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Short Tazkira Poems

Short Tazkira Poems. Below are examples of the most popular short Tazkira poems by PoetrySoup poets. Search the short Tazkira poetry form by poem length and keyword.

Against All Odds
Engineer MA Mirza
Against ALL ODDS
Wiped out BABAS....

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Categories: allah, blessing, books, boy, culture, education, islamic,
Form: Tazkira

Abu ge chalain sair karnay??
Sidhi tarah dus goli ya teka?...

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Categories: abuse, anger, drug, evil, fire, firework, hate,
Form: Tazkira
DON,DAD ko tang kyun kartay ho?
Yani mein tum say bada tang hun.....

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Categories: abuse, anger, anxiety, death, hate, sad love,
Form: Tazkira
Dhatura Stramonium
Altering cognition.
Breaking down.
Deny Express.
Parallel Torture.
Shift Blame....

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© Zafar Bhai  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: cry, depression, drink, drug, food, psychological, stress,
Form: Tazkira
Me to tumhain bada gairat mand samajhta tha,
Tum to bay gairti mein meray bhi baap niklay.....

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Categories: abuse, addiction, anger, evil, hate, hurt, violence,
Form: Tazkira

Mein shayer to nahi
Magar Ay Haseen
Jab say daikha Me nay
Tujh ko mujh ko
Shayari A gai........

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© Zafar Bhai  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: art, beauty, books, literature, meaningful, philosophy, words,
Form: Tazkira
Oral Sax
Meray naxdeek choot chatna Haram hai,
Teray nazdeek choot chatna Kaisa hai??
Note.goliyan ya tekay ya fake encounter....

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Categories: anger, bullying, evil, hate, home, homework, house,
Form: Tazkira
Meray nazdeek film ka jawab movie hai,
Tumharay nazdeek kia hai blue print bp?
Note.goliyan ya tekay ya phir gunshots....

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Categories: anger, anti bullying, betrayal, death, film, people,
Form: Tazkira
Meray nazdeek dramay ka jawab drama hai,
Tumharay han kia jawab hai dramay bazo?
Note.bullets or injection or fake encounter....

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Categories: abuse, anger, film, fire, hate, murder, nonsense,
Form: Tazkira
Neurotic vs Cardiac
1.Dhatura and strychnine are neurotics.
2.Aconite is cardiac poison.
Note.zafar supari killer is dangerous....

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Categories: body, books, drug, education, hurt, pain, suicide,
Form: Tazkira
bay gairti
Meray nazdeek bay gairti ka jawab bay gairti,
Tum logon kay nazdeek kia hai oye bay gairto?
Note.goliyan ya tekay ya phir fake encounter....

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Categories: holocaust, mental health, mental illness, sick, silly,
Form: Tazkira
Symptoms of envenomation include headache, nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, collapse and paralysis.(putar tenu dasan ga)(oye na dasin)
Note.Oye DON Hun dus goli ya Teka??...

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Categories: body, drink, drug, fire, health, sick, violence,
Form: Tazkira
Down Dicktator
1.Pesa shaadi apna ghar,
Supari Killer say dar(222)
2.Pesa shaadi apna ghar,
Zafar Supari say dar(222)
3.Pesa shaadi apna ghar,
Pagal Pathan say dar(222).
Note.Gunfire or injection??...

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Categories: addiction, betrayal, fire, forgiveness, house, mental illness,
Form: Tazkira
Model Town
Model Town mein aik Wali rehta tha,
Jo Logon say kehta tha,
Chanda day do.
Zakaat day do.
Nazrana day do.
Fitrana day do.
Qabron say kamai kar lo,
Pait haraam say bhar lo......

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© Majnu Bhai  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: allah, celebration, character, sin, slavery, spiritual, urdu,
Form: Tazkira
Muscular Dystrophy
1.Their is weakness in muscles.
2.Their is tension in muscles.
3.Their is rigidity in muscles.
4.Thier is pain in muscles.
5.Everyday tasks are difficult.
Note.Elevated creatine kinase may indicate
muscular dystrophy....

