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Funny Teen Poems

These Funny Teen poems are examples of Teen poems about Funny. These are the best examples of Teen Funny poems written by international poets.

Eyes Will Roll
Eyes roll
like marbles
around the room
teens protest out of touch

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Categories: teen, family, feelings, funny, humor,

I loved you
You were such a beauty
I had no clue
This love was not for eternity
'coz I clung on you like glue
Thinking we had a bond

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Categories: teen, betrayal, funny love, lost

Premium Member I Must Have Had a Wild Time Last Night
I must have had a wild time last night.
I don't remember it all, or any of it actually.
But there are cookies in my right-hand over

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Categories: teen, 11th grade, 12th grade,

While Sittin' At the Light
*written for my daughter Erin's birthday, to be sung by her boyfriend and his band(??)


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© Gayle Rodd  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: teen, birthday, crush, funny love,

UpSiDe DoWn WoRld It Is
Am I wrong,
Or has the world went upside down.
What happened to all? I wonder.

While I said "hello" to my bestie,
He replied "hi" through messenger.
What happened...

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Categories: teen, fashion, funny, missing, satire,

Premium Member Six Years
The last time that you saw me
It was all but six years ago
So you'll probably find it funny
That I'm still the girl you know

The last...

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Categories: teen, absence, feelings, nostalgia, stress,

Premium Member Funny
Funny the way it was then
Feisty teen who loved sweets
Fine icebox fruitcake served
Fruit quite different mixed
From citrus~lemons, limes
Flipped fruit flew from teen's lips
Fantasy taste was...

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Categories: teen,

I miss you
I miss you, 
like the sky misses the stars.
like the streets when there are no cars.
like a government that has no laws,
like music, when it...

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Categories: teen, cute love, funny love,

Distraction In The Classroom
Some boys forget their mom's words,
they leave for school in a mad rush
with uncombed hair looking like nerds;
in the classroom they have a crush.
Liz, their...

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Categories: teen, boyfriend, character, crush, funny,

Premium Member Sara
Sara tiptoes across
The kitchen floor
To get some heat
She opens the oven door

Sheets in the window
Sara calls them curtains
Mind weary, Soul hurtin'

Sara lives by the train...

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© Poet M.e.  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: teen, cousin, cry, emotions, feelings,

Technological Teen
I guess technology and social media really has a great impact on our lives,
I lost my phone and now i'm having sleepless nights
Save yourself from...

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Categories: addiction, computer, technology, teen,

the kids are funny, honey
the kids are acting funny, honey.

they like to play out in the fields.

they don’t care about our money

or how much our company yields.

they want to...

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Categories: teen, adventure, children, funny, kid,

Premium Member 1D Are Funny as They Speak to JLS for Kids
One Direction asked JLS inquiringly, 
Why they couldn’t all look like Aston, 
So Marvin announced that they all could, 
If they thought their body was...

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Categories: teen, children, fun, funny, kid,

Premium Member five fabulous funny footles
Old brown
Ghost town

Bright light
Scary sight

Severed head
Lying in bed

No fuss
Just us

 Old tale
Past stale

Just teens
Set scenes

For fun
‘twas done

Old tricks
For kicks

New moon
Too soon

New day
More play

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Categories: funny, teen,

Premium Member Busting my Zip
Getting ready to go to the big school
Was such a worrying thing
I heard grim tales of bullies
The teachers and the cane
And when I saw the...

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© Peter Dome  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: teen, childhood, clothes, education, funny,

Nobody's Favorite
I was the outcast in the corner
separated from my peers
purely by their fears
always compared to another
I never measured up
smart, funny, popular they were
I was none...

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Categories: deep, social, teen,

having sex - footle
buck wild
rodeo style
PENNED ON AUGUST 14, 2014!...

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Categories: teen, freedom, funny, sexy, teacher,

The Birth Donor
Stop starting a fire and feeding the fire that you can't even put out. 
You know you are being bluntly dumb founded and stupidly ignorant.

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Categories: teen, bullying, childhood, emotions, judgement,

It's over
It's funny really

You used to talk to me like that

Those words you said to me, are verbatim to her

That sense of devotion given to me,...

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© Alex Riker  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: teen, break up, emotions, life,

Show Me The Funny,part two---Tweeny's Bikini
Here's a tale I've told before
about a silly teenager.
She should have walked into a door
cos' her sense of pride was in danger.

She bought a hot...

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© Deb Wilson  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: girl, pride, teen, ,