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Words: to, toa, toad, toadfish, toadflax

Toad Poems

Toad Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of toad poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for toad.

New Poems

The Moose
The Moose
When let loose
Was chased by a goose
The Goose called a Truce
He knew it was no use
He'd run out of puff
The going got tough
Then over the road
An inquisitive Toad
With Big Bulging Eyes
That spied Juicy Flies
The Flies were aware
Of that Toady...Read More
Categories: toad, 10th grade,
Form: Rhyme

Premium Member Horny Toads
Horny Toads

Grandpa knew everything, 
that was needed to be known, 

I stayed every summer, 
from the time before I remember, 
until the time I pray,
never to forget. 

We worked in the garden.
We dug holes, and planted seeds. 
Everything was...Read More
Categories: toad, caregiving, grandchild, granddaughter, grandfather, grandson, happiness, happy,
Form: Narrative
Premium Member My Car is Competitive
A most competitive tool is my car.
She really hates to be passed on the road.
Whether we are traveling near or far,
Passing turns her into an evil toad.

My right foot presses pedal to the floor.
Doing a hundred, or maybe a bit...Read More
Categories: toad, 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade, car,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Amphibians
When life is losing its meaning,
And the glorious colors grow pale,
And death seems the one destination,
Remember the humble toad,
Doomed to spend drier days
Digging deep in the arid ground,
Seeking survival and shelter,
But to be loving and birthing,
It later returns to the...Read More
Categories: toad, community, death, depression, inspirational, introspection, loneliness, symbolism,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Rhapsody in Black
Softly the night falls,
Shadowing vacant halls;
My recent morning glory, 
Now is nature's history.

Petals bob in warm air;
Tweets of a love affair!
Racy brook, moon gleam,
A time has come to dream.

Night creatures very gay,
As night owl hoots away;
All humanity in a swoon-
A...Read More
Categories: toad, beauty, joy, june, nature, night, sleep, uplifting,
Form: Rhyme

Premium Member The Toad Mistaken
Two toads appear in a lonely wood
One may be bad, the other may be good
Each claimed their route to be the best
They challenged me to take their test

Enchanted forest myths pose questions
So often paths part in two directions
Did not think...Read More
Categories: toad, dark, fear, future, heart, light, myth, tree,
Form: Couplet
Premium Member Shoes
Frogs like open toad shoes I'm told
Swamps might be where crocs are landing
A ninja likes to wear sneakers
Large shoes show good understanding!

The boss always looks for loafers
Detectives lean toward gumshoes
You'll see pumps in a hardware store
Clogs are what a plumber...Read More
Categories: toad, analogy, clothes, humor,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Verses full of stuff and nonsense
Verses full of stuff and nonsense

My name isn’t Ginger Rogers,
My name isn’t Fred Astaire,
My name begins with a Unicorn,
Dancing on high through the air.

My name isn’t Peter Rabbit,
My name isn’t Toad of Toad Hall,
My name resembles two Magpies,
Perching on Chimney...Read More
Categories: toad, nonsense, silly, surreal, word play,
Form: Rhyme
Homemade Stew
A stuffy nose leads to runny nose, frozen toes and thick as jelly mucus
sitting in your chest not allowing you to rest, mucus really sucks because there is nothing you can do but suck on lozenges and say aw nuts...Read More
Categories: toad, encouraging, work,
Form: ABC
The Folly of Wisdom
She is wise in the way that children are wise,
looking at me with such knowing, grave eyes
I must bend down to her to understand.
But she only smiles, and takes my hand.

We are walking somewhere that her feet know to go,
so...Read More
Categories: toad, childhood,
Form: Sonnet
forgetting the frog
the horned toad
was told he
couldn't be
a frog

or a
no matter
how horny 

he was
but his head 
doctor not a shrink
was of the phrenological

the lay of 
the land and

filling in
landfills and 
landmines mind you
remember this time when

pressing a lump
to sum it up
this...Read More
Categories: toad, muse,
Form: I do not know?
Premium Member Fascination
Over mossy cliffs of cascading falls,
          emerald embraces the rippled tides-
       Where mother nature takes a breath and calls
to the tiny toad that runs swift...Read More
Categories: toad, beauty, nature,
Form: Rhyme
A Worried Toad

Said a worried toad to a witch concocting her brew:
It’s been centuries since we were used as ingredients.
Has mankind gone soft on murder, vengeance and doom?
Speaking for myself and what your lethal brew forbodes
couldn’t you stick to deadlier time-tested expedients...Read More
Categories: toad, dark, humor,
Form: Light Verse
Premium Member Whippoorwill Jumping Jack
Whippoorwill jumping jack
Putting daisies pretty
A lonesome road
A one-eyed toad
Painting butterfly city.