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Categories: body, books, drink, drug, health, sick, stress,
Form: Tazkira
Precis Writing
The personal life of Sam Grover, a popular talk-show host, turns upside down when he accepts an assignment from a media tycoon.The job plunges him into 
a deadly cat-and-mouse game hiding behind a veneer of glamour, money and power....

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Categories: business, celebrity, hindi, words, work, write, writing,
Form: Tazkira
Wuba Luba Dub Dub
Horrified at the harassment dpartment.
An alligator visited his apartment.
Alligator wanted to eat some flesh.
Morally and socially we are at stake.
You know Girlz date & black gate.
Crocodiles & alligators & guidelines.
Note.Wuba Luba Dub Dub....

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Categories: anti bullying, bullying, house, metaphor, parents, people,
Form: Tazkira
Zafar Supari killer chemical Drink produces
numerous symptoms such as Pale urine,
Stomach swelling,headches,fainting,despair,
Palpitations,convulsive & psycho behaviour etc..
Lesson.Zafar Khan Dan is dangerous......

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Categories: addiction, anxiety, body, depression, drink, drug, sick,
Form: Tazkira
Jo log dosron ki jaan MAAL ko nuqsan pohanchatay hain.
Jo log dosron ki property ko jalatay hain.
Jo log mandron or girjon ko giratay hain.
Jo roads block kartay hain tires jalatay hain.
Jo goliyan chalatay hain fire marwatay hain.
Ye log Kaisay musalman hain Zafar Supari?...

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Categories: abuse, anger, character, child abuse, evil, faith,
Form: Tazkira
Asylum Poplar
Mirroring salted sweat of limes.
Dreadful long march creeped and galloped.
No home seek looms.
A half way of death.

Quadruped war for nothing.
Tremor feet seek a poplar silhouette.
Shaded shadow similar to angel's wing.
Rain, snow, wind, sunlight , eyes dropped.
Mom, our mansard roof missed us....

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Categories: grief,
Form: Tazkira
1.Public prosecutor is the gate keeper of criminal justice..
2.His initiative is required in criminal cases and repression..
3.He plays an important role between judiciary and Police..
4.The function of the prosecution is to evaluate the evidence..
5.Cases that are brought by prosecutor are adjudicated by judges....

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© The One  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: education, graduate, graduation, judgement, remembrance day, rights,
Form: Tazkira
1.Toxic myopathy can be caused by many drugs and toxins.
2.Chemical poisoning can cause myopathy as well as neuropathy.
3.It manifests in the leg muscles,which lead to difficulty walking.
4.Nerve signals works like the body's “off switch”for muscles.
5.Some individuals have a normal life span and little disability....

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Categories: body, books, drink, drug, health, heart, sick,
Form: Tazkira
Wilayat(sainthood)is a special spark which
God bestows upon His chosen men only by
virtue of His grace and favour.According to
me sainthood is the active stage of divine energy
which is found in divine spark also known as Huzoori
which means presence of activated divine energy.
Note.Najeeb Sultan sahib kya haal hai ap ka??.
Peeri Mureedi kaisa chal raha hai hahahahaha?...

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© Mortal Man  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: allah, blessing, books, islamic, religion, religious, spiritual,
Form: Tazkira
Negative Image
I have lost faith love and respect for the institutions
We should have the grit to face our negative image
I am saddened by what is happening today
Why do agencies support elite class mafia?
I am extremely disappointed by intelligence
What they are doing is condemnable
I have lost faith in Judicial System
Guardians and protectors are foes.
Gulam thay gulam hain
Supari kay gulam hain.....

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Categories: celebrity, change, character, class, corruption, courage, money,
Form: Tazkira
Aconitum Ferox Poison
It contains large quantities of the extremely toxic alkaloid pseudaconitine and is considered to be the most poisonous plant and one of the most poisonous in the world.In the past wolves and criminals were poisoned with an extract from the European wolfsbane Acontium Lycoctonum.The ideal poison for a homicide is odorless,tasteless,difficult to detect,and a bearer of symptoms similar to naturally occurring diseases.....

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Categories: death, drink, drug, health, murder, mystery, pain,
Form: Tazkira