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Long Tazkira Poems

Long Tazkira Poems. Below are the most popular long Tazkira by PoetrySoup Members. You can search for long Tazkira poems by poem length and keyword.

Human Toxicity
After injection,inhalation,or ingestion,the first symptoms to appear are muscle spasms.They appear very quickly after inhalation or injection within as few as five minutes and take somewhat longer to manifest after ingestion,typically approximately 15 minutes.With a...

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Categories: addiction, body, drink, drug, food, mental illness,
Form: Tazkira

Nature's Beauty Pageant
Nature held a Beauty Pageant
Guess who was crowned a crest? 
A flowery green meadow was the stage and rostrum
Watch who won the contest.

Well, the peacock from India was crowned beauty King
The bird of paradise from...

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Categories: animal, appreciation, beauty, creation,
Form: Tazkira
Premium Member What About Wolfs

shel silverstein: a bit childish, his giving tree my kids remember, though its parts were dismembered as it gave to the bitter end of life.

ogden nash: well, he gives us moo and milk,...

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Categories: poets,
Form: Tazkira
Baqreid the 2nd Eid
This day to celebrate the supreme sacrifice
of the ancient prophet Abraham
This day to ponder and reminisce
that divine substitution of Ismail for a ram! 

This Quranic and biblical factual story
shall never diminish in its age-old glory


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Categories: celebration, faith,
Form: Tazkira
Anti Hijab Protest
Mahsa Amini,Ghazale Chelavi,Hanane Kia were shot by Iranian morality Police in the protests.The women and men protesting in Iran at the moment are not against Islam.They are against the unjust attitude of the patriarchal system...

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Categories: allah, islamic, religion, religious, rights, woman, women,
Form: Tazkira

Premium Member Darkness Falls
edgar allen poe: he died on my birthday, but before i was born and before the beginning of the civil war. he might have enjoyed the pale horse of that day, as he endured the...

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Categories: dark, poets,
Form: Tazkira
Martyr's Paradise
With the brave nerve and poetic verve,
I have viewed martyr place in a daydream,
Almighty allocate, there righteous soul thereafter life,
Marvelous, awesome, splendid paradise it Seem,
Bowing trees of olive, flowing torrents of milk and honey,

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Categories: emotions, feelings,
Form: Tazkira
Greek Philosopher Anaximander
Greek Philosopher Anaximander proposed that
all life began in the sea.Allah"made from water
every living thing"And We created from water 
every living thing.Darwin did not know genetics.
He also did not know about genetic mutation.
Humans and monkeys are...

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© Mortal Man  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: africa, age, allah, bible, black african american,
Form: Tazkira
Hack Hijack
Dual mode access allows a hacker to get into your 
account or chat as a second or third person and
you don't even know who is replying from the other
side.You think you are talking to your...

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© The One  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: computer, internet, pashto, science, science fiction, technology,
Form: Tazkira
Crpc 164
Q.1.Do you know where are you standing?
Ans.Yes,I am appearing in court.
Q.2.Do you understand that you are not
bound to make a statement 164 of Cr.Pc?
Q.3.Do you understand that your statement is 
being recorded by a magistrate...

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© Hacker Boy  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade, 9th
Form: Tazkira
I Need To Walk Away
I have to work
I have to smile
I have to be patient
I have to live with those people 
Who all always hate me,
Because I have no choice 
Because i can't go away
Because I am human being.

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© Samia Ety  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: cry,
Form: Tazkira
Mistaken Identity
Mistaken identity is actually SUPARI killing..
Main question is Who hired Zafar Supari killer??
How come a threatened journalist got pushed towards Africa??
He would have known how dangerous Kenya could be,, 
Because even ordinary people wouldn't chose...

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© The One  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: africa, body, death, fire, murder, sin, violence,
Form: Tazkira
The Assignment
Kenya is a really poor country and you can easily buy any police person to kill someone..When some strong officials were threatening a senior journalist then there were some people Who were suggesting him to...

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© The One  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: africa, betrayal, body, dance, international, military, world,
Form: Tazkira
Ahsan Hadith
I learned from Speaker Shaikh sahib's lecture that the Quran contains the recorded Sunnah(practices)of all times.The essence of the Quranic verses conveys the Sunnah of Allah,the Sunnah of all Messengers and Prophets.
These aspects are briefly...

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Categories: allah, arabic, atheist, books, islamic, religion, religious,
Form: Tazkira
Dr Harold Shipman
The case report of a serial killer who worked at several hospitals as a respiratory therapist is presented.The suspect was initially labeled a benevolent Angel of Death who ended the suffering of elderly patients through...

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Categories: addiction, america, angel, death, drug, murder, usa,
Form: Tazkira
Secret Agent
Thank You Edward Snowden
Our intelligence agencies are fooling us
Selling us manipulating us ruling us
Lying and cheating in the name of defense
Why they Spy civilians?
Why they hack and control?
What is their goal??
Q. Do you want to...

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Categories: america, anger, anxiety, best friend, betrayal, break
Form: Tazkira