Monkey magic is tack.
Bright moonbeam sorely gone.
Upside down me.
Where is your fee?
Whippoorwill jumping fawn.
...Read More
Categories: toad, 2nd grade, 3rd grade, 4th grade, 5th
Form: Rhyme
Mordecai the Cat

After years of daily complacency,
Mordecai meows against domesticity.

“I am tired of those boring cat foods
that give me cramps and grumpy moods.

I crave for food with taste and spice –
frogs and crickets, birds and mice –

something wild and unprocessed,
to rejuvenate my...Read More
Categories: toad, animal, humor,
Form: Light Verse
A Soulmate
a soulmate 
is such an absurdity 
that Coleridge 
would also 
have likened 
it to 
a Surinam Toad crawling on with a wartery of toadlets on its back
at every fresh step
a fresh

The quote is from The Essays of Method, by Samuel...Read More
Categories: toad, simile, soulmate,
Form: Suzette Prime
Ballad of Eleanor Rigby
Her Mam did for the rich Wool toffs, 
   days chocka block with chores.
Her fella was a plazzy gent – 
   A few jars opened doors.

A proper jarg johnny he used;
   he thought hi’self...Read More
Categories: toad, lonely, song,
Form: Ballad

Whither now hunker-shins?
You have a sweet countenance,
a squat grace,
always middle-aged
on the contrary edge
of a speeding sun.
Another swift day has begun
yet you sit here
among the traffic
unflinching, a bold 
bladder quelling gravity
with low-sprung shanks.
You deep-seated recliner,
over upholstered hams.
A lumpy Mona Lisa,
with your...Read More
Categories: toad, poetry,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member I met a man
I met a man in my street,
The strangest chap you’d ever meet.

I met a man up the road,
He said he thought he was a toad.

I met a man in the park,
Who wouldn’t go out after dark.

I met a man inside...Read More
Categories: toad, humorous, silly,
Form: Couplet
List - A Boy's World
When I was a boy in west Texas I kept a treasure box much the way building corner stones are done - with an eye to the future anticipating a grand opening one day.That day came this year when I...Read More
Categories: toad, old,
Form: List
Premium Member Frederick
Frederick did mount his bike.
‘Bye Mum I’m off for a hike’
he said, as he went on his way,
that day, one sunny Saturday. 

He was very close to running over, 
a snail emerging from the clover.
‘Too fast’ it said, ‘you’ll crush...Read More
Categories: toad, childhood, humorous, parents,
Form: Rhyme

A sweet whistling breeze 
Sways upon 
A mighty tree 
Bare and dead as it seems
Awakens from a deep sleep

A cool, crisp mist
Trails through the fog
A dreary winter left behind 
Buds open up
And leaves assume their position 

Black gloomy silhouettes...Read More
Categories: toad, bird, butterfly, environment, fish, flower, imagery, spring,
Form: Narrative
Toad Tale
by Wayne Wysocki

There once was an arrogant frog
Who thought he was king of the bog
         But he wasn't so regal
         When the bark of...Read More
Categories: toad, analogy, funny, humorous,
Form: Limerick
Premium Member Separation of Spirits
Unlike natural humane organisms,
like toad
and squirrel
and goldfinch bodies and brains,

Spiritual humane organisms,
like toad
and squirrel
and goldfinch matters and minds,
remain unchanged
by my perception
reception of them v us
as separate,
even laughably autonomous spirits
rather than One EarthTribe Holonic Laughing Spirit

Of interdependent integrity
with win/win
ego/eco-politically good-humored intentions
for...Read More
Categories: toad, health, humor, integrity, nature, peace, psychological, soulmate,
Form: Political Verse
Love Light
Lover Light

silk ice cream
 what do you mean
 the covers insane
 please light their flame
 property pornography
 falling hynotic scheme
 to deliver such a scheme
 look to brighten glaze
 stand orphaned quite amazed
 a kiss on the neck
 a means...Read More
Categories: toad, anxiety, art, autumn,
Form: Free verse