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To the Boy Who Could Not Sleep

You cannot sleep, you tell me
spitting forth frustration
angry sentiments of a scorned heart
Your dreams are robbed
You have been ridiculed 
all day 
in a world where 
You don’t quite understand the rules
every word you spoke today was the wrong one
You crossed lines unknowingly
doors were shut in your face doors
of opportunity
Your love and passion 
which you felt was real
was mocked—
so you cannot put away such thoughts
You come to me frowning, heated
seeking sympathy
But son,
you are young
you know not what ropes 
truly bind the soul
what thoughts throttle the heart
in the darkness of night
you have been betrayed, deceived
by strangers amongst whom 
you sought fortune and acknowledgement
but this, I tell you
is no shame, no grief
you have not felt the cuts 
of those you thought dearest
those you thought you knew 
that hair those lips those eyes that heart
now coloring and darting away
leaving icy holes
in your chest
you know not yet 
that the curse of a sleepless night 
does not burn with anger
it is cold, so cold
and so lonely
So say not another word now
and go
you may sleep in peace
for you are not a father.

Copyright © Grace Eunsong Lee | Year Posted 2012

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If You Love Me

Give me a smile of morning glory
Pick me the stars and weave me a story.

Copyright © Grace Eunsong Lee | Year Posted 2010

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Rising Spear of Light

rising spear of light
splits the heart of a closed sky
out tumble the stars

Copyright © Grace Eunsong Lee | Year Posted 2010

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Soul of a Daughter, Life of a Stranger

Yesterday when I stood before him, he spoke my name
Today, I still stand, but the floorboards are cold
and he no longer knows the color of my eyes. 

With each spoonful of the steaming grey I lift my arms,
Up, then down, again and again, a repeated motion – weeping,
My arms are trembling with the weight of the spoon
that holds in its cupped womb my raw, injured soul.

Father, I say, in a voice cold from straining not to break 
I prod away the soup dribbling down his chin, gently.
The wrinkled hands are limp at his sides, lost.

What should be mad and free is caged within me; fluttering
feebly, thumping about in a circle of broken pieces
The look in his blank eyes has labeled me a stranger
But when they are closed my name is written on his face.

Copyright © Grace Eunsong Lee | Year Posted 2010

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True Dragons

In mount caves of the West, rich of looted gold
Sleep scaled beasts of fiery breath and poisoned wings
But son, look to the Eastern seas and there behold –
The majestic and the true, the great Dragon Kings!

They ride trains of cloud through azure skies
Bringing rain to bless the wilting land
Through epochs they have climbed, the most wise
A thousand years clutched in one clawed hand. 

It is an orb of pearl that they have earned
Some say it fell from a blossoming heaven
The Imugi that catches it is to Dragon turned
Entrusted with power to guard kingdoms of men.

No wings do they need that flap and scare away;
For true kings don’t rely on anything but their might
They breathe not dark fires; their souls shan’t decay
Carving rivers and seas, they bring hope and light.

So son, you need not fear of the dragons in false lore
That fly through towns, destroying with fire and shade
Instead, watch for these emperors prevailing through yore
These are the true Dragons, and their lights never fade.


FYI: The dragons I am speaking of here are those from Eastern tales -- the Asians have always viewed dragons as benevolent creatures that bless and benefit mankind. Here's a link to a graphic pic to guide your imagination...

Copyright © Grace Eunsong Lee | Year Posted 2010

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Light Road

Shards of white heaven
Through the trees, a path of light
A road not taken

Copyright © Grace Eunsong Lee | Year Posted 2009

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The Road To Your House

Traced backwards through dreams gone—
Saw a cobblestone path creasing palm of land
Slowly, images ripened beneath memory’s dawn
Faded, pattering feet stroking stone into sand.


NOTICE: I'd like hard-core critiques, please!

Copyright © Grace Eunsong Lee | Year Posted 2010

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Life. Lights.

even the lights
they live

a bike skims the riverbank
fish leap, catch the sunlight
like bursts of laughter
above the morning water

noon. hot summer
children are learning to sing
golden shafts slip through
open church roofs

an empty stone bridge
people returning home, carrying
things. the ferries are lighting
up for the night tours

streetlamps oil lamps
along the paths and into homes
sky bursting, spilling stars
into every child’s dream

even the lights
They live.



I would love it if Soupers could give me some critical feedback. I don't even mind very very 
strong critiques as long as they're constructive. I'm always encouraged by all the positive 
comments you all give me, but I think it's time to upgrade my writing skills. ;) So come on 
and take my poem to pieces, people! :D

Copyright © Grace Eunsong Lee | Year Posted 2010

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old leaves are falling
sailing, reluctant, kiss death
the fragile air breaks 
healing hearts are letting go
love letters, clutched until now

? 2010

Copyright © Grace Eunsong Lee | Year Posted 2010

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Winter Poems Ii - Waiting For the Snow

We lived in shoeboxes 
Where the full moon didn’t show
Jerked beneath blankets and the night
Waiting for the snow.

Mother sewed for coins
Through squinted eyes, blind tears
When she slept we added more stitches
Embroidered in our fears.

It was always winter
In our tile of world caught in the pane
We taught the babies how to pray
The stories kept us sane.

One day the stitching stopped
Why was she crying, we didn’t know
I cannot see. She could not see
So we waited for the snow.


Copyright © Grace Eunsong Lee | Year Posted 2010