above the door.
+++ November 29, 2014 Form: Free Verse First Place win

Copyright © Dr.Ram Mehta | Year Posted 2014