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War Time Poems

These War Time poems are examples of Time poems about War. These are the best examples of Time War poems written by international poets.

Premium Member Pray At Any Time And Anywhere
To pray is a wonderful response
to every challenge comes your way
for God listens to what we speak
when we come sincerely to pray

God wants us to...

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Categories: time, god, people, prayer,

Premium Member The Time In Now

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Categories: time, bible, birthday, christian, future,

Bread in the Time of War
I can name the metrics of violence:
Bullets, bombs, blood shed
After blast
Echoing in my head

You tell me I could measure love too
But I don’t know what...

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Categories: time, conflict, love, sorrow, violence,

Premium Member One Brick At a Time- a Lego Nursery Rhyme
Press release from the LEGO FOUNDATION:
The LEGO Foundation assist children  with autism to build confidence by sponsoring centers to show children how to increase...

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Categories: time, children, nursery rhyme,

Premium Member Time Stops
The days pass yet time stops for another war casualty....

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Categories: time, war,

Premium Member A Time For Hope
A time for peace
     a time for war
   A time for darkness
     relentless horror... yet

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Categories: time, dark, god, hope, horror,

Premium Member The Archaeologist
the archaeologist stood 
on the original floor
above her was laughter
loving and war

the archaeologist stood
at the foot of a pit
beside broken lepers
and gentlemen sit

the archaeologist stood

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Categories: time, history, humanity, life, people,

Premium Member Clockwork
There's no need to be alarmed, I'll wake up anyway,
perhaps today they won't hassle me, it will be better day;
ship was sinking, englishman said: 'Women...

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Categories: death, music, time,

Premium Member No Time For Talk
The marchers are 'useful idiots'
     chanting 'Palestine, from sea to shining sea'
   Their apologists say they don't support Hamas

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Categories: time, peace, war,

Smaller Slices of Larger Pies
Once there were millions.
Now there are billions.
Once there were kings.
Now there are councils.
Once there was ignorance. 
Now knowledge abounds.
Once there was poverty.
Now comfort for most.

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Categories: power, time,

A stench so foul whimpers the dog, 
 One of a sentry came to a stop ....
A stench so foul over all and I didn't...

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Categories: time, child abuse, death, silence,

Time To Go
Time can be a minute
Or it can be an hour
Days, weeks, years, decades
Time itself is a power

Sometimes the dawn of morning
Or heat of afternoon
The setting...

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Categories: time, allegory, meaningful,

Time Machine
Time Machine

I sometimes wonder about migration, is there a moment when doors are closed and the bus leaves the station
Sorry folks, the country is full.

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Categories: time, august, creation, england, flying,

Time Warrior
The child of
a desert wind 
and a mystery …
he swept across the land

Knighting each moment
with martial intent … 
at his command

All enemies chosen
with glorious care...

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Categories: time, war,

All This Time
Fists so clenched
Face so red
Spit hitting my face
Was it something I said

I shouldn’t have touched your books
You’re worthless
You’re nothing
But I just wanted to look
You’ll never...

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Categories: time, abuse, boy, child abuse,